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A quick update wedding plans in Germany

The wedding planning was going great until Abby called the park to check something and they said we had picked a smaller venue which we confirmed when ordering in December but whatever. Long story short we found a place and also a spot for the reception it will just be smaller than we intended. Making cuts was hard because I didn’t want to hurt anyones feelings. I think at the end of the day I did good with making a selection. All cousins are off the hook. I wanted y’all there, but we have a huge family. I also didn’t want to invite 1 and not another causing hurt feelings. I hope everyone understands Abby and I still love you.

It’s hard to believe were getting close to the wedding day. It goes fast. I leave for Germany in a week which I am looking forward to. I had to make a tough choice, but I think I made the right one. Germany has no ADA so it is up to each proprietor whether or not they would allow Frazier to enter there venue. I talked to some blind people who said they had good luck, but others who didn’t. I called the hotel and was told he could sleep at the hotel with me but couldn’t enter diners and such with me. Thank god for the ADA I know there is a bill trying to get rid of it, but it’s this bill that has brought so much progress for those with disabilities here in America. Shame on you congress and etc. for trying to over right the progress made here.

Frazier and I are doing well. We went on another trip about a month ago to SanDiego . I really want to go back and take Abby. They had so many audible traffic signals and walking around there was nice. Frasier was a champion. I am amazed with his ability to backtrack.Robin was good at this also, but he always remembers. He has had a barking issue and that still comes up from time to time, but he is getting better. I can’t wait to take him to a ball game which when we get back to Germany were going to one. I get back Sunday and we’re actually going Tuesday night.

I am typing this on an IPad Pro which I got recently. I wasn’t sure if I would like it, but I am going to sell my MacBook Air. Typing with a keyboard on this thing feels great, plus with multitasking with apps it’s just as nice as my Mac was. Plus it’s more portable at the end of the day. I am not much of a computer user these days anyway. I decided to go with the cellular version on T-Mobile. One cool thing is I am leasing it month to month so when the next IPad comes out I can give it back for the new one if I want. Work also wanted me to get one so they are pitching in money also which is worth it.

Abby and I have been playing with a new service called Aira also. We love it. The first time Abby used it she went up and was able to get her own drink from a soda fountain. Basically how Aira works is you have glasses that connect you to an agent who can see from the camera in the glasses. They also can see where you are with GPS. I used it in Chicago to get me to the pet relief area in the Airport, and also to find my gates that changed 2 or 3 times. It’s awesome, because you don’t have to ask for assistance you can get the info from the Aira agent and then do it yourself. If I had waited to get an Airport worker in Chicago that would have waisted time depending on how much time until your next flight things may not be possible to do anyway.

I will make notes while in Germany and do an update when I get home. T-Mobile gives me free data while there so I’m glad that isn’t a concern. I love them as a company and coverage is getting better all of the time. In Louisville it is better than Verizon with speeds and in buildings which surprised me. Anyway I hope all of you are well. I am going to miss Abby, Bancroft, and of course my boy while I am gone. I have to go back to the dreaded cane. I hope to do some travel on the train while I am there. I’m also working on taking a ride on the autobahn I want to go over 100. I have 2 free days so only god knows what kind of trouble I can get in to. Lol I will just miss my family back in KY for sure.


What good are laws if no one follows them even the Government

I’m going to start off by saying that I don’t mean to be attacking in this post, but I rather am just questioning things. If you are offended here is my advice grow some skin, because these questions should be asked and I shouldn’t be facing these problems in todays world with the ADA laws and 508 compliancy.

Let me walk you through my last few days trying to pay a bill that once was accessible. I never had to pay a water bill until I bought my house in September. At that time I could register for the water companies website and make a payment just fine by using a credit card which cost me an extra $2 or I could set it up to link with my account with my bank not costing me the $2. I of course set it up to link with my bank account but where I had to give it permission to take the charge each time it was do. For 6 months or so I’ve been paying my water bill with know problems. Fast forward to Friday when I tried to pay my account. I got an email that said we are going to be making paying your water bill easier. I Went online and created a new account. With the process are old actual water account number changed as well.

