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Apple Watch

I got an Apple Watch a week ago, mainly because Best Buy had it at $100 off. I know a new one is coming, but 400 on a watch is hard to swallow, but somehow logically 300 sounded okay. Haha So far I love it honestly. I have things I would love to see them improve, but overall I’m satisfied, and I’m hoping it helps me with my health.
The Fitbit can be accessible, and I know some that use it, but I wanted something that would be a bit more powerful and 100% accessible. Lately I’ve wanted to gain control over my health, and have a better grasp on it. Being able to see my heart rate, and having something that reminds me to stand once an hour is nice. Honestly at work I forget to do so. The little taps on my wrist have become a nice part of my day.
The Apple watch first generation does have some flaws. I am starting here, so by the end it will be positive. I wish the processer was faster, or more specifically I wish opening apps could be faster. I think this is the biggest flaw I’ve read its better with watch OS 2, but I still think it could be better. Some of the third party applications I think sell themselves short. For example Amazon’s app the only thing you can do is search for a product or add to a wish list. It would be cool to be able to track an item or have access to your recent orders. From a blind perspective I would like the second generation watch to have a better speaker. The one it currently has is okay, but in the slightest noisy environment it becomes hard to hear.
The good!!
Alright now the reasons I decided to keep mine simply come down to these things. It’s so handy for notifications. I can text people easier, and stay in touch more with people than I do just using my phone for some reason. I also like having a time peace again. They now have an app called Timebuzz that allows you to turn voiceover off and unlock the screen and it will vibrate the time in different patterns which is great for meetings, or when you don’t want someone to know your checking the time. It’s comfortable. Honestly the most comfortable watch I’ve ever owned. I have the sports band which is nice, and I also bought the Milanese Loupe which is the best band ever. That soft mesh is unbelievably comfortable. While cooking it’s nice to say set timer for 5 minutes. Yes I do know you can use your phone but the watch is easier to do that on, and not worry about getting your phone dirty. Finally the health aspect. I know having reminders and goals I can set for the day that it keeps my progress to live a better healthy lifestyle. Reminders to stand are nice as well as a nice little hey your goals are being met good job is rewarding.
My final thoughts don’t listen to negative internet people who never have used the watch to make an opinion. I think the watch has flaws and some areas it could be better, but overall for the first product it’s amazing. I love it, and the fact I got it at 100 off just made me jump for joy. One thing I thought Apple did that was cool or at least a nice touch is the watch has different watch faces you can choose from. One announces the seconds who is cool, but there is a Mickey Mouse one where his feet are the hands. When you move your finger over the time Voiceover starts talking in a higher pitch. I thought it was touching since I obviously can’t see Mickey but to still gain something from it. Apple is always doing little things like that for me I thought it was a cool gesture on the part of Apple.


Do you want to feel my tattoo?

Hopefully my last post will help it was forwarded on to Frankfurt. Kentucky housing Corporation has had six months of notification in which they told me they’re going to do something but haven’t. They’ve missed two deadlines. Hopefully I can gain equal access soon as well as other blind people.

The other night after work I decided to go to the Louisville bats game. I had a ride already going to Best Buy so I took that and then left Best Buy to the game downtown. From Best Buy I decided to take Lyft, and had a great driver. We joked a lot and it’s why I like ridesharing services because you can meet someone nice.

The game was a blow out, so mainly I enjoyed beer, and talking to people. I didn’t go with anyone, because my friends are either married or away in another town. I’m trying this new thing where I am trying to just meet new people. College it used to be so easy. I will tell you this story only because it shocked me.

After the game I went to a bar downtown and started talking to a group of people. This girl was talking about how she got a new tattoo and asked me if I would like to see it? Of course I responded in a smart ass way and said well I’m blind so I don’t know how that would work? She then got up came over and said come with me. The restaurant had one of those single bathrooms with the door. She took me in there and shut the door, And I was like what is happening? I didn’t really ask that out loud. She said I’m wearing a dress so I’m going to have to lifted. I swear to god this happen. She takes my hand and puts it right above her butt so it’s basically a tramp stamp. She starts telling me the design of it and what it is it something with the dragon and fire and a whole bunch of other shit that I don’t really understand why you would put on your body but anyway. She said  can you feel anything? I was honest and said no I couldn’t really feel anything maybe a little roughness but it was  the first time feeling her back so that might’ve been normal who knows. It just felt like flesh to me. She then asked me what do I see when I meet someone for the first time? I told her I have some methods that can be wrong, but I think for me I am more attracted to personality. If someone is upbeat and funny I am probably going to be drawn to them easier than a shy quiet person. Again though that’s not always correct but I think it has a part and it. She said well we’ve came this far, so would you like to feel what I look like? Now I don’t really like this notion that I have to feel someone to get the picture I’m not sure where that came from, but this moment was already awkward, so I thought what the hell. She had a nice kaboose I’ve always wanted to use that word in a blog. That just made me laugh for about 2 minutes.

I don’t know how I meet these people. I think people just loose themselves when they meet a blind person. Maybe this is normal I don’t know I tend to stay in and keep to myself a lot at nights.

I’ve been talking to Opie a good friend of mine, and I found a man therapist to go to to work out some problems. The last one I had didn’t go so well when she tried to date me. I’m trying to work on some of my issues no ones perfect. I struggle with things in my childhood that are hurting me now since I’ve never delt with them. I commented on it a few posts a go, but growing up in a public school where no one else was like me was difficult and took it’s tole on me I think as I’ve gotten older. I don’t think blind people should all go to a blind school, but it would have been nice to be around people going through puberty who were also blind. Even now I’m not appealing to a lot of people because I’m blind and thats frustrating to be just written off or judged unfairly. Even though her doing that was unexpected, and I am not sure how to feel it was nice not be ignored like I am sometimes. It wasn’t a Best Buy experience where I can walk around fro a half hour and no one seems to think maybe I should ask that blind guy wondering around if he is looking for something? Apparently Best Buy must have situations where blind people come in and just exercise in there store.

