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AirPods and Robins birthday!

Time gets away, and I don’t blog as much as I’d like. Abby and I are doing well. I’m excited to take her to her first MLB game in a few weeks. Pretty soon we will be celebrating 2 years together which is pretty cool. It’s gone by so fast. I had pneumonia two weeks ago, and that wasn’t any fun. Abby came over and helped take care of things. I tell you what when you have that you can’t do anything but sleep. I’d try to stay up, but couldn’t. I am feeling better, but it’s taken awhile.
Abby and I both got a pair of AirPods recently. I tell you what they are some pretty cool technology. Basically what they are is a wireless earbud. You don’t even know you need them until you start using them. I have Bluetooth headphones, but sometimes you just want to wear something smaller. As a blind person traveling on the street an earbud is easier to deal with than an over the ear headphone, because it allows you to hear more. With my Iphone they pair so seamlessly! Then once paired it’s connected to my Icloud for pairing on any other Apple device. For my Mac all I have to do is click on Bluetooth and then Joes AirPods and sound comes through them.
Battery Life is decent for a little earbud they get 5 hours music playback, and 2 hours for talk time. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but they also come with a charging case you drop them in there and with in 15 minutes they have 3 more hours of charge. They do well, and battery hasn’t been an issue in my wee trial. For comparison the Samsung Earbuds only get 1.5 hours of battery life when using them to play music from your phone. With those however they do have onboard storage where you can play music without a phone however battery life playback is still only 3.5 hours of play time. They also cost more than the AirPods,.
I am really enjoying my new job it’s fun being able to test new applications, and also see new tech. I honestly can’t believe they pay me for it. Lol Larry and I are going to be starting a website for Android TV soon, so I am excited to be involved with that. I don’t think I’ve talked about it here, but I bought a Sony Bravia® TV recently which for the first time I could set it up entirely myself, because it has speech on it. Even just being able to play with the picture settings is so neat. Before I had no idea what my tv offered as far as picture settings, because it didn’t talk. I honestly have no idea why or how it’s not required that every tv at this point doesn’t have to have some sort of screen reader built in. I am happy to see Amazon is going to make the new 4k fire tv they’re selling with Alexa also have Voiceview on it so a totally blind user should be able to set it up from scratch themselves also.
This month would have been Robin’s 11th birthday! Also it is 6 months from her passing. I think about her in some way every day. I did apply for a new dog, but It will probably be next year until I can do it. The pneumonia wiped out any chance I’d have enough vacation time to be able to go out and get a new dog if they had one to offer me. The school has to first have a dog that matches your speed and personality first you can’t just use any dog. I’m going to Vegas for a tech show, and really wish I had Robin, because there is tons and tons of people at this thing, and using a cane will be a nightmare. I know I’ve posted this sentiment before, but the way a dog can weave you in and out while in a large crowd is just breathtaking. I don’t give a damn how good of a cane user you are or think you can be you just can’t have that same freedom in an event like that.
I just want to say happy birthday to Robin on the 18th. Thank you for being the best Seeing-eye dog you could be. Thanks for the service you provided, and wanting to do it until the end. Thanks for being my friend and partner moving from Muncie to Louisville and several apartments to eventually my house. I know I wasn’t always easy to live with, but no matter what you never seemed to mind. I’m glad I had those 8 years with you, and we created lots of memories. I’ll never forget one time I had to leave her to go to a camp for work. I was gone 4 days, and when I walked out to the parking lot to get her she jumped out of the window of the car to get to me. When I was sick I thought a lot about how she would come lay on my legs, or on the floor by the bed. I miss that companionship a lot! I’ll probably have some desert for her day, and make the best of it.


