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Flashback Indy 500 and a few other notes

That post this morning was probably the only time I’ve ever thought about not submitting something. I read over it about three times before submitting. Those were my thoughts of the time and kind of where I was so I figured I might as well submit. Since that post things have been going pretty well I went to a gun range got to shoot some pretty sweet firearms. I love shooting guns I don’t know why, but it release some of my stress. I then went on a drive with Erica and that was pretty nice. My friend at work asked me what I get out of going on a ride with somebody, and truthfully since I can’t see the scenery not much. I grew up in the country though and every weekend we would go for a ride since being on my own the last 10 years if I want to go somewhere I’m pretty much bound to the city I’m in or of course I could catch a flight somewhere. Erica and I drove around looking at different sceneries I found on the travel website. I put together this nice picnic where I made a salad, sandwiches, and I even cooked a brownie for dessert. We went to this nice park and Sat on a blanket is pretty nice. Tonight we’re going to this winery/bed-and-breakfast I’m pretty excited. They have nice spots we can watch the sunset which again I won’t get a lot out of but it’s more being with somebody in that moment if that makes any sense. Even though I can’t see the beauty of things like that I still just enjoy sitting with someone and getting lost in conversation.

Now that I’m back to 100% I decided to share my Indy 500 story a little early. This was the before Robin days or as I like to refer to it the 1 br. I went to the race with my friend Collin and his family. I decided my beer of choice would be old-style since I love the Cubs and I love old-style so it just made sense. Collin put it in a cooler and we got to the track around 9 o’clock I believe. We met some more friends from school and we got our seats in the infield. I remember a group beside us had a kiddie pool full of ice and beer by the time we left it was all gone. I remember having to use the bathroom twice and both times it sucked the floors are awful and I had to go in the trough. Now that they said the trough is probably my favorite out of all of them, because there’s no skill involved and everybody gets a little wet. haha when the race started it was kind of interesting because for about 20 seconds or so you hear noise and then nothing. We really couldn’t hear the speaker system at all where we were. I kind of got bored so I just kept drinking. I remember at one point Collins sister Megan and his girlfriend at the time Hannah rubbed sunscreen on my shoulders so I didn’t get burned. That’s when everything went dark the next thing I know I’m awake in the backseat of the car driving through Indianapolis. Collin said that he pretty much had to carry me to the car I don’t remember. Once we got to his place I had to go to the bathroom so rather than do the logical thing and ask him where the bathroom was I decided to P in his yard in the middle of Indianapolis. I remember this because he yelled at me for a good five minutes, but I’m from the country I don’t know what I was thinking it was very impolite. I remember drinking some water and Collin saying there was a barbecue we could go to, so we got in his car and drove to the barbecue. Someone gave me more beer and I remember falling asleep with the hamburger in my mouth. Again I don’t remember leaving I just remember waking up at Collins house around 3 o’clock in the morning and everyone was sleeping. Man I forgot the best part I forgot the best part I had a beer helmet with two canisters on the side and a straw that I bought at a novelty shop and I drank out of that for the race. While I don’t remember much of that day the parts I do remember we’re pretty funny and fun. I’m way too old for that now. I did work Indy 502 years ago for the radio station, and I have to say my experience with Collin was way better working the race was not as much fun.

I’ve been thinking about entering into politics, but I think this blog has probably ended any opportunity I have with that. Haha at least I’m honest. I think things at times can be depressing, but if you let someone or something control your emotions then you’re always going to go through life being down. I am not a sad person or nor do I allow myself to be too depressed but something yesterday snapped for me I’m not sure exactly why. I haven’t really talked about it with Erica whole lot it’ll come out in time but today it’s been nice just enjoying her company I have to go catch the sunset. I remember what Collin told me when he was yelling at me for urinating in his yard. He said it’s 330 and real light out, I remember responding saying it’s dark to me.