I’m still dealing with some of the fall out of being mugged. I’m aware more now, but I’ve been afraid to walk at night on my own. I’m working through that by taking little progress steps. People have been dogging the Apple watch, but for me if I Didn’t have to take my phone out of my pocket to read a text or check where I am by GPS it might be worth it. People aren’t going to think twice for a watch. Maybe I am wrong, but I can see some benefits.

An open letter to the CEO at Best Buy.

When I was a kid besides going to a toy store my favorite trip was when we drove 45 minutes to a Best Buy in Fort Wayne. At the time I would usually buy a videogame for my PlayStation, or a CD. I love the smell of an electronic store. That might be a little weird, but true. When I open a new product one thing I notice is the smell of it. Anyway over the years and most notably since I’ve moved to Louisville Best Buy has become more annoying than helpful. I’m a consumer, but when I go in there no one approaches me. Even writing this I’m conflicted, because I don’t like too much help, but I would like at least for someone to acknowledge me. Especially when I need to or want to purchase something you’d think I could at least get a hi and be treated as a human.

The last three times I’ve entered a Best Buy have all been bad, and have stuck with me. I will start with the first time I went to a store in Clarksville Indiana when I lived downtown Louisville, because it was closest to my location. I was going to buy a Mac Mini which I believe cost around $700. I walked in I said hello to the door security, and asked if he could assist me to the customer service desk since I had never been there? He said he couldn’t that watching the door was his job. I decided to try it myself and with some guessing and good mobility skills made it to the desk. I advised the lady what I wanted and was told we will get it when we get time. Okay I thought that seems reasonable they will help a customer or two and then go get my computer. Nope I waited 50 minutes to receive my Mac and all most missed my bus home.

Second trip I was going to pick up a sling box so I could watch TV anywhere I wanted from my cable package. I went in to the same store to get the same sort of treatment. To get one item it took me 30 minutes this time. Thank god I’m not indecisive, and know what I want. Ironically I took this product back and that was easy. Once I know where the customer service desk is I’m pretty good, because I can get assistance easily.

Well I moved and going to the St. Mathews location was easier for me. Again I had no idea where the desk was, and this time I was not even greeted with a hello by the security. I walked in and went to the right off of instinct, but found no one. I stood and listened for a minute, and walked to a guy describing a printer to another guy. I could tell he was an employee so I thought great I’ll just hang here until there done. Well the guys walked away after about 5 minute to go look at some printers. No one else came over during that time. I decided that I would go back and find the Sonos section myself. I told Robin to go to the left and just really guest where to go. I found some computers and just felt around on the shelves for a bit bored wanting to again spend a few hundred dollars. I walked around searching still for someone and ended up physically running in to someone who stopped in front of me. I said sorry and then quickly asked if he worked there? He said yes and, so I asked to see the Sonos products. He went and got a home video/audio specialist. I finally was able to buy my product and was able to listen to each product but it wasn’t a smooth experience. In no way do I expect anyone to hold my hand when I go somewhere, but I know when I go about anywhere else it’s easy to engage someone in conversation, but at Best Buy I feel I’m on another planet. I wrote about a similar experience at Victoria’s Secret when I first started the blog, but it doesn’t feel good being ignored. Granted at Victoria’s I wasn’t buying anything just need some assistance through there store, but still you could at least say hi to me or us in that situation. Plus maybe I wanted to just buy a thong I heard they can ride up though so I will just settle for a nighty. I’ve thought about taking the Sonos back and buying it on Amazon on principal, but I spent cab money going over there and don’t want to deal with yet another hassle.

My message to Best Buy would be this. Make your stores friendly again. I haven’t felt welcome, and I used to love your store. Next time I will just buy from the internet. My final thought on this is the Apple pay situation. Best Buy, Walmart, and CVS have decided not to do Apple Pay, and go with their own app which doesn’t even use NFC. This is a complete failure, and accomplishes nothing. The app which is called Currency I know it’s cute. There CEO says at the stores cash and gift cards are still 75% of all purchases. Really? Credit cards are dated the radio frequency the cards have can easily be stolen not even when you use them, but it can be read from a reader from you just walking by. I think with them just using a barcode on screen really solves nothing, and isn’t any more secure than what the status quo is now. I think people who are consumers should be treated with respect in the end, and it’s my fault for going back so much, but I wanted to be a kid again and love the experience of buying something after I test it in store. I realize though that this model is failing, or they don’t like me or something. I am not going to blame it on my blindness, because that would be too easy so maybe they just hate gingers. I urge you Best Buy to please change your ginger hating policies.

It is crazy I recently visited a Bose store, and had an incredible experience with trying to be sold something. The lady took me around to all of the products I wanted to see, and I ended up walking away, but it was nice being treated like a customer. Some of my recent store trips to Walgreens, and of course BestBuy haven’t been so enjoyable. I will end with this not to get to political, but the people working these stores really are clueless on the products they sell. I research everything maybe too much, but I love technology. I bought that Sonos system over the Bose, because it has more options for services, but I just love the fact with it I can set an alarm, sleep timer, and have room to room sound if I buy more than one. Maybe I will write more up on Sonos, but they’ve won me over. I used to do Airplay to my Bose system, but it dropped out a lot or wasn’t reliable. I all most went with the Sound touch system, but didn’t want to for my past experience with it. Anyway I think for my second job Best Buy should hire me I will at least talk to people when I hear them walking by and if I don’t talk to you it’s because I didn’t see you make some more noise while walking by.