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Robin you’re not trained for that!

Over the weekend I had a first. I went to this Mediterranean restaurant with my friend Kelci. I had a few drinks, so I really wasn’t paying attention much to what Robin was doing. We went outside and watch some fireworks and then came back in. Robin went for something so I told her to leave it which is a command she knows. My friend then told me to bring Robin back towards me. Later he told me why and what she was doing.

Apparently Robin stuck her head and this lady’s bag a little bit and pulled out some marijuana. When I told her leave it she just dropped it on the floor. My friend just smiled at her really big, and she picked up the bag and put it back in her sack like nothing had happened. No one else saw this from the restaurant so she didn’t get in to any trouble. This experience taught me that there’s always something new and always a first. Haha