The last 2 weeks have been rough. I’m learning to use my cane again, and I hate that. I feel like a pinball bouncing off of things. Even when Robin was here I used to go a few places with my cane where I know it would be hard for her like basketball games once I started having people to go with. When I would go before by myself I would take her to have company, and I could usually feel more comfortable with her there. When Abby and I go we usually take our canes and sit in the cheap seats, because we can see the same from the 200 dollar seats as the 20 dollar seats.
Abby and I did Christmas where I got her jewelry, and a Chicago Cubs hair scrunchy. I think I did well. She got me some QC 35’s which I love, an Amazon backpack which I was wanting to go back and forth with from my house to hers, and finally a wind chime for Robin. She wrote me this really neat peace she wrote from Robin’s prospective. I will put it in below. That made me tear up and really made my day.
I got her ashes back Friday. I was so happy to get them. The box she is in is beautiful. It has engraved flowers I can feel and it’s a solid nice piece of wood. She also is heavier than I expected. Somehow the paw print was lost I was a bit bummed, but just having her back cheered me up. I think the hardest part of death has been you realize we have little control of what actually happens. I had this fantasy that I would work Robin until next summer then I would retire her, and she’d be here a few more years. The reality obviously didn’t work out that way. Anyway here is what Abby wrote thank you babe for being there and being so creative. The part about Boston Blacky made my day I listen to an episode every night, and have done so since moving to Louisville it relaxes me.
Dear Daddy,
I am lightly waving my tail around as I write this for you, so excuse the errors if you find them. 
I wanted to tell you, that I had an amazing life as your dog. I mean, listen.! Who else gets to guide the most amazing dad around, get to know and love his big family, (Grandma was my favorite), and do anything and everything that I as a german shepherd couldn’t possibly ever think about. There was college, which I truly made my mark. I met your friends, took you to class even on those days when I thought we should stay in bed and cuddle, I met silly girls who always made a huge fuss over me, I think it was because I was so pretty, and countless other things. I guided you through uhuge places where they played baseball, (Wait, what is that thing called again?), oh.. baseball. That was always your favorite. However, I have to ask you a question. Why in the world did we ever go to see any type of ball game that would cause me to shiver? I mean seriously dad, My poor coat wasn’t even keeping me warm that day!! Brrrrrrr!!!!!! I do remember though, that you took me inside of your coat and lap and held me close so I could warm up enough to guide your happy cold drunk butt out to our ride later on that day.. Thank you so much!!! J
As time went on, you grew up some, and I so elegantly matured. My guiding skills got better and before I knew it, you were working a job that payed money that bought me food and toys. This made me so happy. I had endless amounts of food and I liked that. 
I hated those times you left me. I loved staying at Grandma’s house though. I made such a noise when she would enter my line of vision. Who cared how far away she was, but that lady just melted my heart… I even bit her once or twic. I couldn’t contain my excitement and plus, I forgot to close my mouth from smiling. So, that was the logical thing to do!!!!
Some years later, we moved to this place and I made more doggy friends and more human friends. We got into a pattern, work, parra transit, seeing one of your silly girlfriends, and then it was cuddle time! I loved cuddle time the best because I learned that in order to get your attention, I just had to flop into your arms and that always made you smile.
Eventually, I met this girl you said was my mommy. I loved her because she taught me how to eat candy. How come you never taught me to eat candy? Seriously daddy, it’s the most amazing thrill that my doggy mouth ever had!!! I loved it when I would sneak myself a piece when we were going home from Mommy’s. You told me to “drop it” and I didn’t ha ha ha ha ha! Can’t you just hear my inner laughter? I know I can.
Finally, I got really sick. I couldn’t eat, or drink much. My tummy hurt me so much, but I couldn’t nor did I want, to tell you this. I wanted to keep living for you, for us. I wanted to keep on going to work with you, and getting treats from your boss and laying under your desk, listening to you talk to the most annoying people ever. I loved it because while you were stressing out, I was off in doggy dreamland growling at other dogs who weren’t shepherds.
I tried my best to be the dog you wanted me to be and I know you loved me so much. This sickness that I now know was something called “cancer” hurt me, and you made it all better sometimes with medicine. However, I still hurt, so you sent me to live at rainbow bridge for a while. I am not mad at you daddy. You did the best you could. God says that where I am, you will be at some point. This kind of life that I shared with you is only temporary. I hate that word, temporary. Well, whatever that means, I’ll be waiting for you. 
Before I go for now, I wanted to leave you with a few doggy thoughts.
1. Don’t get to used to not having anyone to take out and feed. If you decide to get another “me” I will visit them and teach them your habbits.

2. Be happy. Don’t mourn for me long. Where I am, is a doggy’s paradise. I eat when I want, and eat what I want. Here, I have no pain, and my cancer is all gone. I run and play with other dogs, and I sleep in the softest bed ever. The god up here even puts on some Boston Blackie for me to go to sleep to.

3. Be good to yourself. You did what was best for me, and you gave me the best life I could have. You loved me unconditionally and for that, I thank you. Be kind to yourself because you did what was best for me. I am glad There is no pain anymore. 

4. Taking naps under trees is the most acceptable way to nap off a hangover.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

Robin doesn’t like to poop without me.

