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7 years in Kentucky Y’all better consider me a Kentuckian now!

It’s hard to believe 7 years ago I took a job at Humana moving from Muncie to Louisville. At the time I wanted to do move somewhere new with an airport, and bus station. I know my wants are so low. Seriously though it was a struggle to get transportation besides friends out of Muncie. I wanted to try and chase a dream of being in radio, and I needed those things to try and do that.

I’ve always been a sports fan, and grew up thinking I could be in the NBA. Then my mom told me I had two strikes against me. One I was blind and 2 I was white. Now trust me I think if I were black I could have played damn it. Anyway when I moved here I liked both teams. I always thought the Kentucky Wildcats had a much better radio play by play announcer, but regardless I kept neutral.

It was 4 years ago roughly that my life and views on the world and people changed. I got a call that Ethan had killed himself. It changed me in several ways I try to tell people I love them and what they mean to me now. You never know when that last time will be. I would just come home from work and sleep. Reading was about the only thing I could do that took the numbing away.

I then got in to a radio showed called Kentucky Sports Radio with Mat Jones. It’s about sports, but it usually is the ridiculous banner that comes up that makes me enjoy it. For the first time in a month or so I could laugh again. I started really [pulling more for Kentucky. I got in to the teams that year loving the roster of guys for both Football and Basketball. In many ways it brought some new normalcy back for me.

I still have a hard time with the NFL. That was something Ethan and I shared the passion for and would talk about. I try to watch, but it hurts and that enjoyment isn’t there. Life is funny that way we all take the little things way to much for granted. I remember thinking at one point in my life no woman would come between me and my sports. I loved sports so much then Ethan dies and it’s tough to get through a NFL game.

Tonight Kentucky ended a streak of 31 years losing to Florida. I went to the game 3 years ago at Commonwealth and we should have won that game. Abby went last year I’d just got home with Frasier and decided that would be two much for him. They should have won that game, but fell short. Abby and I both until the end thought we may lose this yet, but when they won oh man we were both so happy.

Then I had to hear what Matt and the other fans thought. It made me so happy listening to folks who’ve gone for 30 years to games and finally got to celebrate. That’s the thing I like about Mat’s show. Most radio and Tv is based out of New York or has a national appeal but when you listen to Mat’s show it’s folks from this state who just love there team.

Anyway I can’t believe it’s been 7 years since taking that leap of faith that things would work out. Robin and I learned downtown, and then got a house. Now I have a wife it’s crazy how I’m becoming part of this wonderful city and state. Anyway I wanted to reflect on things tonight and I realize how fortunate things have been for me. Wrapping up go Cats!!! Also miss you bro I think about you still every day. Give Robin a hug up there,, and I’ll see you on the otherside.


Blind Odyssey part three final chapter

Day 3 was interesting to say the least. I woke up at 6:45 because I don’t really know why. I slept like a rock I forgot my melatonin, but the few hours I got were great. Robin was wining so I put on my shoes and took her out. We went to a nice little place for breakfast.
Denny and I need to find a way to podcast 96 percent of are conversations are funny the other 4 you wouldn’t care about. Anyway he has been telling me I care way to much about things so I am trying to relax. I thought this was cool but for breakfast she took me to this painting and coffee thing. Now I am not a great painter, but I made it work. She held my hand and we brushed together. While she wasn’t holding my hands I painted where ever I wanted. It’s safe to say her half looked better. It was a lot of fun though. I let her keep it. She traced my finger along the canvas once it dried and she made the city of Toronto. She said she wanted me to feel how it was shaped. It was beautiful, and I thought really sweet.
After that we went back to the hotel, and she left to get a change. She didn’t want to show up to work in the exact thing as yesterday. I had a meeting a friend of mine arranged at a station so I went over to that. It ran way long, because I was recording a radio thing. Anyway I met Monica back at the Jays game. It was a crazy game the parts I got to see. I had to eave early so I missed the ending my scores alerts tell me they lost. I wished Monica well and told her she made the trip a lot of fun. She hugged me and we kissed and I left. Truthfully I’m not good at these things at all. Maybe are paths will cross again maybe not, but she helped me realize things about myself. I think we can be are worst critics. As people we tend to group bad events and let them dictate how we view things. I’ve been on a lot of bad first dates, and have had crazy things happen and it was nice not to have that. Whatever the future is I will be patient and stop looking for it because if loves meant to be it’ll find me. That’s what I’m taking away from this experience. See Denny I do listen to you. Happy fathers day to you, Phil, and my dad. I sent my dad a text on Verizon which means I sent a international text I’m sure that will cost me. Oh well nothing will ever cost as much as when I was voting for Sanjia on American Idol in college I learnt the meaning of a $2 text. Thanks Howard Stern. haha I wanted to go see the Niagara Falls, but didn’t make it there. Meeting Monica my plans changed quickly. The flight home was great. No one really bugged me about Robin the entire time it was really smooth. Well I guess now it’s back to work….

