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Technology has come such a long way!

Recently I got a thermometer that is called a smart thermometer that basically connect Bluetooth to your phone and allows me to read my temperature as it’s processed. It’s so amazing how far we’ve come and technology. I’ve never actually had a talking thermometer but recently I’ve struggled with some health issues and I’m trying to pinpoint if my body temperature is fluctuating so I wanted to get something that would allow me to do so. Basically with my iPhone when I take my temperature and then automatically puts it in the Health app where I can manage and look over my data for the last few days. It’s so funny on the reviews for the product it’s one complaint is it doesn’t have a screen on the thermometer so cited people can see their temperature it’s a little payback all these years for not having a talking one for me. We got in a little discussion about how far technology has come for blind people in general and it really is amazing! Even from when I was a kid I would never have thought that I could go to the same store and get the phone that everyone else wants and be able to use it right out of the box. Does voiceover and Apple have some faults sure but nothings perfect! We are blessed to be in this position that were in today I know this is an upbeat post from usual but it is at times a good thing to look back on the flexion and do things in a positive light.
I will make a post later about my birthday I’m dictating so I’m sure there are several mistakes sorry. I just wanted to show that I was updating still and I will try to be more frequent. I will make a post about my birthday that should be appear tomorrow. I hope you guys are all well talk to you soon. One more thing actually we celebrated the two-year mark on this website where we just had amazing numbers even when I don’t update regularly. So I’m glad to find that you found it entertaining and I’ve come back to check in overtime thank you for that!


Clarification on Indianapolis in the program to make Brielle is called Duxbury

I got a few messages after my rant yesterday, so I thought I would at least try and set the record straight. When I went to Indianapolis four years ago at the circle downtown they had a light in particular that had eight countdown for sighted people, hands for deaf people, but no audio. someone my friend Jonathan mentioned to me that there are a few lights downtown with audible signal is now maybe thats The case now. I don’t remember any when I was down therefore the Super Bowl or the Kentucky game recently. i’m going next month so maybe I will do some research.

Another person asked me well maybe the government doesn’t provide braille because it would be expensive. Or they would have to have an expert. Well not to sound rude but there is a computer program called Duxbery which with little computer knowledge you can at least make grade one braille. i’m tired of the status quo where lobbyists keep delaying technology improvements for blind people in the realm of television, and other forms of entertainment. for the first time ever last week Walmart finally jumped on board with a talking prescription program which is not offered everywhere unbelievable right? And 2014 we are finally just now getting some sort of prescription reading device that has tags that will tell you what prescription you’re taking. I try to be patient but yesterday when I organization that explicitly has hired to drive disabled people around that is their job their paid for when they failed to do even the minimum or know the minimum it just irritates me.


I wanted to quickly talk about something I’m using to read the mail. it is an application called KNFB reader. At the end of this I will copy and something I scanned with my iPhone to show you how it works. I remember being in the fourth grade going to a book fair writing down titles I wanted to read and going home to find that the books I wanted it were not produced in braille or audio. Even as late as high school I wasn’t able to read a lot of books that I wanted. I remember my first scanner that I got when I was in the fifth grade. it was so amazing because I could go to the public library grab a book bring it home and scan page by page listening to the audio that it captured. The character recognition engines they use have come along way since then.

That brings me to this on the iPhone recently an application was released called KNFB Reader! Sorry I think I put that last paragraph but I got distracted. Application costs $99 but when you think about it the same software on the computer would cost the price of a scanner plus the program which runs around $1000. I’m no longer scanning books because of a service called bookshare which has filled the gap a lot. my main purpose now is for mail and other paper items. I was really surprised I went to the pharmacy to pick up my medication the other day brought home the paperwork and scanned it with my phone and was able to tell how many times a day I was to take the pill. I could also see the name of lady who filled the prescription. I commented on Facebook but I never really knew how a receipt looked until recently. you can also use it at restaurants to read menus and other things but I have not really tried that yet. anyway I’m pleasantly surprised with how well it does and don’t regret my purchase! Here’s a piece of mail I just scanned you can see it has some mistakes but overall does pretty well.

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Adaptive technology on a daily basis

My last post leads me to a question I get a lot. The question is doing a lot of your devices talk? Truthfully the answer to this is no. My microwave is something the apartment through in, and I have little bump dots on it marking the buttons I press frequently. Mine looks like a t sort of. I have a dot on the 2 5 8 0 start clear and add 30 seconds. My oven is the same I have a dot on plus or minus bake start and stop. Basically the temperature is done off memory. I know it starts at 350 and goes up or down by 10. I use my IPad for a timer actually, and my finger to check if something is done. Depending on what it is I can use a fork or feel the texture as well. Meat is a good example of this.

I use my phone and IPad a lot for clocks, because they’re always on me. I hate those talking clocks. The most annoying/funny thing is when you’re at a blind convention, and 20 watches go off at different times. I don’t know who invented such a dumb idea as a talking watch, but they make it so intrusive. I wonder what the time is loud ding the time is 1:35 P.M… Now everyone in your meeting or class knows you’re bored. I loved the braille watches, but if you weren’t careful the hands would move under your fingers messing up the time.

I use a color identifier sometimes which you put I’ll call it the eye of the unit on a piece of clothing it will give you the color in voice. One thing funny I remember about this product was at my old job there was a girl named Nikki who I worked with. She wanted me to see if it would say her skin was black, but it said pale pink. That provided about a weeks’ worth of comedy. The device isn’t 100% accurate, but with picking out matching outfits it at least gets you in the ball park.

As far as my TV goes I have Uverse. It is the only service I’ve used that allows for me to control the dvr with my IPhone and is accessible. Time Warner has an app, but for my area the dvr feature isn’t usable. I wish I could have a talking dvr, or that I had the ability to change settings in my TV, but for now it still remains a dream. The Apple TV is also accessible. I love it, and I enjoy it reading menus to me.

Overall the things I use on a daily basis are normal products which I make usable rather than the other way around. The IPhone has really made me less dependent on blindness only products like a bill reader. There are actually a lot of hard feelings between blind people and some of the venders, because they made tons of money off of us over the years. For example as late as 2004 a braille computer would cost $6000 and not even have a gig of storage. You could use SD cards, but for 6 grand probably should have had better specifications. The thought is that basically these companies would make a product pocketing a lot of the cost. While a braille display probably costs a grand or two there really isn’t much cost outside of that. Also it was uncovered a few years ago they’d charge us $200 to send the unit back to do a battery change. One guy opened the back of the computer and it was 6 AA batteries’s taped together. Seriously a $6000 product and you’re using AA batteries and charging people a few hundred for changing it.