Rather than try to wait to see if my bank would link up because to do that I had to have full access I decided to make a credit card payment. I enter in my email, username, account number, and then get to the end and it wants me to enter in a captcha immage. Now if you don’t know what that is captcha is a blurry image you have to enter to gain access to a website. They had no audio captcha to enter so I was stuck. I tried then to call and make a credit card payment on the phone and it wasn’t working that day. Let me explain the laws about accessibility for a second. The ada is 24 years old and section 508 is probably around the same and yet two government contracts I use completely ignore both laws. My house payment or information with Kentucky Housing Corporation is also inaccessible.

I posted this on Facebook and I had a few interesting comments. My friend Jared who is blind said I could send a screen shot to a sighted person and have them read the captcha image and then send it back to me. Yes why that would work why should I have to work around a law that is supposed to be in place? I don’t exactly know where the water company falls regarding to 508 but it has to be at the least breaking ADA laws. Shouldn’t I be able to have access at any time to my fucking house information, and not have to rely on some sighted friend? For example my tax information is on the KHC website, so if I just don’t bother putting the info on my taxes will the same federal government give me a break since after all they are denying me access in the first place? I’m not targeting Jared here just rather questioning why we as people aren’t more outraged when no one seems to be informing these laws that have been in place.

Last week I am watching the news target these RFA laws that aren’t in place yet. I don’t know why as a business you would want to turn away anyone, and just because for example you bake a cake for a gay wedding which by the way in most states are illegal still but I digress. It’s not like the gay couple is inviting the baker for a 3way. I just don’t really get it to be honest. Back to my point I see all these people up in arms about a law they’ve probably never read or isn’t in affect but yet the Louisville water company and KHC are breaking the law and nothing is said or no one is doing anything. Let me use a defense that some people are using in the RFA that the gays could go somewhere else and do business. What about with me can I after I buy my house just change companies because the government website is inaccessible? To my knowledge there is only one water company, so can you create one that is for blind people where I can pay my bill in peace?

I’m well rested can you tell? Completely different from Sunday. Google has a car that can drive itself, but yet I can’t pay my water or house bill without jumping through hoops. I just wonder why these laws are getting ignored? Furthermore I have blind people who expect to drive in 10 or 15 years I guess the government can keep that from happening by installing captcha with no audio in the cars.

My final point is why do we even have laws if no one is enforcing said law to begin with. We have came a long way in 24 years don’t get me wrong, but the fact new websites like the water company put up are breaking the laws it begs the question don’t you think? I can log in to Chase and PNC bank just find but can’t get to my water bill or KHC housing history? Another person told me it is just how it is well what help is that. Can I create a forum or business put the whole damn thing in braille and exclude all of you? Maybe you will have to FaceTime a blind friend or not be able to get something you need right away for the inconvenience. It’s just dumb and not necessary in the world we live in today. I know why they use captcha it’s because it’s cheeper, but maybe if I start enforcing the law they’ll rethink that. I wish for a day you could honestly live in a blind persons shoes, and just get it but thats not realistic so we are we are I guess.

Well I need to go take a shower and get ready for work. Hopefully my coffeemaker didn’t decide to install captcha last night and I can still use it. I could have talked about how the government refuses to make braille bills, but can put things in every other foreign language but again I will just leave at this for now.

Super Bowl Lyft uber

Sunday I felt awful all day. My friend Taylor wanted to come over and I texted her letting her know that I wouldn’t be up to much if she came over. She said it didn’t matter. I did place a bet on the halftime score being 28 total, so that got me excited. Pretty much besides key points during the game and day I slept I felt like a bear hibernating for the winter. Taylor ordered pizza, but my head and body just felt off, so I slept on the couch. At one point she nudged me in the fourth quarter so I woke up and caught the end of the game. I feel better today, but I don’t know what was going on. I just couldn’t keep my focus on anything.

The last week Lyft has entered in to my life again as a negative experience. Not so much on my behalf, but discrimination against blind people with dogs is happening across the nation, and I would like to stop it. On Facebook I posted the story, but a person in Louisville was denied pick up, because he had a dog. The driver ended the Lyft and drove away. When he contacted Lyft he was told because they were a private entity the driver could choose not to pick you up due to religious reasoning. For example in my friend’s case his driver was Muslim, and so he was allowed to disregard ADA law because of being a private company. I actually did some research for you guys today, here is an entry on the rideshare service Uber’s forums. This is just complete nonsense, and if you’re going to be running a business please have some education.


At least one person got it in that forum, but really? Here is another one where more talk is about service animals. This one here is my favorite forum though get ready.