Robin is turning nine and camping

Robin’s birthday is coming up Next Thursday she’s turning 9. I really haven’t had the conversation with myself at this point about what I’ll do with her when she retires. I talked to my mom, and she was like it’s unfair to her if you get another dog and she should come live with me. That might work, but she would be 5 hours away, and do you know how many dogs we lost when we were kids? I think they would be careful with her, but Robin is like my kid, and if she got hit by a car I would just not be okay. I can handle her getting old and dying, or having to put her to sleep that’s the way she should go not by running out in a road. I just know how it is, and I don’t really want to have that conversation yet. We were in Cincinnati Robin was amazing as usual.
When I first got her I was lost without my cane now it’s the opposite. She’s been with me for 5 moves form graduating college to moving to Louisville. From being jobless to flying in to Detroit on weekends to do games for the Tigers. My whole 20’s pretty much she’s been here. For you guys I it’s hard to equal it to anything. She’s been with me at tons of ball games, and everything. My favorite moments Ethan and Whits wedding, buying my house, and just everything else.
Over the weekend a guy I do care about Dave said I shouldn’t bring her to games because of crowds and etc.. I differ on this, because I got a dog to make traveling easier. I don’t take her to bars, and having her cuts down on my going to bars because I feel that’s not fair to her. As far as going to games and such I think she’s built for that. A guide dog is an extension of me so to speak. She doesn’t know how to get me to Best Buy at the end of the day I have to know where I am going, but man she can get me to that door a lot easier than I can, and helps me look more normal. I just feel less stress with the dog than with the cane. It’s the little things to like after I almost was broken in to in Muncie if I’d wake up in the middle of the night panicked Robin would come sit by my bed or couch until I realized I didn’t hear anything. I’ll have the retirement speech with someone who won’t be objective, but I just can’t have it now.
After 9 months of complaining and keeping at my mortgage company they finally made their website accessible. I want to thank Jerry and Jennifer for helping out and doing what was necessary. It made my day Saturday to log on without jumping hoops and go over my mortgage and tax statements. They added an audio captcha which was nice. Thank you again.
My final thing is this camping trip I broke earlier on Facebook. Good god I should have learned my lesson by now about saying things. I did bring it up for a reason I was nervous about one part of the trip I working on fixing. Here is the thing I’ve gone to NYC, Chicago, Detroit, Phoenix, Kansas City, and a few other places on a Occasion and work. All of those things have one thing in common they’re the city. While I love the city being blind a lot of times those are my options. I want to go somewhere isolated away from people. I just think it would be different. Plus I want to try camping on my own blind. I don’t really know anyone who has tried this, and I think I could do fine. Pilot Neil taught me how to clean a fish, and so I think I’ll do fine. If not I’ll never do it again. I’ll try anything once, and if I fail then I fail, but at least I tried.
Here’s my problem though. Getting to the country is difficult. I decided to use the internet, because I didn’t want anyone to know where I was unless they needed to know. I was going to then meet my friend John on Saturday at the Braves game. I sent John a text message after people made me reconsider Craigslist idea on Facebook. Now John says to me your coming in to Atlanta on Thursday? Great we can do some radio together and I’ll take you out there drop you off and then come get you. I just am wanting to go on vacation not do any radio. So I tell him this, and he’s like come on you used to do Falcons pregame you can do this. It’s not that I can’t I just want to keep to myself for a change, and just type my feelings out in a blog. I’ve known John forever, so I’m thinking about going on again. The thing that really made me just stop all together last year was when the guy from Lexington just couldn’t get that I could bring something to a sports cast being blind. After all I’ve done and what my resume had it just blew me away. I know I shouldn’t stop because of that, but I kind of lost respect to the industry after that.
I wanted to mention real quick the tripple crown of horse racing. I am so happy for Victor actually. A fact he drove bus for 2 years I believe to raise money to become a Jokey. Someone that came from little to be at the top of his game with a lot of hard work. I admirer his hard work, and he deserved it.

