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Robin ate a hotdog

On Friday I called a Lyft to go home from Matt and Amanda’s house. I got in the car, and the driver asked me how I became blind and how long? Her response after I told her annoyed me, but it’s the normal. I told her I had cancer when I was a year old, and they had to remove my eye to keep it from spreading to my brain. She says I’m sorry. Then she gasps, and I asked her what? She said I looked back in the mirror at you, and I was nervous you wouldn’t have any eyes. Really? I just don’t understand the responses people give me just because I can’t see. I am still amazed sometimes. I talked to my friend Denny on Saturday, and he gets the sorry thing a lot too, and he said why do they say sorry? Were they the ones who caused it? I thought that was a funny response, but true. I used to love to talk to Ethan about that he always would listen and would just get it. I feel like there a hand full of people that do, and then there’s everyone else. Truthfully I’m doing better than at least 40% of people that can see, but regardless it’s just different. You just have to stay positive though that’s all we can do. One thing that always bugged me was I was interviewing for a radio gig in Lexington with the baseball team. The guy during my interview asked me what a blind person could bring to the broadcast? My resume was packed full of people in the Tigers organization who said great things, an audition tape, and I even did some live play by play of a game on the television. I just felt 

Saturday was a weird day. I stopped drinking Mountain Dew again my one real addiction. I’ve drank it since I was 4, so it is really a problem. I’ve been working out, and trying to cut out pop. It’s now Monday and I have a huge headache, but I am pushing on. I did give in and get a coak today, or it wouldn’t have been pretty. I just watched movies and slept. I watched Flight, Homeword Bound, and Old Yeller.


Sunday I went to the Reds game. I caught a Gray Hound bus to Cincinnati, and saw one of the best games I’ve seen live yet. I thought the Reds were going to win, but they choked as usual. I caught the bus home and got home around 8:30. I got a little wet, but it was kind of refreshing. Robin didn’t likethe rain at all.


Facebook has this day in history, so today I posted a post I wrote a year ago about a sign that said blind child in area. It made me laugh. I was dating Erica then, and rereading that brought back memories I hadn’t really thought about in a while. For a long time I thought we were going to work out lol was I wrong.


Last night I took Juan a boy I met a last weeks adventure to the Bats game. He is 5, and I thought his mom was coming, but she met me at the gate and said have fun. I’ve not had a lot of experience with kids, but I just used my head. I made him take my hand, so I didn’t lose him that was first and foremost. We got to are seats, and I got him a hotdog. Well Robin got that one I didn’t realize or really think that kids might have a hard time eating something like that. He started to cry, so quickly I gave him mine. I held the end of it so we didn’t have another dog on the ground. Man Robin pounced on the one that fell I never feed her table scraps so I’m sure she was in heaven for the 3 seconds she chewed on it. He really enjoyed the game he has been doing surgery for the last two months, and said he hasn’t really gotten to go out and play or do normal things. He was really smart, and I hoping for the best for him. I gave him my phone number so maybe we can go to dinner or go to the zoo or anything he wants to do I said he could come with me. We talked a lot about Ninja Turtles those were his favorite. I didn’t know they remade that until I got home and researched things. I used to watch that show when I was like 5 or 6, but now they’ve remade it like everything else. I took a bus with him again holding his hand to make sure nothing happened and returned him to his mom. I then caught a Lyft home and fell asleep pretty quickly.


Memorial day has become this real challenging thing for me. I have wanted to go to LA forever and that is still there, I could go home, or Niel is going river rafting and camping so I could do that. My final option is I could just stay at my house. I really need to decide, but I just can’t for some reason. I am thinking about going to LA, because it would really boost my confidence. After being mugged a few years ago I haven’t taken to many trips on my own. We’ll see I will blog about whatever on Monday night.




Do you want to feel my tattoo?

Hopefully my last post will help it was forwarded on to Frankfurt. Kentucky housing Corporation has had six months of notification in which they told me they’re going to do something but haven’t. They’ve missed two deadlines. Hopefully I can gain equal access soon as well as other blind people.

