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Lessons from Hank

For my house I put up a Ron Santo bobble head up next to his autographed ball I have. Today I received Hank Arron’s. On my wall now I have two of my favorite players of all time now. Before I even liked baseball I remember reading about Hank and the segregation he went through. I don’t talk about this a lot, but when I was in middle school kids became unsure about the blind thing, because I was different. People would put things in front of me I’d trip on, spit gum in water I was drinking, and other things I try to block out. When I read his autobiography in braille I was probably in the fourth grade, and I didn’t understand color. I thought all people were the same, and really had no concept of race. No matter what he went through in the majors he kept playing and facing forward. People would spit on him, he had to sleep in the bus while his other team mates slept in the hotel, but he still showed up and played. I always thought he was special and a source of inspiration when I was being picked on. I think public school made me stronger even though at times you’d like to forget. I figured if Hank could get through his stuff I could make it through being picked on. I like the bobble heads, because it lets me kind of see what the person looked like. It’s vary descriptive you can feel the uniform and the teams logo. On their face you can see there pointy ears or fatter cheeks. It’s pretty neat. I doubt I’ll ever be able to meet Hank, but it’s nice to see what he looks like it’s not perfect, but it gives me some visual.