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My conversation with the guy from Ethiopia

Yesterday we got stuck in traffic it was probably the worst well not as bad as holiday traffic but we had a pretty decent amount of time to Converse. My cabdriver was from Ethiopia, so I decided to ask him a few questions. I kind of got into interview mode it seem like a few times during our conversation and I felt a little bad because maybe I pressed him too much. I thought the conversation was great though and I enjoyed it because until you ask you never really know something. I will put some of the highlights in here and what we talked about it was literally a 20 minute to 30 minute cab ride which was not normal, but I enjoyed every minute of this one.

One thing I did on New Year’s eve since I was sick is I started browsing around other countries radio stations. It just so happened I listen to a station out of Ethiopia so I told him about it and started asking him about his former country. He moved here 10 years ago he was a lawyer. He told me that lawyers are not respected as much they don’t have as much money as they do here. I asked him about degrees he told me there you take courses and then learn from under studying. He said their mud hinders your travel like snow would hear. He was telling me that most roads are not paved just recently the capital city got paved roads so it used to take you 12 hours from his house has been cut down to about four he said. I’ve then started asking him about pets he said dogs are used more for guard or protection then a member of the family. He told me he grew up Muslim and then converted to Christianity later in life more on that in a second. When he told me this I then had to ask him the Muslim stance on dogs? I’ve had tons of trouble in my life with Muslim cabdrivers for whatever reason I know it something about their religious views so I had to ask and finally know. I probably could have just googled that but fuck it I had someone real. He told me that Muslims think dogs are dirty they can’t touch a dog but then they have to wash their hands. So I asked him if they would have a dog as a pet and he told me that they would more than likely use it for guard. I don’t really know what to think because he told me that they can actually interact with them, so I’m not exactly sure why they’re denying me cab rides or try to. Maybe his stance was different obviously but I just find it interesting.

We started talking about Muslim versus Christianity, because I asked him if that cause separation and his country? I wanted to gauge how they viewed religion if that makes sense? He told me he grew up Muslim as I said earlier he met some friends that I converted to Christianity and he started going to church openly but then some of his relatives were uncomfortable with that so he started hiding it. He said his family knows but it’s something they don’t often talk about. I told him that I had met a blind person from Africa and they told me that Braille was very hard to obtain and they’re often viewed as not being able to do anything. Most blind people there can’t read or write because they don’t have the materials and probably because the society is such that they don’t think they can. Once I got home I felt very complex it’s interesting how life works sometimes we take things for granted and his country he was a lawyer but here he drives a cab but as he told me he has way more access to things here then there. In America blind people are still limited but doing something isn’t unreachable. With the termination, work, and a hell of a lot of luck the college education you obtain you may be paid fairly for. I’ve been very fortunate some blind people or at least around 70% of us can’t find work still. That will be a different post for a different day, but it definitely got me thinking I really enjoyed the conversation. I was also happy not to have to listen to NPR I don’t mind it sometimes but that shit can really get on my nerves.

My friend Whitney wants told me that I can get along with anyone that’s probably true. I don’t fit in with just one type of person I never have. I can get along with just about anyone mainly because I find things interesting. The thing about people is that we all have a story to tell some more interesting than others but that’s what makes life wonderful. okay that ending is a little week but I’ve had about five hours asleep sorry. I was up most the night listening to sports radio I also listen to an archive baseball game from 2012 between the Diamondbacks and Pirates. i’m going to write Tim Cook a letter soon I will post it here. Few days ago I tweeted Sonos asking them to make the Mac application more voiceover friendly because right now it’s unusable. they responded saying they knew and it would be fixed in a later release that is so neat that we live in a world where I can contact the developer I get an answer from them in a few hours of course could be lying to me but only time will tell. It is amazing to me to see all of these mainstream companies working with applications and making them accessible. There are certain places I would like to see it more such as the television, or even on mainstream appliances like a washer and dryer. Apple was really the first company to take mainstream technology to a new level. Back in the 80s when they released the first ever text to speech and then into thousand nine when they put voiceover on the iPhone three GS.