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Are these pants see-through?

Online shopping has made my life a lot easier. Recently I ordered some sweatpants to lounge around in in my apartment. From the description on Amazon I found out they were black, and when I got them I loved the feel of them. I put them on, and Robin had to go outside to use the bathroom. I took her out, and I hear 3 girls laughing. Now I don’t know why I jumped to this, but my thought was maybe my pants are see-through. When I used to wrestle I had some snap pants that I could quickly take off when it was time for a match, so I thought maybe the pants I bought were supposed to be used with shorts. I didn’t wear them again until I could verify they were not see-through.

I’m not one to be hard on clothes. I have not bought any pants since I’ve moved here. I went to the gym recently, and was getting ready to catch the bus home. I bent over to tie my shoe, and I hear a ripping sound. I didn’t fart, so I knew something bad had just happened. I felt back and could see my pants were torn from the pocket clear across my butt. I didn’t have time to change back In to my shorts, because the bus will only wait 5 minutes for you, so I walked outside with my torn pants and all. This guy outside says I wonder if he notices his pants are ripped? Well yes sir when air was hitting parts of my body not used to getting air I kind of figured it out.