The more bourbon I drink the more I love Kentucky so Facebook told me

Okay without any further delay here is my Kentucky Derby 141 weekend in a nutshell. Friday I did some house work going outside and removing the vents on my crawlspace, and then getting in the crawlspace and exploring. I sent in Robin first to scout things out for me, I’m just glad she didn’t poop in there that would have been horrible. I just wasn’t sure if anything was nesting from the winter down there. It was all clear.
I met Amanda, Matt, and Natalie for lunch at fourth Street live at Friday’s. I left before everyone else, and took a Lyft back to my house. When I walked out of Fridays I was passing another bar and a guy said theres a blind guy. I all most said really? Where? It’s just weird when you hear things like that.
Quick joke what causes Kentucky from falling in to tennessee? Indiana sucks!
I am from Indiana, but I digress. Saturday I friend Kevin came over around 10 with McDonald’s and we watch the first two races of the Kentucky Derby. We then went to Kroger and bought some derby pie my new favorite by the way I had 3 pieces such goodness! We went to my friends Matt and Amanda’s house for a party. My friend Butch had twin spires up placing bets which is pretty cool. I then had a drink Kevin made  that I called Bourbanaide. Now I had 5 beers right when I got to Matts then changed to Bourbon that was a horrible idea. I should know myself by now. I may have been a bit of an asshole, so I am sorry to anyone I may have been a bit mean to. Furthermore apparently I gave a lot of hugs to Bill I’m not that sorry for that your a total package Bill Brandy is lucky. hahaha
I fell asleep a half hour before we came home. They woke me up and I just remember becoming alert in the car wondering where Robin and my phone were. I found both. I got home, and called a few people then Pilot Niel came by after his winnings from the track. We watched the fight on the net for free, and then we joked around. I apparently was digging that body song by Tove Lo, because I bought tickets to her show in Tennessee somewhere. I am still trying to get my money back, but I might just have to go to that one.
I was ready to give you a rundown on my girlfriend situation which there is no situation, but then something happened tonight. I’ll just say this I really just want to find a person that I can make laugh and share memories with. I am tired of finding these disasters, and I’m hopefully going to be able to say I love you and hear it back and have it be meant down the line. That’ll probably be later than sooner.
Finally turning my attention to memorial day weekend I think I’m going to try to challenge myself in a new way. Robin is getting older, and I think there’s one more thing I want to do with her, because were a great team. I talked to pilot Niel about it, and he isn’t sure, so if he is out I’ll do it alone. That is get to a Dodgers game. It’s either now or 4th of July. You’ll know I will blog my entire trip. I know with my GPS and my ears, and of course the best ship I could ask for as eyes Robin the captain will succeed. I’ve been studying up on my knowledge of LA, but if I do it it’ll all be on the fly, or mostly. I just have this dream of sitting listening to Vin on my radio from the bleachers or seats whatever i can get.
Sunday was a rough day just drank the Ohio river down about 10 inches, but I feel fine now. Next year going to take it lighter on the bourban. 


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