There is a complete lack of knowledge clearly from Lyft and Uber on what actual laws are. Now I am putting this blog post together as a look at what we could do better. On Facebook I was pretty fired up, because I’ve been left and it’s scary for one, and I shouldn’t be penalized for someone’s fear of dogs. In my case the driver said he had a new car and didn’t want hair all over. You can read my case here.


Mel gave me the idea rather than being mad about things and being counterproductive that I can reach out to Lyft and Uber and see if we can change things. I’m not faking my blindness, or my dog isn’t there as a pet, so we need to start educating drivers on that first. I can’t help that an old lady tries to pass her dog off as a support dog or something that’s not my issue. Lyft in my case rated the drive badly for me so I don’t have to get him, but that’s not helping the next person. I’m not a lawyer, but there has to be some actions the services can take against the drivers who are ignoring laws. If Lyft or uber wants to make contact they can do so the invitation is open. I can put together training materials, I could meet drivers and explain service animal laws, I could just do a question and answer, or anything else you would want me to do. There has to be some resolution we can get to on this issue.

Where does your dog go does she go in the trunk?

That question is how I started my day. Seriously! yellow Cab here contracts with our para transit system to take people with disabilities door to door. some yellow cab drivers only drive for the para transit system because they make more money doing that then they would on fares. I just think to myself all the times I get question how I’m going to do something or people doubt me what he just negative connotation yet this person agrees to a contract where they drive people with disabilities and he has to ask if my dog is going to ride in the trunk? I don’t know what I want from the world or what I even expect, but what pisses me off and continues to piss me off is that blind people are so misrepresented. You look at the deaf culture they have things in place caption TV fuck they even get caption on Netflix. Downtown Indianapolis they have signs that tell them went to walk but yet no audible signal. seriously this is what makes me question what the fuck are organizations that represent us are doing? also why I don’t belong to either of them. I understand they’re going to be dumb people, but this is happening on the daily and I’m tired of it. I walk my dog around the car open the door and she laid on my feet like she is supposed to. listen I understand the deaf culture is way different because they have site, but they also have representation that isn’t split. they work to get things done where blind people can’t even decide whether or not current sea should be be distinguishable by touch. something in the 90s the national Federation for the blind fog for predominately. Then in the new millennium the American Council for the blind started fighting for it and the national Federation for the blind switch their viewpoint. The national Federation for the blind even went as far as influencing lawmakers to strike down the deal and 2005. Maybe six. Saying that blind people really didn’t care about accessible currency. went 10 years ago they stood on the other side of fighting for it. fuck them both. i’m a little pissed today.

When I was in high school with Dick Simons discriminating on me I called the national Federation for the blind and they completely ignored my case and me. I did what I had to do and got through the issue but it would’ve been nice to have some support. I guess they didn’t see the money in it. skipped over 10 years I’ve been promised Accessable TV still not here. I try to pay my house loan online which is something I’m fighting for because apparently no other blind people in Kentucky have a goddamn house. you have to get by captcha and they don’t have an audio capture which is a government website which completely ignores ADA law. I complained about it to a friend who mentioned it to somebody else and then the Americans with disability is person for Kentucky got on it supposedly next month I will be able to finally pay my house loan for the first time independently without having to call someone welcome to the new century. I just don’t understand. I guess maybe that really never has affected anyone who knows it’s just ludicrous.

I’m going to work on not cussing so much it’s a work in progress. I just sometimes get so angry that things don’t change. You look at the landscape of blind people more of us were getting educated but what good is it? are there more jobs opening up? It doesn’t seem like it. I’m sure a little this is a little blind anger I’m facing from being rejected the other day but seriously. Do you know the federal government can send out different documentations in different languages, but yet don’t offer braille at all. I wonder why that is? you can’t somehow pay a contractor to write braille notifications, or find a braille printer somewhere? for chrissakes Verizon can get me a braille cell phone bill but the federal government and Medicare can’t seem to braille out things for people who are blind? it just doesn’t make sense. Verizon my not do an actual phone bill but they did offer me a manual ones for a phone which is still better than anything the government ever offered. Furthermore any chain restaurant that has more than a certain amount of locations should be required to carry a braille menu. thankfully most I can find online but there still is that rare occasion. It’s just so much work I’ve often said sighted people have it so great you were told when to walk pretty much do anything in life and yet I still see some of you getting hit by cars. Baffling.