The other night after work I decided to go to the Louisville bats game. I had a ride already going to Best Buy so I took that and then left Best Buy to the game downtown. From Best Buy I decided to take Lyft, and had a great driver. We joked a lot and it’s why I like ridesharing services because you can meet someone nice.

The game was a blow out, so mainly I enjoyed beer, and talking to people. I didn’t go with anyone, because my friends are either married or away in another town. I’m trying this new thing where I am trying to just meet new people. College it used to be so easy. I will tell you this story only because it shocked me.

After the game I went to a bar downtown and started talking to a group of people. This girl was talking about how she got a new tattoo and asked me if I would like to see it? Of course I responded in a smart ass way and said well I’m blind so I don’t know how that would work? She then got up came over and said come with me. The restaurant had one of those single bathrooms with the door. She took me in there and shut the door, And I was like what is happening? I didn’t really ask that out loud. She said I’m wearing a dress so I’m going to have to lifted. I swear to god this happen. She takes my hand and puts it right above her butt so it’s basically a tramp stamp. She starts telling me the design of it and what it is it something with the dragon and fire and a whole bunch of other shit that I don’t really understand why you would put on your body but anyway. She said  can you feel anything? I was honest and said no I couldn’t really feel anything maybe a little roughness but it was  the first time feeling her back so that might’ve been normal who knows. It just felt like flesh to me. She then asked me what do I see when I meet someone for the first time? I told her I have some methods that can be wrong, but I think for me I am more attracted to personality. If someone is upbeat and funny I am probably going to be drawn to them easier than a shy quiet person. Again though that’s not always correct but I think it has a part and it. She said well we’ve came this far, so would you like to feel what I look like? Now I don’t really like this notion that I have to feel someone to get the picture I’m not sure where that came from, but this moment was already awkward, so I thought what the hell. She had a nice kaboose I’ve always wanted to use that word in a blog. That just made me laugh for about 2 minutes.

I don’t know how I meet these people. I think people just loose themselves when they meet a blind person. Maybe this is normal I don’t know I tend to stay in and keep to myself a lot at nights.

I’ve been talking to Opie a good friend of mine, and I found a man therapist to go to to work out some problems. The last one I had didn’t go so well when she tried to date me. I’m trying to work on some of my issues no ones perfect. I struggle with things in my childhood that are hurting me now since I’ve never delt with them. I commented on it a few posts a go, but growing up in a public school where no one else was like me was difficult and took it’s tole on me I think as I’ve gotten older. I don’t think blind people should all go to a blind school, but it would have been nice to be around people going through puberty who were also blind. Even now I’m not appealing to a lot of people because I’m blind and thats frustrating to be just written off or judged unfairly. Even though her doing that was unexpected, and I am not sure how to feel it was nice not be ignored like I am sometimes. It wasn’t a Best Buy experience where I can walk around fro a half hour and no one seems to think maybe I should ask that blind guy wondering around if he is looking for something? Apparently Best Buy must have situations where blind people come in and just exercise in there store.

I’m still dealing with some of the fall out of being mugged. I’m aware more now, but I’ve been afraid to walk at night on my own. I’m working through that by taking little progress steps. People have been dogging the Apple watch, but for me if I Didn’t have to take my phone out of my pocket to read a text or check where I am by GPS it might be worth it. People aren’t going to think twice for a watch. Maybe I am wrong, but I can see some benefits.

Robin does not make for a good stuffed animal.

