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Year in review

Every entertainment source has one of these at the end of the year, so I figured I’d do one as well. This is my year in review. I started this blog in March, and it’s been doing good numbers. Even when I don’t update frequently people stumble upon it. I don’t know how much good it’s doing, but maybe for what it’s worth it will help someone, or it provides you a laugh. This year has been tough. I went from being real up in the beginning to probably the lowest I’ve been in a long time with the loss of a friend. This weekend I plan on doing some shopping I got robin’s Christmas gift in mind I just have to go buy it I’m getting her a pig, because the one she has is getting torn up. She loves it, a lot of times at night I will reach down on the ground and she is lying below me with the pig between her paws. She has been more destructive with her toys lately, but maybe it’s because I’m home more. I’m also going to Dave Chappelle Saturday night, so that should be a fun time.

In January I was working with a radio company as a consultant working with shows that were struggling for ratings. I loved it, and did well with show out of Nashville. It wasn’t what I pictured myself doing, but I really enjoyed it. I got fired in March, well more like I quit and was fired. We just had a difference of opinion.

In March I went out to Phoenix for a television job with the Backs. I didn’t get it, but loved the opportunity. If I ever retire Arizona will be where I head. I got lost by taking the wrong bus, but with GPS I found my way. I just kept singing amazing grace you know that part where they say I was lost but now I’m found. Gaps have come so far in my lifetime it really is an amazing tool. Plus it’s easy to be lost when it’s 90 not so much when it’s 30 like today.

In May I went to New York and sat in during the O&A show at Sirius. This was an amazing experience. Those guys are great, and after hating them for years they’ve helped me through some tough times. I saw the empire state building, and went to Philadelphia to watch horse racing and see my first Phillies game. That was a great trip. I also got to see Niels house out in Philly I miss him here, but glad he is doing well. I thought I had found a great girlfriend, but oh boy did that go downhill quickly. I also enjoyed traveling on the east coast; besides the traffic it’s pretty nice.

In August I was homeless for 3 weeks. That was a weird experience. I will say this never try and beat the system. I tried to save money and lost. Thankfully Natalie, Jerry, and Lee hooked me up with places to stay. I’m glad to be in my house now. Robin is happy to have a routine and her toys again I think she was confused for that time period. She still had me though and was a good sport. That dog has seen so much since I’ve gotten her. I miss Lee’s cooking though.

In September I moved in to my house the first I believe. I’ve enjoyed every second of it. It’s true I’m becoming quite the handyman. It gives you pride to take care of something, and make it your own.

In September the news of Ethan’s suicide changed me. For the first week after I just listened to books everything else just seemed irrelevant. I regretted not calling him the Friday before or even that morning. I was struggling with a depression of my own, and kept to myself. It’s not that I feel I would have changed things, but I don’t know. He was away on duty for the summer so we hadn’t talked a lot lately. I think about him every day. Sometimes I cry sometimes I smile. I have a hard time sleeping a full night’s sleep anyway, so that’s when I think back about a memory. He’ll always be with me as that person who I write about constantly in this blog that just gets it. I complain all the time about people that don’t, and rarely do I focus on the ones that do. That gives me strength to keep moving, that he treated me like anyone else I miss that, but in the 9 years I knew him it’s equal to a full lifetime. I remember when I moved to Louisville his first visit here he really got me over being homesick. Every time he’d visit after that it felt more and more like Louisville was becoming my home. He’ll always be here with me.

It’s taken me 2 weeks to write this part, because I wanted to do it right. I began the year with my little brother I was mentoring tried to commit suicide, and they were able to pump his system clean. He’s undergoing therapy, and is in a blind school now which is helping him. The pain of this all is just difficult, and I just don’t know. I went back and forth if I wanted to say anything, but I felt that I always talk about the funny times, but I really just enjoyed just hanging around watching YouTube videos or playing videogames. I just miss those things. I loved him because I just felt normal around him something that seems to be a struggle for me these days.

I’ve been working at getting my house ready for the Christmas get together with my family! I’m excited to see them. there’s going to be a lot of people here at one time but I’m excited. Today while I was getting my haircut I had a new lady cutting my hair so as a joke when she finished she said how does it look I said if she got me the mirror and moved it closer I would be able to tell her. I finally told her that I couldn’t see it all she thought it was funny. I think she felt kind of bad for ask me that question so I ended up tipping her well so I wasn’t an asshole hopefully. I’ve put my resume together for a few sporting jobs that I heard about so we will see. I went to Dave Chapelle last night with my friend Chris it was great seeing him. I think in life you will fail more than you will succeed but if you stop trying all together youlol never know. I just made that shit up I should start writing for fortune cookies. I had to end this somehow positively the last two paragraphs took me around 2 1/2 weeks to write, because every time I started I got emotional. Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and let’s have a good New Year.


