Robin ate a hotdog

On Friday I called a Lyft to go home from Matt and Amanda’s house. I got in the car, and the driver asked me how I became blind and how long? Her response after I told her annoyed me, but it’s the normal. I told her I had cancer when I was a year old, and they had to remove my eye to keep it from spreading to my brain. She says I’m sorry. Then she gasps, and I asked her what? She said I looked back in the mirror at you, and I was nervous you wouldn’t have any eyes. Really? I just don’t understand the responses people give me just because I can’t see. I am still amazed sometimes. I talked to my friend Denny on Saturday, and he gets the sorry thing a lot too, and he said why do they say sorry? Were they the ones who caused it? I thought that was a funny response, but true. I used to love to talk to Ethan about that he always would listen and would just get it. I feel like there a hand full of people that do, and then there’s everyone else. Truthfully I’m doing better than at least 40% of people that can see, but regardless it’s just different. You just have to stay positive though that’s all we can do. One thing that always bugged me was I was interviewing for a radio gig in Lexington with the baseball team. The guy during my interview asked me what a blind person could bring to the broadcast? My resume was packed full of people in the Tigers organization who said great things, an audition tape, and I even did some live play by play of a game on the television. I just felt 

Saturday was a weird day. I stopped drinking Mountain Dew again my one real addiction. I’ve drank it since I was 4, so it is really a problem. I’ve been working out, and trying to cut out pop. It’s now Monday and I have a huge headache, but I am pushing on. I did give in and get a coak today, or it wouldn’t have been pretty. I just watched movies and slept. I watched Flight, Homeword Bound, and Old Yeller.


Sunday I went to the Reds game. I caught a Gray Hound bus to Cincinnati, and saw one of the best games I’ve seen live yet. I thought the Reds were going to win, but they choked as usual. I caught the bus home and got home around 8:30. I got a little wet, but it was kind of refreshing. Robin didn’t likethe rain at all.


Facebook has this day in history, so today I posted a post I wrote a year ago about a sign that said blind child in area. It made me laugh. I was dating Erica then, and rereading that brought back memories I hadn’t really thought about in a while. For a long time I thought we were going to work out lol was I wrong.


Last night I took Juan a boy I met a last weeks adventure to the Bats game. He is 5, and I thought his mom was coming, but she met me at the gate and said have fun. I’ve not had a lot of experience with kids, but I just used my head. I made him take my hand, so I didn’t lose him that was first and foremost. We got to are seats, and I got him a hotdog. Well Robin got that one I didn’t realize or really think that kids might have a hard time eating something like that. He started to cry, so quickly I gave him mine. I held the end of it so we didn’t have another dog on the ground. Man Robin pounced on the one that fell I never feed her table scraps so I’m sure she was in heaven for the 3 seconds she chewed on it. He really enjoyed the game he has been doing surgery for the last two months, and said he hasn’t really gotten to go out and play or do normal things. He was really smart, and I hoping for the best for him. I gave him my phone number so maybe we can go to dinner or go to the zoo or anything he wants to do I said he could come with me. We talked a lot about Ninja Turtles those were his favorite. I didn’t know they remade that until I got home and researched things. I used to watch that show when I was like 5 or 6, but now they’ve remade it like everything else. I took a bus with him again holding his hand to make sure nothing happened and returned him to his mom. I then caught a Lyft home and fell asleep pretty quickly.


Memorial day has become this real challenging thing for me. I have wanted to go to LA forever and that is still there, I could go home, or Niel is going river rafting and camping so I could do that. My final option is I could just stay at my house. I really need to decide, but I just can’t for some reason. I am thinking about going to LA, because it would really boost my confidence. After being mugged a few years ago I haven’t taken to many trips on my own. We’ll see I will blog about whatever on Monday night.




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