Year in review

Every entertainment source has one of these at the end of the year, so I figured I’d do one as well. This is my year in review. I started this blog in March, and it’s been doing good numbers. Even when I don’t update frequently people stumble upon it. I don’t know how much good it’s doing, but maybe for what it’s worth it will help someone, or it provides you a laugh. This year has been tough. I went from being real up in the beginning to probably the lowest I’ve been in a long time with the loss of a friend. This weekend I plan on doing some shopping I got robin’s Christmas gift in mind I just have to go buy it I’m getting her a pig, because the one she has is getting torn up. She loves it, a lot of times at night I will reach down on the ground and she is lying below me with the pig between her paws. She has been more destructive with her toys lately, but maybe it’s because I’m home more. I’m also going to Dave Chappelle Saturday night, so that should be a fun time.

In January I was working with a radio company as a consultant working with shows that were struggling for ratings. I loved it, and did well with show out of Nashville. It wasn’t what I pictured myself doing, but I really enjoyed it. I got fired in March, well more like I quit and was fired. We just had a difference of opinion.

In March I went out to Phoenix for a television job with the Backs. I didn’t get it, but loved the opportunity. If I ever retire Arizona will be where I head. I got lost by taking the wrong bus, but with GPS I found my way. I just kept singing amazing grace you know that part where they say I was lost but now I’m found. Gaps have come so far in my lifetime it really is an amazing tool. Plus it’s easy to be lost when it’s 90 not so much when it’s 30 like today.

In May I went to New York and sat in during the O&A show at Sirius. This was an amazing experience. Those guys are great, and after hating them for years they’ve helped me through some tough times. I saw the empire state building, and went to Philadelphia to watch horse racing and see my first Phillies game. That was a great trip. I also got to see Niels house out in Philly I miss him here, but glad he is doing well. I thought I had found a great girlfriend, but oh boy did that go downhill quickly. I also enjoyed traveling on the east coast; besides the traffic it’s pretty nice.

In August I was homeless for 3 weeks. That was a weird experience. I will say this never try and beat the system. I tried to save money and lost. Thankfully Natalie, Jerry, and Lee hooked me up with places to stay. I’m glad to be in my house now. Robin is happy to have a routine and her toys again I think she was confused for that time period. She still had me though and was a good sport. That dog has seen so much since I’ve gotten her. I miss Lee’s cooking though.

In September I moved in to my house the first I believe. I’ve enjoyed every second of it. It’s true I’m becoming quite the handyman. It gives you pride to take care of something, and make it your own.

In September the news of Ethan’s suicide changed me. For the first week after I just listened to books everything else just seemed irrelevant. I regretted not calling him the Friday before or even that morning. I was struggling with a depression of my own, and kept to myself. It’s not that I feel I would have changed things, but I don’t know. He was away on duty for the summer so we hadn’t talked a lot lately. I think about him every day. Sometimes I cry sometimes I smile. I have a hard time sleeping a full night’s sleep anyway, so that’s when I think back about a memory. He’ll always be with me as that person who I write about constantly in this blog that just gets it. I complain all the time about people that don’t, and rarely do I focus on the ones that do. That gives me strength to keep moving, that he treated me like anyone else I miss that, but in the 9 years I knew him it’s equal to a full lifetime. I remember when I moved to Louisville his first visit here he really got me over being homesick. Every time he’d visit after that it felt more and more like Louisville was becoming my home. He’ll always be here with me.