Yankees game got rained out Neil is stuck in Louisville while his wife and I are homeless in New York sort of

Well tonight I was supposed to go to the Yankees game but it got rained out so instead I went to an old pub it was pretty good. Neil took Erica back to work like early this afternoon and I thought he would be here by now, but he sent me a text message that said a bunch of words I cannot say publicly well I could say them but I won’t. Apparently he is stuck in Louisville he supposed to meet me at Philadelphia tomorrow which I just bought an Amtrak ticket for $53 from New York to Philadelphia one hour 15 minutes I didn’t think that was bad. Last time I took Amtrak they try to make me buy a seat extra for Robin I’ve honestly never had a great success with them but other blind people swear by them so I don’t know.

So I’m thinking about buying a house which is been very agonizing for me. I hate making choices in a sense I overthink everything and analyze way too much. Being blind also has created a few problems for me in this process. The first thing is do I want to buy a house or condo? If I buy a house I have to pay somebody to MOMA yard and do some of the outside work, because like I said earlier I don’t think I can mow yard straight. There’s just a lot of upkeep on a house where the condo you don’t have a keep on the inside, but some of the condo’s rules irritated me. So I told my realtor my problems and he is like I don’t mow my yard either but I pay somebody but that’s great and all but right now he is sending houses that make my rent go up about $100 a month plus add on another hundred dollars to mow my yard not sure I like that. I’m trying to remain positive, but it is difficult. He is doing me one favor though he is going to look at the houses before hand so we don’t waste time. He sent me a text on Friday that said two houses he looked at were in bad shape. I do trust him but at the end of the day he is a salesman. Haha so there is a dilemma. Being blind I could tell you if I like the house from the feel of it but I’ve no idea what it looks like or how much work it will require obviously there are things like a final home inspection but that’s towards closing. The process has just been a little bit more tedious than I would like so far, but he thinks on Wednesday will have two or three houses to look at. A few of my friends keep asking me are you sure Louisville is where you want to live? I really do want to settle down and have a place to call my own, but no one knows the future or what will come up. I’ve been here three years now and I don’t see myself leaving anytime soon. Anyway those are my thoughts winding the night down it’s been a crazy day, but a good one. I talked to Erica on the phone and she was so happy about being able to come to New York for the night I’m sad she’s gone but I’m not worried or jealous so that’s a great thing. I feel bad about Neil being stuck there though but hopefully will reconnect tomorrow. He told me he doesn’t mind he thinks of me as a son or brother. His wife and him could never have children so they both kind of adopted me. Tomorrow I will work on my Amtrak experience from Chicago and write about my experience to Philadelphia good night finally.

I almost forgot about the subject of this post so we bought Yankee tickets, and the game was rained out. I talked to a ticket agent they said they cannot refund me my money that I could exchange it for a game within 12 months tomorrow’s game is already sold out so I’m out of luck there and Louisville is like 800 miles from New York. She did not have much sympathy for me East Coast women are very unattractive to me I don’t like the accent I love the southern accent though. I get it you’re from Brooklyn life is been hard their sarcasm hopefully it writes out that well. The first night we got a deal for a hotel room through Groupon, but my God renting a hotel is like one month down payment on my house, so one of my friends is hosting us tonight. Things turn out a little different but it still overall a good night.

New York

I need to catch you up with what’s going on my life with dating, real estate, and other things but I want to talk about the Accessable TV box I just saw. I had all this free time and then I started dating and it went away. Haha just kidding. It’s been a dream of mine as I said for about the last 10 years to have a talking cable box. There is so much access when watching TV I do not have currently. If I want to view what’s on TV I have to use my iPhone and search the Internet or use a TV listings app same with my DVR have to use my application I cannot just sit down my couch and use a remote. Now onto why Time Warner had me come to New York rather than Louisville. The technology in Louisville is not truly Time Warner is more like Comcast I’m told. When they ask me to come I jumped at the opportunity because I’ve been wanting to see this forever now.

I have to be honest when I turn on the TV and heard the voice I got so happy that it’s almost indescribable. For me this is something that should’ve been done along time ago I don’t know how to television industry keeps ignoring blind people and why lobbyist keep turning efforts to delay descriptive audio. Pres. Obama went first running put up a website touting efforts for how he was going to assist people with disabilities, but yet all I’ve seen our delays. Descriptive audio was to be mandated by the FCC for networks to have a certain amount of hours by 2008 then I got delayed 2011 and then again to 14 and now to 16. This is on acceptable I understand lobbyist have power, but why are we getting defeated by the United Kingdom and accessibility. Most primetime shows and United Kingdom have descriptive audio and is easily accessible by touching a button. Here only PBS has a few hours a day of descriptive audio content. This isn’t no way political blog that’s not why started this I just don’t understand why we keep delaying the inevitable? The United Kingdom again has these talking boxes but when I asked Time Warner when we would see them in United States there still at least a year away from launch and if the merger happens between Comcast and Time Warner all bets are off.

