Robin is turning nine and camping

Robin’s birthday is coming up Next Thursday she’s turning 9. I really haven’t had the conversation with myself at this point about what I’ll do with her when she retires. I talked to my mom, and she was like it’s unfair to her if you get another dog and she should come live with me. That might work, but she would be 5 hours away, and do you know how many dogs we lost when we were kids? I think they would be careful with her, but Robin is like my kid, and if she got hit by a car I would just not be okay. I can handle her getting old and dying, or having to put her to sleep that’s the way she should go not by running out in a road. I just know how it is, and I don’t really want to have that conversation yet. We were in Cincinnati Robin was amazing as usual.
When I first got her I was lost without my cane now it’s the opposite. She’s been with me for 5 moves form graduating college to moving to Louisville. From being jobless to flying in to Detroit on weekends to do games for the Tigers. My whole 20’s pretty much she’s been here. For you guys I it’s hard to equal it to anything. She’s been with me at tons of ball games, and everything. My favorite moments Ethan and Whits wedding, buying my house, and just everything else.
Over the weekend a guy I do care about Dave said I shouldn’t bring her to games because of crowds and etc.. I differ on this, because I got a dog to make traveling easier. I don’t take her to bars, and having her cuts down on my going to bars because I feel that’s not fair to her. As far as going to games and such I think she’s built for that. A guide dog is an extension of me so to speak. She doesn’t know how to get me to Best Buy at the end of the day I have to know where I am going, but man she can get me to that door a lot easier than I can, and helps me look more normal. I just feel less stress with the dog than with the cane. It’s the little things to like after I almost was broken in to in Muncie if I’d wake up in the middle of the night panicked Robin would come sit by my bed or couch until I realized I didn’t hear anything. I’ll have the retirement speech with someone who won’t be objective, but I just can’t have it now.
After 9 months of complaining and keeping at my mortgage company they finally made their website accessible. I want to thank Jerry and Jennifer for helping out and doing what was necessary. It made my day Saturday to log on without jumping hoops and go over my mortgage and tax statements. They added an audio captcha which was nice. Thank you again.
My final thing is this camping trip I broke earlier on Facebook. Good god I should have learned my lesson by now about saying things. I did bring it up for a reason I was nervous about one part of the trip I working on fixing. Here is the thing I’ve gone to NYC, Chicago, Detroit, Phoenix, Kansas City, and a few other places on a Occasion and work. All of those things have one thing in common they’re the city. While I love the city being blind a lot of times those are my options. I want to go somewhere isolated away from people. I just think it would be different. Plus I want to try camping on my own blind. I don’t really know anyone who has tried this, and I think I could do fine. Pilot Neil taught me how to clean a fish, and so I think I’ll do fine. If not I’ll never do it again. I’ll try anything once, and if I fail then I fail, but at least I tried.
Here’s my problem though. Getting to the country is difficult. I decided to use the internet, because I didn’t want anyone to know where I was unless they needed to know. I was going to then meet my friend John on Saturday at the Braves game. I sent John a text message after people made me reconsider Craigslist idea on Facebook. Now John says to me your coming in to Atlanta on Thursday? Great we can do some radio together and I’ll take you out there drop you off and then come get you. I just am wanting to go on vacation not do any radio. So I tell him this, and he’s like come on you used to do Falcons pregame you can do this. It’s not that I can’t I just want to keep to myself for a change, and just type my feelings out in a blog. I’ve known John forever, so I’m thinking about going on again. The thing that really made me just stop all together last year was when the guy from Lexington just couldn’t get that I could bring something to a sports cast being blind. After all I’ve done and what my resume had it just blew me away. I know I shouldn’t stop because of that, but I kind of lost respect to the industry after that.
I wanted to mention real quick the tripple crown of horse racing. I am so happy for Victor actually. A fact he drove bus for 2 years I believe to raise money to become a Jokey. Someone that came from little to be at the top of his game with a lot of hard work. I admirer his hard work, and he deserved it.


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