It’s taken me 2 weeks to write this part, because I wanted to do it right. I began the year with my little brother I was mentoring tried to commit suicide, and they were able to pump his system clean. He’s undergoing therapy, and is in a blind school now which is helping him. The pain of this all is just difficult, and I just don’t know. I went back and forth if I wanted to say anything, but I felt that I always talk about the funny times, but I really just enjoyed just hanging around watching YouTube videos or playing videogames. I just miss those things. I loved him because I just felt normal around him something that seems to be a struggle for me these days.

I’ve been working at getting my house ready for the Christmas get together with my family! I’m excited to see them. there’s going to be a lot of people here at one time but I’m excited. Today while I was getting my haircut I had a new lady cutting my hair so as a joke when she finished she said how does it look I said if she got me the mirror and moved it closer I would be able to tell her. I finally told her that I couldn’t see it all she thought it was funny. I think she felt kind of bad for ask me that question so I ended up tipping her well so I wasn’t an asshole hopefully. I’ve put my resume together for a few sporting jobs that I heard about so we will see. I went to Dave Chapelle last night with my friend Chris it was great seeing him. I think in life you will fail more than you will succeed but if you stop trying all together youlol never know. I just made that shit up I should start writing for fortune cookies. I had to end this somehow positively the last two paragraphs took me around 2 1/2 weeks to write, because every time I started I got emotional. Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and let’s have a good New Year.

Christmas lights boy this should be a hoot

As I said when I started this blog today is great to be blind versus any other generation. Even in my life I’ve seen time diminish significantly when trying to complete tasks. granted you have to probably spend a little more money to do so, but it’s way worth it in the end. for example I noticed today Robin was out of food, so I decided to use Lyft and go to feeder supply. I went the driver actually went in and help me get the kind of food I needed and then went to Arby’s and was home within 15 minutes. The same trip using public transportation or door-to-door service would’ve taken at least two or three hours. I know because before we had services such as Lyft I faced that. In fact a lot of times I would go to Walmart because I could hit subway and do my shopping and one trip versus having to go to different places. so even with my struggles I welcome Lyft and Uber. My driver pick me up at 10 and I was back home by 1034 with the hot Cordon Bleu chicken from Arby’s. hopefully dictation got that right.

On Friday after I wrote my blog this girl Jessica came to my house so Taylor left and we watched a movie and hung out. Today we’re going to go look at some Christmas lights I’m not sure how that will be for me but I will pretend and make light of it as usual. I bought a MacBook air so I’ve been spending a lot of my day learning things with that. I’ve gone back-and-forth whether or not I really wanted a computer and I settled with that it definitely is nice helping me do things I can’t do from my iPad or iPhone.

My final thing today is I would’ve been great in the 50s. i’ve been listening to some bing Crosby and realize I have a pretty deep voice and I would’ve sold millions of Christmas albums. That’s what I tell myself in the shower anyway.

Prank calls!

What memory I’ve been thinking about lately is how in college I started prank calling places with my friends. My friend Ethan or Paul I’m not sure which now found this place called the Sybaris. It basically is a place where people go and have sex you pay by the hour. They had this really dumb jingle Ethan sent me in an email at one point. During the day sometimes the pass the time we would call the Sybaris and I would harass the workers. One call I remember and detail where I asked her about the rooms they had and if I could rent softcore or hard-core pornography? I told her I was bringing my girlfriend and finally got to the point where I asked her if she would join in? That was the point she hung up. We literally talked about 15 minutes before that point.