So I’ve made a discovery since I bought my house that after six years my dog does not like to go outside without me. I’ll use this morning as an example I let her out twice once at 6 AM while eating my breakfast, and another before I fed her at seven after my shower. She did not go to the bathroom either time I don’t believe, because when I got to work she had to do both before we went in. I guess I will have to start going back out with her to make sure she’s doing that I don’t mind if she runs around but I want to make sure she’s actually going to the bathroom. I guess it’s true shepherds are routine animals!

The today show raising a puppy for guiding eyes

Today my friend Kim on Facebook posted an article I saw where the today show is going to raise a puppy for a guide dog school. I think that is really cool, and maybe a good learning opportunity for the public. Then I decided to read some of the comments underneath that topic. I don’t think my feelings hurt too easily I just get angry that some people are allowed to have vision and yet cancer robbed me of mine. I just take you through how my mind works I read the article that they are going to be raising a puppy and I just go that’s nice. Apparently when people on Facebook read that they go who’s going to take care of it after the show is off? Are they just going to leave it in the studio after they leave? Who is going to clean up after it poops? Why can’t people just be happy about something and go oh that’s a nice cause? Maybe I’m losing touch with reality or maybe its isolation which I struggle with I just find people pretty damn annoying for the most part. Maybe it’s the fact I have a dog myself, and I see the good that they do where most people don’t have to worry about it. I just wish people would actually think before they speak we’re right on the Internet. That being said I guess I’m for freedom of speech so they can do what they want but it just shows the Ignorance that’s around guide dogs. Wouldn’t it be funny if Matt had to clean up poop? What are you four? It’s the same logic I posted about when it came to blind people with guns I mean I haven’t seen a blind school shooting yet or blind people killing a bunch of random strangers but I digress. I don’t know why get worked up about a segment of the population who mainly focus on who Kim Kardashian is fucking and what styles are popular but it just works me up sometimes.

7 feet of snow no thank you

The last two nights have involve me coming home falling asleep on my couch. Last night though I put on a radio station from Buffalo to listen to the news from there. I went and laid down and as soon as I did Robin came up and lay next to me which is unusual. When she was really young I never allowed around my furniture and she still doesn’t get on there much except when I’m not paying attention to her. I fell asleep about a half hour with her next to me and woke up around 130. 7 feet of snow in Buffalo that is crazy shit! out of all of the obstacles in life for me snow was the most difficult! One thing about mobility that people probably take for granted or don’t realize is you can tell a lot with your feet. While walking I use my feet to tell me a lot about the area around me change and pavement and other things. I don’t use Robin around my house or outside my house I know pretty much where I am by just my feet. well them and of course my ears.

I was doing a lot of comparing between Indiana and Kentucky in the last post or novel or whatever the hell that was. One thing I love about Louisville versus Indiana is they don’t create a hazard when plowing the snow. i’ve never really had an issue walking down the sidewalks here in the winter time of course we don’t get as much snow but one thing that used to irritate me is in Indiana they were just pile it all on the sidewalk basically rendering a lot of streets useless. One time I didn’t listen to Robin I was in a hurry to go to Walmart and get something for a class and I was going to be late for the bus she just stopped abruptly on the sidewalk. I stuck out my foot and noticed snow but we had to get to the bus stop. I commanded her forward but she did not go, so I just drop the harness took her leash and stepped in a snow pile up to my breastbone. I think it was about 4 feet wide so by the time I got out of it I was pretty soaked and so was she. I did make the bus though. haha

I can’t even imagine being in snow that deep or what you would do. Like I was saying earlier it’s very easy to lose track of where you are when the ground is covered. i’m sure they’re blind people that think I’m crazy but I dislikes know more than anything because it definitely makes it more challenging for me. wind can be annoying but only when you’re listening to traffic it doesn’t really bother me so much while walking. On Monday I got down to 10° and I have a crawlspace and the vents are open so I was worried that my pipes might freeze so I ran the water a little this weekend it’s warming back up so I’m going to go outside and find events close them creating a better environment for my pipes. I have no idea where they are exactly are but I have no doubt that I will find them. I will post my success story or if I’m not successful I will post that as well later.

Do you know what I find alarming the most about the buffalo story? It’s not the inconvenience of life or possible emergency situations that really make the news it’s the fact that buffalo move there NFL game to Detroit. Call me crazy but when the Buffalo Bills or the NFL make a two-minute news story mainly about them and not the quality of life actual residents are facing is quite alarming. I don’t really have much else to say on the situation out there just found it weird.

