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My call to T-Mobile

Usually I share something to Facebook then don’t post it here, so I am reversing that today for this one. I figured this would be the best platform to describe this story. People often ask me questions about being blind, and that’s fine. Honestly I love educating you, and if you don’t ask you don’t know. Then I get guys like what I am going to talk about below. I just don’t understand it, and how you can be so clueless. I am a human after all, and the way he went about it made me feel all most like different. I know not everyone thinks like him, but it really is disturbing.
I called T-Mobile to see about switching, and kind of learn about the coverage map with some zip codes I would be in. I get this guy named Don. I tell Don that I am calling in to ask about coverage areas, because I am blind and can’t see the map online. He then proceeds to ask so are you half blind or all the way blind? I answer totally blind because of cancer. He says man your blessed. Me yeah I guess.
Don I have to ask what’s it like being blind?
Me I don’t remember sight, so it’s all I know.
Don that’s crazy. I’m just trying to picture being blind.
Me I don’t know that you could do that.
Don so if you didn’t have to sleep would you do that?
Me I think sleeping is the body’s way of resting so I think I need it.
Don Let’s just says you didn’t need sleep though would you?
Me I guess so since I could get more done.
Don How do you know you’re awake?
Me what do you mean?
Don I mean how do you know you’re not dreaming?
Me I am moving and talking to you.
Don what tells you you’re awake and not just dreaming.
Me thinking I just want to know about T-Mobile now. I hear my alarm and wake up.
Don do you live in a different reality?
Me No if I could though I just wouldn’t pay my bills and skate right on through.
He doesn’t laugh
Don what do you see?
Me Nothing
Don I can’t imagine not being able to see nothing. What’s it like?
Me if you put your hands behind your head what can your hands see? I don’t remember color for me I don’t think about it much.
Don your blessed man.
I thinking I thought we already established this.
Don Would you want to see again?
Me No I don’t think so I’ve researched and read about people who regain some sight, and it’s painful for them. Because they’re used to not seeing anything and then they can see light all the time. Even if you have a blindfold on you still have light perception.
Don yeah what was your zip code again
I thinking was finally done with this.
Don Do you have friends?
Me yes I have some friends
Don that has to be hard I mean to find someone who just could understand you.
Me I can still communicate verbally.
Don You must be able to feel things really intensely?
Me I’m not Daredevil, I think I notice more but my senses are not heightened.
Don kept going on for a total of 55 minutes before getting back to T-Mobile.
I put most of this conversation down; because Don was a guy I’d say by his voice in his 30’s and honestly had no idea about how a blind person could do anything. I don’t know what number of sighted people feel this way, but it’s really alarming to me. I understand you wouldn’t know what it’s like to be blind so you have questions, just like I don’t know what it’s like to see. I guess the only difference is most of you seeing so it is what it is. To think though that I live off in some la la land is just interesting. Needless to say I am staying at Verizon. Big red all the way at least I think there color is red. Maybe I should ask Don?


Forth of july

My Thursday started off pretty good I went and picked up flowers and some candy for Monica. After work I went to the airport and on my way she sent me a text saying basically she wouldn’t be coming. I’ve been stood up before the worst was a year ago being left at dinner so she could go back to her ex in New Albany so I had to take a 100 dollar cab ride. I think I am entertaining, but that was the worst I’ve ever felt I think when it comes to dating. Monica bothered me, but like a friend said I saved money by her not coming.

Friday I lie around and felt sorry for myself. Cuddling with Robin and watching my favorite periscoper Colbie Caillat. She just makes me feel bubbly I get the tingles usually in a silly place that start in my nose. Anyway I find her entertaining. All weekend I saw her doing things at a lake. I watched baseball, and ate a pizza yes a whole pizza again I was feeling sorry for myself.
Saturday I woke up and decided enough of that. I wanted some beer so I used Lyft and went to a liquor store mainly because I could run in I thought and run out fast. If I went to Kroger because it’s bigger I’d have to go to the customer service desk wait on assistance, and it would just be annoying for some beer. I went to this store called my Friendly Liquors. My Lyft driver didn’t speak good English, and when I went in to the store I didn’t have much better luck. I asked if they had any Upland Wheat which is a familiar beer to Louisville. She was like what? I spelled it to her, and she still seemed lost. I asked do you have any Miller. She said yes. I said okay, but I really just wanted a choice so I asked do you have any Pap’s? She said do you want Pepsi? No were going the wrong way here. I settled on Miller.
My friend Tyler and her husband came over. Tyler as I said a journalist has been a big part of me wanting to get back in to radio. She has gone through men saying she can’t do sports since she is a woman and a bunch of other stuff I won’t mention. She is a meddler, and invited a neighbor of mine over for dinner. I have to back up a second and explained how I met her. Robin was out in the yard, and she came to the steps wining. As I got up to get her she barked and the woman said she’s barking at me and my dog. We talked for a second, and anyway when I told Tyler as she was coming back by she stopped her and invited her up. It went well at first I did not want really to do that yet, but then I remembered I do want kids and a relationship possibly so I calmed down.
We then went downtown to watch the firework show. Tyler bought some bottle rockets, and I decided to shoot a few off. My brother and I used to buy fireworks when we were kids, and he taught me how to light them. I remember I would light them and run and duck in the grass. I love the forth. Anyway in Louisville apparently we have the fun police, because I got yelled at after lighting my third one for being dangerous to others. I didn’t want to have any trouble so I stopped and sat down. I still love fireworks but not like I did when I was a kid. I loved the big booms of them obviously, but the older I get it just becomes repetitive. I still love Thunder over Louisville because that’s so loud and moving. However I wish I could see the colors of them at times. Maybe for sighted people they become repetitive also. I left Robin at home because she isn’t scared, but why stress her out. Plus I had been drinking so I just didn’t feel the need.
My friend I met and I hung out on Sunday a bit. She is single with 1 dog. That’s important to me I realized I like animals, but I can’t deal with a lot of them. She also likes baseball so that’s cool. I am just not rushing anything I’ve learned my lesson. I am going to be friends first and just go from that point.
Last night I was watching the Cubs game and found myself being really emotional. I don’t know what is going on with me this week. I was listening to the radio cast and decided to Youtube some old Ron Santo clips, and it just got to me. I’ve spoken before about Ron and what he meant to me as a teen. After being rejected from whatever reason blindness and living in the country or just feeling not good enough I could turn on the Cubs game and be in different place. Pat and Ron would always make me laugh. I think I am either going through man menopause or something I’ll get over it by Monday hopefully. Robin has been great she’s been sweet the last week. The Cubs are special I’m not sure they’ll make it this year, but next they have a shot. I like the young guys with the veterans. Pitching is where were weakest, but if everyone’s healthy and we get hot I could see this team winning the Series this year. Of course that all has to happen and we all know the luck of the Cubs. The bone headed errors have to stop as well, and we really need to beat the Cards while they’re wounded.