I got tickets to the March madness tournament here in Louisville two or three years ago. I originally invited my friend Denny but he couldn’t make it and so I called Ethan last minute and he came down. We went to the first set of games just fine! Then we decided to go to a restaurant to eat everything was packed but we found a pub on forth street I have been to a few times. It’s now close which makes me sad a bit but oh well continue with the story. I’m dictating of had a few beers so sorry about the mistakes. It’s been a crazy night I’ll explain at the end. Not real crazy I mean but I went out and made a decision on a job and radio. Anyway we went to this place and ate dinner we had a hard time getting a table but we finally got one this guy came over and talk to us for a second and I remember he farted and then walked away. We had started drinking at this point so it was a bit funny for some reason. After dinner Kentucky was playing but we never made it back to the games we decided to go outside and listen to the concert instead. I honestly didn’t feel like drinking at the time but ethan said this girl got me something so I should drink later on I found out he was just buying them for me and saying so but I guess it worked at the time. I left Robin at home so I had my cane. I remember we went into a club where again he told me a girl bought me some drinks but it was just him I don’t even know what they were they were orange flavored. We sat on the couch and talk for a while and we both said and felt rain on us which was weird because there’s a second level I’m not exactly sure what the water was so we moved. Looking back I’m glad I drink now because it was a really good time not because of alcohol but it was just funny. He was going to drive home but I decided we had too much so we took a cab instead and the next day we went back and got his car but when we got home I decided to call the dating service through the phone that they advertise late night on television. That was sort of another tradition we would do. Of course we would never be serious I would get someone on the phone and then pretty much just be as disgusting as I could be. We only had 60 minutes so you might as well use it well. I don’t know what really made me think of this memory but I just thought I would share it always made me happy!

I have an opportunity to do some sporting events this weekend as far as production on the radio. I’ve really been thinking about it not going through with it a few weeks ago I went to the LSU game with my friend Neil and it was pretty amazing. I really miss radio it’s my passion. I’ve taken the last six months off not really by choice but so I didn’t get sued and I’m really thinking about getting back into it. If I do though it will be on my terms I don’t really want to travel around so much anymore I like being home. The last few months I really do thank Opie, Denny, and Phil no particular order they’ve been there every step of the way for me I can’t thank them enough and I love them throw Carlos in there as well. I have an opportunity to go to Green Bay and do some production for the Packers game thanks to an email I sent about a month ago. I was going to do something else just take a road trip but I’m not sure. I’ll let you know when I finally decide I really have to know tomorrow I was there will be hard to go back to Green Bay I haven’t been watching NFL much lately. I’ve caught a few quarters here and there but overall just haven’t had the interest. I really had a interest and production lately versus broadcasting I just love radio and general something always draws me back to it. Opie keeps nudging me to come back ironically I met a a Louisville personality today and we had a pretty good conversation about the Cardinals the crazy Kentucky Wildcats how great their gonna be in basketball this year it was kind of an interesting conversation. For the record I think the 40 and zero predictions are a little crazy that’s very difficult and they’re very young. Regardless of the talent you’re going to have a few growing pains.

New York

I need to catch you up with what’s going on my life with dating, real estate, and other things but I want to talk about the Accessable TV box I just saw. I had all this free time and then I started dating and it went away. Haha just kidding. It’s been a dream of mine as I said for about the last 10 years to have a talking cable box. There is so much access when watching TV I do not have currently. If I want to view what’s on TV I have to use my iPhone and search the Internet or use a TV listings app same with my DVR have to use my application I cannot just sit down my couch and use a remote. Now onto why Time Warner had me come to New York rather than Louisville. The technology in Louisville is not truly Time Warner is more like Comcast I’m told. When they ask me to come I jumped at the opportunity because I’ve been wanting to see this forever now.

I have to be honest when I turn on the TV and heard the voice I got so happy that it’s almost indescribable. For me this is something that should’ve been done along time ago I don’t know how to television industry keeps ignoring blind people and why lobbyist keep turning efforts to delay descriptive audio. Pres. Obama went first running put up a website touting efforts for how he was going to assist people with disabilities, but yet all I’ve seen our delays. Descriptive audio was to be mandated by the FCC for networks to have a certain amount of hours by 2008 then I got delayed 2011 and then again to 14 and now to 16. This is on acceptable I understand lobbyist have power, but why are we getting defeated by the United Kingdom and accessibility. Most primetime shows and United Kingdom have descriptive audio and is easily accessible by touching a button. Here only PBS has a few hours a day of descriptive audio content. This isn’t no way political blog that’s not why started this I just don’t understand why we keep delaying the inevitable? The United Kingdom again has these talking boxes but when I asked Time Warner when we would see them in United States there still at least a year away from launch and if the merger happens between Comcast and Time Warner all bets are off.