Just a final thought as well I recently hit 9000 views and think that’s pretty impressive for not doing much advertising and just posting things. So thank you for reading over the past few months. I will try and be more consistent one thing I was thinking is I often talk about how people just can’t figure out how blind people do certain things so maybe I will try and post more of a daily update on just little things. like the vent situation outside on my crawlspace.

Fourth of July weekend

This weekend has been great! Let me start on Thursday which was actually 3 July. I went on a date with this girl named Marissa. We met at Applebee’s and then watched a movie it went really well! She has a German Shepherd seeing-eye dog as well and besides one small altercation they get along well now. Reflecting on our first time together I remember trying to tell her things that I thought would be useful but then I kind of realized maybe I was saying them because she can’t see which is dumb because it’s what I hate. Lol I told her if I get annoying just tell me and I’ll stop I kind of realized what I was doing so the next two days we hung out I don’t think I did that. I have to say I’ve never been around someone that I can just be myself say what I want and not worry about necessarily being judged for what I say I really am starting to enjoy that aspect of our relationship. I will touch on something else in the next story.

For the Fourth of July we went to her uncle’s lake house and it was a great day. I went tubing which I had not been since I was probably 14 or 15. I realized I am no longer young. I’m pretty sore still. At the lake I use a lot of sunscreen because I’m pretty white and I burn easily. She kept reminding me to use it which I enjoy because for me that was a sign of her caring. Sometimes being blind means when going to a event you can kind of be out casted or at least I’ve felt at times a little bit on the outside. Hangingout with her on Friday I never felt that which was nice. I remember we were about to go tubing and she said we can hold hands it won’t be that bad but then once he started going fast she said okay I think we have to hold on now which is pretty accurate it got a little bumpy her dad said we got up to about 22 miles an hour and when we would bounce it would hurt. It was definitely fun though I just need to get in shape. I’m realizing I’m not as much of a daredevil as I used to be. I was a little nervous I must admit during that ride. Don’t get me wrong I still had a lot of fun but I noticed that I bit more cautious than I used to be. I’m still struggling a little bit to exactly say or figure out what I want to share about our relationship because it’s something that should be between us so sorry if I’m not being a very good wordsmith. I know that I enjoy the day because I didn’t feel any pressure and I felt so comfortable because she was there and just being around someone who understands that. When I got out at my place honestly felt like I didn’t want the day to be over and that I didn’t want to lose her. I had a pretty long string of bad things happening with women and I can honestly say I should probably pay attention to the feelings because everything just fits with her.

Saturday we went to a barbecue at my friend Jerry’s house. I invited Marissa because I wanted her to meet some people that have been very kind to me since moving to Louisville. After that we went back to her place and we decided to start a relationship. I’m really excited about that because she takes me for who I am I’m not saying she won’t want to change some things about me because I’m sure she will but it’s special when you find someone that feels right. She has strengths that are some of my weaknesses and vice versa. As we go forward and build I’m excited to learn about her and just grow closer. I guess one thing for me is because I can’t see someone and make eye contact I really enjoy things like handholding because that allows me to still have contact if that makes sense. It’s just little things like that that she understands maybe it’s because were both blind or maybe not I just know that I’m really happy. I’m not having a great writing day so sorry I will deathly post more as time goes on but as far as our relationship I think that’s all I want to say to the public. And to finish off my thought on Robin I think she is pretty excited to have a sister it’s kind of interesting when someone would knock on the door they started barking in unison.

Thoughts on mortgage and telecommunications.

Robin today is having a day where she doesn’t want to work. When we’ve walked today she seems disinterested, and not really wanting to turn or listen to my commands. Her communication to me has been distant as well so it’s been a bit of a difficult morning. With using a dog communication is key a great dog team you can feel so much between the harness. I never thought when I started I would get it, but now it’s second nature. When Robin is sure about something I can feel it in her pace, or if there is something she is looking at I can feel her head turn. When they have a bad day, you end up having a bad day.

Tonight is my home inspection, so I’m excited about that. I get to see what is wrong with the condo, so hopefully not much. I am now in the mortgaging phase, so I’m providing document after document of my life’s work. The thing I honestly hate is technology has come so far, but every time we get close to having full capability of seeing documents someone gets the great idea of designing some new way to view a document. For example I am trying to print off and email my last month’s pay stubs from my work. Okay they tell me you can view them online now, and I do the diligent thing by going green. Now when I pull the statements the pdf opens within the webpage, and isn’t readable by my screen reader. I feel like we make leaps forward, but then I still can’t access simple things. I would ask someone to assist me, but that bothers me on something simple like this. I’ll probably breakdown and ask a coworker, but I hate annoying them about dumb things. I try and save the trees, and this is what I get. Really I wish pdf files would just go away in general such an awful format.