Oaks day the Kentucky Derby in a day of recovery

This year was my first year going to Oaks day for the Kentucky Derby!! Oh man it was a blast. My friend Neil picked me up around 9, and we went to the track. I got my first mint julep around 9:30, so the day got pretty long by the end. Erica came out in the afternoon, and it was fun being able to joke with her and Neil. They played a prank on me at one point in the afternoon. My friend Pat who I worked with on the radio, as well as learning some writing skills from him came over and said hi. Erica said there was nowhere to sit so can she sit on my lap? I said sure, and Pat sat on my lap. I could have gone my whole life not having seen that.

After the Oaks we went to Neil’s brothers for a cookout. After the cookout we all played a game of football, and rather than falling on a bush this time I escaped with no injuries. Neil will hand me the ball and tell me which way to run. I scored one touchdown. His family is great they let me come over last year for Thanksgiving, and it was nice. I’m not from Kentucky, so I really don’t have any family in the area.

I kind of felt bad that night after the football game, because I’ve been drinking the last two weekends. I don’t want Erica getting the wrong picture of me. I decided after I took an hour nap or so drank a lot of water to take her out by the river for a little date. We sat and talked for a long time about goals, and our future. It was really nice, and I’m glad I thought of it.

My last post was me being truthful. Sight lack of sight it all doesn’t really bother me anymore, but when people bring it to the forefront I get a little uncomfortable. Ultimately I know it’s something I have to let go, but that doesn’t help in the moment of. One thing about Erica I love is that I can be so honest with her about my thoughts or feelings. I’m a pretty deep person, so I have a lot of them. She actually had told me one of her friends asked her what it was like to date someone blind? I told her she should have said it’s dark since I don’t use lights. She did tell me her response, and I thought it was pretty remarkable. She told her friend that she has to describe certain things to me from time to time, but most of the time she forgets I can’t see. She said that we’ve both been there for each other when we’ve needed to be. I’m feeling pretty relaxed for the first time in a long time.

This isn’t related to Erica or anything, but I am meeting with a realtor Thursday to start the first step and see how much I could get approved for on a home. I love it here, and see myself being here for at least five years so why not buy. I will write a lot about that Thursday night or Friday so stay tuned.

This brings me to Saturday Derby day! I had a hard time waking up, and I felt awful. I took Lyft over to my friends Mat and Amanda’s apartment. We then took the bus downtown to Fridays for lunch. I had a mint Julep and a Lily. I really needed something fruitier to settle my stomach. This guy during dinner walks over and says I’m scared of dogs will they bite? I said no they’re friendly. He then shook my hand and says remember my name Justen Triplet. I just thought that was a weird interaction. When I left Fridays on the street this person stood on the curb just laughing as I passed. Seriously I think they were watching me, because she was just standing there not moving. It made me feel uncomfortable for a second. I kind of thought to myself am my fly open, something on my shirt or face, or am I just funny looking?

After dinner we went over to my friend Nataly’s house for the Derby. I think we had about 10 people, so it was a good turnout. California Chrome blew everyone away; he had a 6 pace lead at one point impressive. After the Derby I went home and bought Netflix again. I have a love hate relationship with Netflix. I just love being able to watch things on demand with my apple TV, and they had some shows I really wanted to see, so I’ll keep it for a few months and then reevaluate.

Sunday I got Erica off to work, and then caught some sleep until about noon. I woke up to her coming in, saying we should go on a walk. I said quickly the sun will hurt my eyes it’s too bright. She accepted that for about 10 minutes, and then said your eyes are fake the sun shouldn’t bother them. I laughed, and we went on a walk around my general apartment area.

A big part of the weekend was us betting on the Cubs Cardinals games. The Cubs won the series thankfully, so she had to wear a Cubs jersey around yesterday. The Cubs lost last night, so I had to wear a Cardinals shirt to bed, so maybe that’s why I didn’t sleep well. We only got to watch last night’s game together, but it was great. We were both intense she slapped me a few times when the Cubs scored. Were pretty competitive people. All things aside it was a great evening. We’re going to Cedar Point at the end of May, so I think that will be a nice get away. We have been spending a lot of time together so far, but I really like her just being there. Tonight she will not be around, so I will have to adjust to the single life again fending for myself. I’m going back to Fridays for dinner with some old friends. I’m pretty excited!