Last night I went out to the Louisville bats game again but this time with my old program director Jack and his son Jackson. Jack left the station about a year and a half ago and went to Tampa Bay to work in a bigger market. Jackson would be at the radio station and would watch me record different things and he’d say I want to do that someday! He now wants to be a sports broadcaster, and at the game he’ll do some announcing for me. After the game Jackson wanted to catch a West Coast major-league game so we came back and put on my major-league baseball television. He fell asleep on Robin’s pillow using her as a stuffed animal. About 545 I woke up to a wailing kid. He was upset that Robin had moved in the middle of the night, so I tried explaining free will that did not go over so well. I quickly dropped that and decided to go with Robin was just garding the house he bought that more. Since I was already up I decided to make scrambled eggs and toast for everyone before they left. I enjoy seeing them when we can get together.

Opening day for the Louisville bats!

Yesterday I went to opening day for the Louisville bats. It was so amazing, because it was nearly sold out and baseball is back. They were having dollar beer night but I missed it because of work. However when I got to the stadium I asked and this guy Eddie said I have two left one for you and your dog. So I was double fisting my first two beers but they only cost me two dollars plus a pretty decent tip for him which probably amounted to one and reality. The New Orleans girl stopped in and has been here the last few days. We sat on a blanket and watch the game which was really fun. We just talked a lot about our lives and it was a pretty good conversation. I know earlier this week I was all in about a relationship but my thoughts are as of right now is that I don’t want to rush anything. It’s nice having someone to go and be with at times as a friend. She commented to me that she doesn’t get to do those kinds of things very often like just sit outside and watch a game. It something for me that I’ve been longing for for a long time just to be able to go out with someone with no pressure or expectations. I’ve been trying to set it up with some people for a while but it hasn’t gone well. I don’t want to rush into anything especially in light of what is happened I really just want to work on me and what happens happens as far as relationships.

My friend Erica and I are taking a trip to Cedar point and them are going to do Kentucky Kingdom when it opens so I’m pretty pumped about that. There’s nothing like riding a roller coaster for the first time being blind it is the ultimate thrill. Anyway I didn’t take any blind photography I’m sorry there was enough of that going on already. This weekend is thunder over Louisville usually I would go down to that, but due to recent violence I think I’m just going to hang out with a friend instead. Her boyfriend is a chef at a restaurant so I’m excited to try it.

A little about my weekend

My friend Denny came in to town, so rather than blog I wanted to spend time with him. We don’t get to see each other hardly at all once every year or so. I met him while attending Ball State, and since then we spend a lot of time talking about baseball, politics, and radio on the phone. If I can’t sleep or if I just happen to be awake I can always count on him to be up usually at 4 in the morning.

As you can tell from the blind photography post from Saturday we went to the Louisville Bats Cincinnati Reds game. It was way colder than either one of us thought. We both started watching the weather about 2 weeks out, at one time I saw Sunny and 70. It ended up being rain and 45 at game time. I met the ticket manager of the Bats who was a real nice guy who moved us underneath some boxed seats. When we got there they had standing water underneath our original seats. I felt bad for Robin, because she laid in it for about 30 minutes. Once we moved around the third inning she stood up and shook against my knee. I didn’t know what I should do for her, because going inside really wasn’t an option. I gave her my coat and rapped it all around her. When I put it against her neck she gave me a kiss on the hand. She snuggled up to my legs as well providing some more warmth. When we got home she seemed okay, but I was worried she’d get sick.

That night we watched the NCAA tournament, and I fell asleep. Being out in the cold it took a few hours for my body to warm back up. I woke up around 11, and Denny and I held our traditional 2014 MLB picks. We rank the MLB from top to bottom explaining why we chose a team to finish.

This morning I took Denny back to the bus station, so he can get home to his wife and daughter. I guess they’d like to have him back. Denny is blind and has a hard time hearing out of one ear. I mention this, because he talked about when he received his first hearing aide how amazing it was to hear birds and things I take for granted daily. We’ve known each other about 6 years, and since I’ve known him I realize how quickly life moves. I would go to his house and we’d watch a game. His daughter Rachael would want to play dolls with me, so I’d make believe with her. Now she is going to be 11 this year, and I can’t believe how time has gone so fast. Pretty soon I’ll be sitting with him on his porch polishing my fire arm while she’s on a date.