I was able to view the guide information such as what was on right now what would be on the future for days out and I could even view filmography’s and bios for actors and actresses in the show. I could choose to record a show record a series and had full DVR capabilities. I turn on the TV and heard it say on now the Steve Harvey show you give me the time left and even a brief description of what the show is about I could mute the speech pause the speech or listen to it speak but it was pretty amazing. I guess for the first time with television I felt normal it was just me and the remote it wasn’t me the remote my phone a laptop or whatever else I used to access the Internet for information. I really want one right now! I did get some feedback with speech and ways to maybe speeded up sighted people don’t understand that we use speech every day so if it goes slow it’s a bit annoying for us to listen to were so used to hearing it fast that that’s what we need. Other than that it was a great product and I appreciate them allowing me to see it and spend an hour or so with the box.

I will quickly go over what is happened in the last few days. We came to New York last night and went to a restaurant called no boo I’ve wanted to go there forever! The crab was amazing Jamison Winston would definitely have tried to steal it. Haha after dinner everyone wanted to go to the Empire State building and see the view. I was not really into it because truthfully I thought it would be boring. I decided to humor my friends and go along, and I’m glad I did. We got off the elevator Erica walk me over and describe the scenery to me. She was pretty in depth and it was sweet of her to do so. I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all and actually could picture what she was describing. Obviously is not the same experience that you would get but I did enjoy my time. It was cool hearing the sound from that far above from the city I enjoy that part. I was happy to spend the night with Erica in New York I felt feelings that I was not sure I had. She read this so I have to be careful what I say. I would just end my thought with this I’ve never felt so comfortable around someone that it truly is a nice experience to have and I’m lucky to be experiencing it. She is a gem.

I toured serious XM studios today as well! I actually decided my dreams of doing Radio have changed and for the first time I’m okay with not getting as far as I had wanted to go with it. I got a chance to talk with my friend Opie and I will in this post with his quote. Don’t be ashamed of trying the only shame is never trying the last three years I watch you struggle to find who you wanted to be and I’ve seen you become something other should strive to be. I think that’s how it ended close enough. I’m a bit tired after all I’m in the city that doesn’t sleep and I was pretty excited for things today, but the Yankee game is been postponed so I’m going to sleep soon. We’re taking a train back to Philadelphia so I can see Neil’s house I’m pretty excited about that.

This is what I get for trying to podcast.

This weekend has been a bit of a headache somewhat for me. I was going to go to Detroit to a Tigers game, but I decided I just want to be home. My little brother Josh is going to come down and spend the night Friday with me. He tried committing suicide in January, because he is blind and was being bullied in school. He’s gone through a lot of therapy, and his parents feel its okay for him to get away. I met his parents at a meeting for the blind, and they wanted someone for their son to look up to for guidance. I’ve not done well so far. A lot of what he struggles with I still struggle with. I’d like to tell him eventually things will get easier, but I’m not there personally yet. I think in life no matter what your circumstances you’ll have something you struggle with some of us have more than others it’s just the way the cookie crumbles.

I plan to remain upbeat with him, and take him around the city so he can see some new things. He is not a big sports fan, but he loves music so I have been googling a few ideas. Sports has been my release that and radio. Early on I’d spill a lot of my thoughts on to the radio, because I wanted to be truthful. I never bought in to the cheery happy guy you often hear I would just bring me to the microphone every day.

I was recording a podcast last night in my living room with an IPhone and microphone, and I realized something about myself. If I had only been more patient when it came to a few things in my life how things may have been different. Were never too old to change if you recognize a problem. Rather than take what I have I usually try and want more. Radio has been a huge example of this. I had a good gig going, but rather than take the fact shows would use things I wrote for them and never credit me and move on with it I quit. Now I can’t work for any rival company for another 6 months. A handy little clause written in to my last contract I signed. I’ve also struggled with patients in relationships and I’m sorry for those I’ve affected.