Overall the Derby was a success. Pilot Neil is still in town, and was planning to do something next Saturday. His wife is having a hard time find work in Philadelphia, and he hates it there so hopefully they will move back soon.

I didn’t mean to go so long without posting, but I was pretty tired, so you get one longer summarized post.

Sir there will be no sleeping in the strip club!

I will step back in time to tell you a story, because it kind of goes along with what I’ve been talking about recently. I’ve been debating with this story about four days now whether or not to post it and I decided why not? It was my friends bachelor’s party I will leave him nameless. We started the evening at Buffalo wild wings where we ate dinner and had a few beers. We then went to a place downtown that is known for having several different beers. I was in college so not in Louisville. At the beer place we started talking and it was decided that we were to go to a strip club, but no one knew where it was. That is where I come in! You give me a few beers I just want the party to keep rolling. I mean if you can’t have fun what is the point of life? I walked up to a guy asked him where the strip club was he told me so I gave him like $15. I remember this part, because my friend eventually walked up to me and said stop paying him. I remember calling a cab and this weird 16-year-old kid being in there.

When we got to the strip club the kids said something like say hi to my mom which was a little awkward. I really don’t know why he was in the cab! Anyway we get out and get ready to go into the strip club. Now I want to stop for one second and explain to you that this was going to be a dream of mine come true. Being blind I didn’t necessarily have the opportunity to see a bunch of naked women or women in thongs. I can’t just Google. I was so pumped for this no matter what the women really looked like. The next hour and a half or two hours was probably the biggest letdown of my life. Alright maybe that’s an exaggeration but I went from being like a kid in a candy shop to feeling like I took a cold shower. Guys you know what I’m talking about. I did get a lap dance but all I got to see was pretty much Nubbie knees. During the lap dance she was probably like a foot away from my face. Yeah those string toys they have for cats when you dangle it above their head that’s what it was like for me. And life I’ve learned that it’s better for me to learn by actually doing something. Most things good come from a relationship. I remember telling the story to a girl I was dating so she actually gave me a real lap dance you know where I got to read her braille. I don’t know why I decided to tell you that story right then but anyway moving on with the night. I swear to you I get more play at Hooters. Do you know that little shoulder lean that the Hooters girls do when taking order that’s more excitement that I got to the strip club. Anyway so about 15 minutes in I’m pretty bored.

The music sucked, I couldn’t see any women, and it was trashy people from my city so I was ready to go home. However cited people were not. I drink some Bud Light and got tired so I decided to fall asleep. This apparently pissed off the bouncer, because one of the guys kept hitting me in the shoulder to wake me up. I would drink a little more Bud Light and fall asleep again. Then I get hit in the shoulder. The process repeated probably about 13 or 14 times. The way I viewed it I wasn’t being a pervert or loud or even annoying I was just bored and wanted to sleep. We finally left and I decided I was tired and wanted to go home I was dog sitting for another person so I needed to get the dogs outside as well. What happened next I really can’t explain except this kind of sums up most of my drunken adventures when I’ve had a lot to drink I just want to sleep. I remember taking out the dog I was dog sitting for and going back in for Robin. I remember her going to the bathroom, but then I must of gotten tired and I went backwards towards a tree and laid down. Robin laid in my arms. I remember a group of people gathered around me unsure of what to do I’m sure. My friend happen to get out of the cab because he forgot something and he saw me and got me inside.

I’ve never been to a strip club since then and have had no desire to go back to one. I don’t really know what I should of expected but I thought there might be a little more braille headed my way. Maybe a little braille bouncing on my face I don’t know. Haha it was just so far from my dream it was like a nightmare.