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Sorry for the long wait but I was parking my car

I haven’t written in a long time. Let me get you up to speed where things are. Also Happy Thanksgiving y’all.
Abby and I have been together more than a year now. Every day we get closer, with us and the two dogs we have are little family. One of my favorite trips we did so far is we went to Lexington to watch a Cats basketball game together. It was last year and they were playing LSU. I’ve gone before but usually with someone sighted who would drive me. We caught the bus here in Louisville and got to Lexington. Once there we caught a Uber to the game. We left the dogs with Jerry and Lee because we didn’t have accessible seating and I didn’t want them to get stepped on.
The funniest thing happened in Lexington. After the game we waited for the usher to help us out to the front. In Louisville usually you get one person, but there they are mainly volunteers so you get handed from one person to another until you get to your destination. Once we were in the elevator heading out the guy asked us where we parked? We advised him we took Uber and would catch it in the front. We went to a restaurant that was a former church made in to a pasta place. The bar was actually where the preacher would have stood. Anyway when we were leaving a guy grabbed my hand and helped me down the stairs being over protecting making sure I wouldn’t fall. He then goes where did you guys park? In my head I’m thinking seriously you registered I was blind, but now you’re going to help me to my car to drive Abby home? No wonder are streets are so scary. We left dinner with a few hours to wait for the return bus to Louisville and we learned they lock the station so we went over to a Burger King. I called a Lyft to go to the bus station when time and the driver showed up but we couldn’t find him so I called him. I advised I and my girlfriend are blind and we couldn’t see him. He said what? I repeated I’m blind and can’t see him. You’re BLIND? He yelled it or had a weird sounding voice. I said yes sir he was really cool actually once we were in the car. It turns out the Burger king was about 500 feet from the bus station so I tipped him nicely for his troubles. Lexington was fun just watch out they think blind people can drive which when you think about it is I guess cool we can do anything else I guess.
Robin has had a rough year. I took her to the vet last weekend and she either has Irritable bowel disease or cancer of the intestine. If she has the cancer she has a year roughly to live. If it is the IBD then not so serious, but it is still so hard to watch her age. She has lost 16 pounds since last November which scares me. Now that it is getting colder I will wake up in the night and she will jump up on my bed and cuddle against my legs. I cherish every moment like this. One morning I had a hard time getting up and she raised her head up and gave me a lick on the cheek that got me moving it was like she was saying hey daddy stop being lazy. I have her on a new food that she is eating every ounce of so I’m hoping it will put some weight back on her. When I touch her back and go towards her tail it just makes me so sad to see how much she has thinned out. We still play but only certain times. She likes to get on my couch when I’m in the chair and she is 10 so I’m okay with that. We’ve been through so many battles together. Trying to get gigs on radio and TV going from city to city in the last year or so we’ve really settled down. I know she can’t travel and do the things we once did and I’m excepting that for her. We don’t do a lot of street crossing right now because my work isn’t in a walking friendly area so it works out that she still comes with me If that changes I will retire her. She has stayed home more than normal and she has begun chewing the hair off her legs the vet told me it’s a behavioral thing acting out because of changes so truthfully I know she would be right beside me if she could be. I’ll never forget we were crossing an alley when I lived downtown and she stopped and backed up suddenly, and that’s when I heard a car backing out. A second later and I would have been hit. When you are a team it is so rough and so hard to see them getting older. To some she is a dog, but for me it’s more than that we have this bond that I’ve never shared with anything else. Robin you’re the best and thanks for your years of work, and also thank you to the Seeing-Eye for matching us.
Next year on the docket is Abby would like to go to Chicago to see the World Series champs!!! Yes I can say that the Chicago Cubs!!!! I cannot believe they did it. It was a really emotional night my grandpa Hoyer got me in to the Cubs, and listening all those years baseball is unlike any other sport. I’m hoping to take Abby to Wrigley. This year we went to a lot of Bats games they were fun except one which the radio was on a delay so people are cheering and were 2 pitches behind. Thankfully they fixed it for the final game. I miss baseball already. Were also going to Tim McGraw and Faith Hill here in Louisville. Finally so far we have tickets to see Aaron Lewis in Feb which I am so excited for. I will try to write more things are just really busy.


A few blind moments 

I rarely carry cash on me mainly because it’s difficult to obtain when you’re blind. Okay let me rephrase that when you’re driving and you need cash you can pull over and go to an ATM machine but often times my rides are scheduled with 24 hours in advance and I’m not going to o I couldn’t because our rights are not set up that way. They get you from point a to point B. That being said I was trying to get cash for a friend to pay her back for something she got me for Robin. Karma really is a pain in the the ass because I just got done mentioning that most ATMs had speech but not this one. After feeling the machine for about two minutes I realized there was no headphone jack that and the shopkeeper came over and asked me if he could assist? This machine wanted five dollars to take money out so I said forget it. I probably did look funny touching the machine everywhere looking for that damn headphone jack.

Some days I just want to chill while going home. I really miss the thrill of driving because it’s a way to get away from things. Just chilling in your car listening to music driving has to feel good. I cannot do that because a lot of times I think because I can carry a conversation the drivers like to chat with me. I don’t want to be rude but even when I have earbuds in they just go on talking. For me I just got to the day where I’m hearing a screen reader in one ear people in another year I just want to be alone. Tonight was a great example I just wanted to listen to my music and the driver kept going on and on and even demonstrated a video of the Krahn to me. I know dictation probably didn’t get that right but I don’t know how to spell it either so tough. I had to listen to him talk about the Prophet Joseph and how he was good-looking and something about how Joseph want to settlement against his wife did something with a torn shirt I really don’t know what the hell he was talking about. The just of the story is Joseph was good looking. I just was happy to get home to peace and quiet and no profits.

The worst driving experiences I’ve ever had.

I have driven a few times in my life. This experience is funny but the worst of them. I was 12 and I was driving my brother’s four wheeler. I guess I thought I knew my yard because I wrote my bicycle around it all the time. My brother was also riding but he went somewhere else and was not where he could see me. So I kept doing what I thought were circles. Well I guess my circle got bigger or maybe they weren’t circles at all. What happened next I couldn’t believe. I’m riding along and all of a sudden this park truck got in my way. The truck belong to my neighbor Brad.

I got off the four wheeler and pushed it away from the truck, and wouldn’t you know about that time my brother came around the corner. What does that little snitch do? He went and told my mom. I remember being so nervous because I didn’t know what would happen. My mom came and got me and apologize to Brad. I’m shaking and crying because I don’t know how much damage I did. Brad just laughed I didn’t even scratch it. The crazy thing is I missed a bush and satellite dish and got his truck. That was my only accident.

One time when I was 15 we went to a goat cart racing track. It was me and my friend Lauren. I know that is not proper English, but I’m tired and I don’t feel like fixing it. This is not a book after all. I also grew up in Indiana so yeah. Anyway we didnot tell the people taking tickets I was blind, because they had a sign that said no bumping the carts. Lauren planned it out perfectly except one thing I’ll get to that in a second. When we got up to get in the cart he told me where to walk so I could do it myself. I did not have a cane just me walking. I get in the cart and the plan was Lauren was going to drive alongside me and give me verbal direction. This however did not work once the light shined green. I thought to myself Joe you have to options. You can sit here, or you can drive. I drove! The next five or 10 minutes was kind of pandemonium. Lauren would come around and give me some guidance as he’s racing bye. Finally at the end I got stuck in the wall. A guy came and push me out and he just says are you blind? My response was actually yes IM. If I hadn’t said anything they still would not have known.