Where’s my wallet?

Today I had two blind moments I haven’t had in a while. Especially the first one. I haven’t felt well all day today maybe it’s the cloudy weather or something so for dinner I decided to make soup. I thought I organized my soups so I knew what was where. Before the Iphone life really was a free for all I had no system in place to determine what soup was what. Barcode scanners were around but to get one that was voice active cost 1200, and I never felt it was worth it. When the iPhone came out and a barscanner cost 30 I jumped at it. Anyway I thought I was grabbing a tomato soup but it turned out when I opened it it was new England clam chowder! As soon as I opened the can I knew I picked wrong and my tomato soup dreams would have to wait. It just reminded me how far technology has come. Older blind people used to give me advice like separate them while at the checkout, but I just never found time to do things like that. I was managing my cane catching the bus and of course paying I just didn’t feel like asking a store clerk to bag things smaller. Not to mention taking things home on the bus was difficult I wanted as few of bags as possible. So tonight I relived my college days it’s a great reminder.
The second thing happens more than I’d like. I put my wallet on the table when I got home from playing the guitar downtown today. I was looking for it later on and couldn’t find it. I started brushing the counter and going over the entire table. Literally when I pulled out my chair to eat my soup I sat on it. I spent a good 8 minutes searching, and when I didn’t want the damn thing anymore I sit on it. I haven’t been posting many blind observations lately, so I thought those who like those would enjoy.


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