I was able to view the guide information such as what was on right now what would be on the future for days out and I could even view filmography’s and bios for actors and actresses in the show. I could choose to record a show record a series and had full DVR capabilities. I turn on the TV and heard it say on now the Steve Harvey show you give me the time left and even a brief description of what the show is about I could mute the speech pause the speech or listen to it speak but it was pretty amazing. I guess for the first time with television I felt normal it was just me and the remote it wasn’t me the remote my phone a laptop or whatever else I used to access the Internet for information. I really want one right now! I did get some feedback with speech and ways to maybe speeded up sighted people don’t understand that we use speech every day so if it goes slow it’s a bit annoying for us to listen to were so used to hearing it fast that that’s what we need. Other than that it was a great product and I appreciate them allowing me to see it and spend an hour or so with the box.

I will quickly go over what is happened in the last few days. We came to New York last night and went to a restaurant called no boo I’ve wanted to go there forever! The crab was amazing Jamison Winston would definitely have tried to steal it. Haha after dinner everyone wanted to go to the Empire State building and see the view. I was not really into it because truthfully I thought it would be boring. I decided to humor my friends and go along, and I’m glad I did. We got off the elevator Erica walk me over and describe the scenery to me. She was pretty in depth and it was sweet of her to do so. I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all and actually could picture what she was describing. Obviously is not the same experience that you would get but I did enjoy my time. It was cool hearing the sound from that far above from the city I enjoy that part. I was happy to spend the night with Erica in New York I felt feelings that I was not sure I had. She read this so I have to be careful what I say. I would just end my thought with this I’ve never felt so comfortable around someone that it truly is a nice experience to have and I’m lucky to be experiencing it. She is a gem.

I toured serious XM studios today as well! I actually decided my dreams of doing Radio have changed and for the first time I’m okay with not getting as far as I had wanted to go with it. I got a chance to talk with my friend Opie and I will in this post with his quote. Don’t be ashamed of trying the only shame is never trying the last three years I watch you struggle to find who you wanted to be and I’ve seen you become something other should strive to be. I think that’s how it ended close enough. I’m a bit tired after all I’m in the city that doesn’t sleep and I was pretty excited for things today, but the Yankee game is been postponed so I’m going to sleep soon. We’re taking a train back to Philadelphia so I can see Neil’s house I’m pretty excited about that.

Sports are getting out-of-control

If you haven’t heard anything about the Daniel Murphy situation check below for a link. To summarize the issue New York sports radio is bashing Murphy a second baseman for the New York Mets, because he took maternity leave to be with his wife. Now I’ve never had a child, but if I did or when I do you better believe no matter my profession I’d be by her side. Carton and Boomer are completely in the wrong on this issue there are more important things besides baseball. They bring up things like his job will put the kid through school, but that isn’t Daniel Murphy’s fault rather Americas fault for allowing sports contracts to be so huge. Here is my question when did sports get so far out of control? I watch for the entertainment factor. I’ve never gotten so worked up about something that I set anything on fire or looted the streets. Daniel Murphy made a moral decision to be with his wife in life’s greatest moment bringing another life in to the world and everything else is irrelevant. These same idiots would be the same people to jump up and say the problem with American families is that they’re not families anymore. Last year Murphy played in 160 out of 162 games for a losing ball club with no immediate future of being good. I support his decision, and hope and pray sports shows will someday actually be entertaining, and talk about things that actually matter.

My other complaint is why aren’t women’s sports viewed on the same level as men’s? I’ve watched women’s college basketball for the past 5 or 6 years, and I love the quality of the product. The crazy thing is I spoke to Tameka Catchings, and she only makes around $40000 per year. She said she plays overseas, and makes a bit more money than that. You take her male counterpart, and they’re making millions. I know people will comment about it’s all about revenue, but something doesn’t seem quite right with me about that. Skylar has been a huge ambassador for the game, and when I got an opportunity to hang with her in New Orleans last year that was pretty cool. Being in Louisville I’ve gotten to see a lot of Shoni Schimmel’s career as well, and she is amazing. I know I’m in the minority on this, but I feel the women get completely disrespected and I’m tired of the double speak we have when it comes to equality. They’re playing the same sport using the same athletic abilities, but yet the pay isn’t even in the same universe.boomer and Carton