I am hopping off my soapbox now. Buying a home has been an experience. As I mentioned in an earlier post I didn’t take any sighted people with me on my tours it was just me and my realtor Jeff. Obviously he wants to sell me a house, but he really helped weed out a lot of homes. I’m not saying I would trust anyone, but I wouldn’t change anything on how this deal worked out. I guess I should give props to Jenny at the end of the day, because she pointed out the condos to me, because of their location.

Besides the technology glitch I’m having so far things are coming together. I called Uverse to move my services to my new address in July, and they acted as if I wanted to cancel. They gave me a faster internet for the same money I’m paying now, but they’re charging me a $45 moving fee, since I didn’t want to take a higher television package. I could have done it called and cancelled the next month, but I hate these games telecommunication companies play. If the government really cared about my experience like the FCC and FTC seem to when they hold up monopolies basically why don’t they figure out a better end consumer experience? When AT&T buys Direct we will have Comcast and AT&T owning a majority of content. Comcast buying Time Warner will give them the entire Turner broadcasting along with NBC that they already have. I worry about things like that.

Last night while brushing Robin and after when we were playing I realized how I can’t wait to move in to the condo. She would run from me and jump on my bed, I’d take the football from her, and she’d jump off and run to the living room to catch it again. I can’t wait for her to be able to stretch out a bit, and with stairs to go up and down she won’t know what to do with herself. Now as it stands the routine am I come home until I feed her she puts herself in my viewpoint meaning where she is reachable for me. After that she will bring me her toy and I will toss it a few times, and then she will either go to my bedroom and be by herself, or lye on my couch. I used to not allow this, but since I got my chair I’ve conceded a bit. She’s also getting older, so my thought is why not? When I sneeze though she always comes and puts her head on my lap.

Robin and yearly check up

Yesterday I took Robin to the vet for her yearly checkup. She weighs 73 pounds, and the vet said she is very healthy. She said she looks a lot better than the last time she saw her. However I mentioned an issue that I’m having which is her hair keeps falling out in clumps or balls and the vet thought it could be a thyroid issue. She wanted to do a blood test which would also work for dental if I decided to get her teeth cleaned later in the year. She asked me if I wanted to do a $150 bloodwork or $230 bloodwork? I said what is the difference? She said the cheaper one is not as thorough, but I said can we work with that? She said yes, so thank God. If it is a thyroid issue I have to give Robin a pill every day for the rest of her life, so truthfully I’m hoping there’s no problems. I do need to find a new vet though my bill was way more than I was thinking, and it seems to happen every time. For service animal with the way my school does it is the vet bill is my responsibility. She cost $50,000 to train, I only had to pay hundred and 50 to go to the school. I can handle a few vet bills! One thing I hate about going to an appointment like that is you never know when it’s going to be over so scheduling a ride home can be difficult if you don’t want to wait around too much. I decided to take Lyft home since they’re still running a free promotion. I waited eight minutes after I paid and they were there unbelievable!

Robin seem pretty lethargic when we got home, so I let her rest. At the vet office it was funny she is not a very good guide there because she’s so nervous. As soon as we walked in she starts crying and taking her nose and bumping my leg. Then she takes my hand in her mouth lightly. When the vet wanted me to follow her back to the office Robin tried to pull me to the door! In the room she laid at my feet. She does really well though when they’re drawing blood, taking her temperature, or doing the check up. There are definitely ups and downs to owning a service animal, but I wouldn’t trade Robin away for anything.

Crossing streets

Today’s blog will be a simple one, but a question I get a lot. The question is how do I cross a street without knowing the color of the light? What you do is listen to parallel traffic when they go it is safe to cross. A number of factors can make it difficult such as wind or other noises throughout the city. Some streets are harder to cross than others such as three-way intersections and major roads. I would like to see audible signals at every light, but that is a dream. The thing that floors me is that some blind people don’t like the audible lights and that is okay, but if it helps a blind person with harder hearing or gives confidence to someone who struggles than I don’t see a problem with it. Myself I love them I still listen to traffic to be sure, but on a harder street to cross it gives me a boost.