I don’t think greed motivated me it more just wanted to get to a point where I felt like I accomplished something. When you’re blind for me anyway I’ve always wanted to get to a point where I wouldn’t be blind to certain people. I realized a few years ago that was an unreachable goal. It’s hard for me to find happiness after realizing that. I have been talking to a good friend I met in radio Opie lately, and I thank him for all the advice and time he’s spent lately. I don’t exactly know what I’ve figured out yet, but I need to change myself a lot and figure out my goals. I also used to think one day I’d just accept my blindness and move on. When I was a kid it never was an issue, but around the time puberty hit people’s perceptions changed. I wasn’t the kid people played tetherball or basketball with I was different from them. At the time I never really saw this, it was Josh all most dying that made me open up my past I guess trying to help him that made me discover this. I went to public school, and I don’t regret that but I see some of my other friends who went to a blind school and I wonder if it would have helped me be a bit healthier in certain aspects? I’m happy the blind school took Josh in, and he will be given an opportunity there to start over.

Fenway Park and Liberty Bell

One of the coolest memories of doing radio was being able to go to game 6 of the ALCS last year in Boston. Pilot Neil flew us in to a small town, and we rented a car and drove an hour in to Boston. Fenway Park was an amazing place to see a game especially game 6 of the ALCS. In that moment of hearing the crowd sitting pretty much field level I felt like I had accomplished something. I didn’t really get paid working with the Tigers, but they did give me that ticket for free which was cool.

My observations of Boston were that I walked away not really understanding the phrase Boston strong. Not to be too political, but I hate it when people build up something so much that it loses its meaning. It’s like if you say I love you all the time or sorry they kind of lose the meaning. I observed in a bar after the game people toasting to Boston strong. Really? Were you there? Did you lose a leg? Not saying that only the victims are Boston strong, but at what point does it get over used and lose its meaning. I feel for the victims though, and think they deserve better.

Like Wrigley Field Fenway is special. Being in a place where so much history has happened felt amazing. I wish I could have felt the left field wall though to see how the green monster actually looks. Being blind I can hear how the announcers describe it, but actually getting a chance to feel it or see the angle of it would have been cool. There were way too many people to try and walk around though.

I remember going to Philadelphia when I was 13 or so, and they let me feel the real liberty bell. That was pretty neat, because I could feel the crack, and being able to touch that kind of history was pretty remarkable. I remember the wood was beautiful so smooth to touch.

Sports are getting out-of-control

If you haven’t heard anything about the Daniel Murphy situation check below for a link. To summarize the issue New York sports radio is bashing Murphy a second baseman for the New York Mets, because he took maternity leave to be with his wife. Now I’ve never had a child, but if I did or when I do you better believe no matter my profession I’d be by her side. Carton and Boomer are completely in the wrong on this issue there are more important things besides baseball. They bring up things like his job will put the kid through school, but that isn’t Daniel Murphy’s fault rather Americas fault for allowing sports contracts to be so huge. Here is my question when did sports get so far out of control? I watch for the entertainment factor. I’ve never gotten so worked up about something that I set anything on fire or looted the streets. Daniel Murphy made a moral decision to be with his wife in life’s greatest moment bringing another life in to the world and everything else is irrelevant. These same idiots would be the same people to jump up and say the problem with American families is that they’re not families anymore. Last year Murphy played in 160 out of 162 games for a losing ball club with no immediate future of being good. I support his decision, and hope and pray sports shows will someday actually be entertaining, and talk about things that actually matter.

My other complaint is why aren’t women’s sports viewed on the same level as men’s? I’ve watched women’s college basketball for the past 5 or 6 years, and I love the quality of the product. The crazy thing is I spoke to Tameka Catchings, and she only makes around $40000 per year. She said she plays overseas, and makes a bit more money than that. You take her male counterpart, and they’re making millions. I know people will comment about it’s all about revenue, but something doesn’t seem quite right with me about that. Skylar has been a huge ambassador for the game, and when I got an opportunity to hang with her in New Orleans last year that was pretty cool. Being in Louisville I’ve gotten to see a lot of Shoni Schimmel’s career as well, and she is amazing. I know I’m in the minority on this, but I feel the women get completely disrespected and I’m tired of the double speak we have when it comes to equality. They’re playing the same sport using the same athletic abilities, but yet the pay isn’t even in the same universe.boomer and Carton