Sighted people get their hands held when crossing a street and quite frankly it’s insulting any of you get hit. I have been crossing streets alone now for 10 years, and luckily nothing’s happened. You guys on most lights get a hand signal or a sign that says walk why do you need anything you guys can see the color to know when it’s safe to walk? I find it ironic that the sighted get their hands held through everything, and yet I’m still working hard for a damn talking television guide. What channel is CBS? Most of you don’t know you use your guide and navigate to it I still now my channel lineup by heart, because we don’t have the same access. I one day may post my rant I wrote at a coffee shop in 2012 after moving here it’s pretty much me just letting everything go reading it now it just makes me laugh. Haha

Street crossing is not that bad all though one thing I’ve noticed about living downtown on the weekends with one ways it may be difficult to gage the lights. Downtowns now are like ghost towns, so there isn’t much traffic. Robin is amazing, but she doesn’t know when it is safe to cross a street or she cannot see color I tell her when to go. The only thing Robin would do would be to back up if a car was pulling in front of me. A big misconception about dogs is they are in control and they just know where to go. If you have a routine that is true for example when I went to Fridays last night I didn’t have to tell Robin anything once I got on Fourth Street she just turned and walked to the door of Fridays. It’s mainly where I go. When I go somewhere new though I have to say inside, and she will look for a door. At times she will take me to a window that she thinks is a door, but after all she is a dog. It really pisses me off when people laugh about that or say she is trained poorly when she does this, but she is a dog they make mistakes.

My biggest annoyance that people say about the dog is I bet she takes care of you doesn’t she? This happened last night actually at Fridays. I want to say yes she grows thumbs and a voice and cooks my dinners, cleans, and tucks me in. Don’t get me wrong I love the companionship, but I’m the captain. Were teams Robin takes things in, and navigates me around obstacles. She doesn’t always watch for things above my head, so like this weekend I smacked in to hanging stairs, so I had to correct her, and redo. My cane wouldn’t have caught that either. It hurt, but my hat took most of the blow. I thank god a lot that I’m shorter for this reason. It sucks with women; because they like taller guys but oh well I have a winning personality.

Robins loose in the airport!

Recently I read a story that the Detroit airport has a service animal relief area in place. My Aunt posted it to fasebook a few weeks ago, and it was from a news station and they asked the public if it was a good idea or not? Really you’re going to poll viewers who’ve never owned service animals whether or not they feel having a spot where service animals can go to the bathroom is a good idea? You’re a freaking news organization why not send a reporter out find someone with a service animal and get there opinion? Why are you asking people who have nothing to do with the situation there opinion? I was not asked directly, but I’ll give you my opinion of this feature and explain why I’m in favor for it.

I swear after reading this blog The Seeing-eye will probably never give me another dog. When you’re taking long flights and your dog has to use the bathroom you have to walk outside the airport and find a spot where your dog can go. If I’m flying alone which I usually do I have to have a worker walk with me the entire way and have her use the bathroom, and then go back through security. I remember in Denver I had just gotten off a long flight from Milwaukie, and I knew Robin had to use the bathroom. The Denver airport is huge we had to take a train up to baggage. I got my bag and the guy with broken English says dog can go here. I have Robin use the bathroom before catching my bus. She ended up just peaing, and while I was waiting on my bus I heard a guy come out and spray the area where she went to the bathroom. I was kind of embarrassed, because I could have done it if he had told me. I had a similar situation in Phoenix, but there I just heard them call someone on the radio.

Coming home from Denver we got delayed by a storm in Milwaukie, so I never intended on her having to use the bathroom there, but as time went by I decided to. I met this girl named Christen or something, and she worked at the airport. She was really sweet actually and went above and beyond her duties helping me out. She offered to take Robin out, and I thought since she worked there she would just take her outside on the tarmac. This did not happen though. When she brought Robin back to me I decided then I’ll never let anyone just take her out again. She told me she took her outside the airport, and when coming back in TSA made her take off Robins collar, because it’s metal. When she did that Robin got away from her. She told me Robin ran around the security counter probably looking for me. When she brought her back to me she gave me a lot of kisses, so I’m sure she was nervous. This really upset me that TSA made her take off the collar which is against the law first off. She didn’t know so I don’t blame her, but I can’t trust a $50000 dog in someone else’s hands like that. I did file a complaint to TSA, but nothing was done. They cannot make you remove the harness or leash. They’ve tried to do both to me on several occasions. I never back down, and usually am treated to the old pat down.

Long story short I’m in complete favor of a dog relief area inside the airport, so it makes it easier for us while traveling. I love what Detroit did, and I hope it ketches on nationwide. It doesn’t seem logical to have to go all the way outside, and then come back through security.