What good are laws if no one follows them even the Government

I’m going to start off by saying that I don’t mean to be attacking in this post, but I rather am just questioning things. If you are offended here is my advice grow some skin, because these questions should be asked and I shouldn’t be facing these problems in todays world with the ADA laws and 508 compliancy.

Let me walk you through my last few days trying to pay a bill that once was accessible. I never had to pay a water bill until I bought my house in September. At that time I could register for the water companies website and make a payment just fine by using a credit card which cost me an extra $2 or I could set it up to link with my account with my bank not costing me the $2. I of course set it up to link with my bank account but where I had to give it permission to take the charge each time it was do. For 6 months or so I’ve been paying my water bill with know problems. Fast forward to Friday when I tried to pay my account. I got an email that said we are going to be making paying your water bill easier. I Went online and created a new account. With the process are old actual water account number changed as well.

Rather than try to wait to see if my bank would link up because to do that I had to have full access I decided to make a credit card payment. I enter in my email, username, account number, and then get to the end and it wants me to enter in a captcha immage. Now if you don’t know what that is captcha is a blurry image you have to enter to gain access to a website. They had no audio captcha to enter so I was stuck. I tried then to call and make a credit card payment on the phone and it wasn’t working that day. Let me explain the laws about accessibility for a second. The ada is 24 years old and section 508 is probably around the same and yet two government contracts I use completely ignore both laws. My house payment or information with Kentucky Housing Corporation is also inaccessible.

I posted this on Facebook and I had a few interesting comments. My friend Jared who is blind said I could send a screen shot to a sighted person and have them read the captcha image and then send it back to me. Yes why that would work why should I have to work around a law that is supposed to be in place? I don’t exactly know where the water company falls regarding to 508 but it has to be at the least breaking ADA laws. Shouldn’t I be able to have access at any time to my fucking house information, and not have to rely on some sighted friend? For example my tax information is on the KHC website, so if I just don’t bother putting the info on my taxes will the same federal government give me a break since after all they are denying me access in the first place? I’m not targeting Jared here just rather questioning why we as people aren’t more outraged when no one seems to be informing these laws that have been in place.

Last week I am watching the news target these RFA laws that aren’t in place yet. I don’t know why as a business you would want to turn away anyone, and just because for example you bake a cake for a gay wedding which by the way in most states are illegal still but I digress. It’s not like the gay couple is inviting the baker for a 3way. I just don’t really get it to be honest. Back to my point I see all these people up in arms about a law they’ve probably never read or isn’t in affect but yet the Louisville water company and KHC are breaking the law and nothing is said or no one is doing anything. Let me use a defense that some people are using in the RFA that the gays could go somewhere else and do business. What about with me can I after I buy my house just change companies because the government website is inaccessible? To my knowledge there is only one water company, so can you create one that is for blind people where I can pay my bill in peace?

I’m well rested can you tell? Completely different from Sunday. Google has a car that can drive itself, but yet I can’t pay my water or house bill without jumping through hoops. I just wonder why these laws are getting ignored? Furthermore I have blind people who expect to drive in 10 or 15 years I guess the government can keep that from happening by installing captcha with no audio in the cars.

My final point is why do we even have laws if no one is enforcing said law to begin with. We have came a long way in 24 years don’t get me wrong, but the fact new websites like the water company put up are breaking the laws it begs the question don’t you think? I can log in to Chase and PNC bank just find but can’t get to my water bill or KHC housing history? Another person told me it is just how it is well what help is that. Can I create a forum or business put the whole damn thing in braille and exclude all of you? Maybe you will have to FaceTime a blind friend or not be able to get something you need right away for the inconvenience. It’s just dumb and not necessary in the world we live in today. I know why they use captcha it’s because it’s cheeper, but maybe if I start enforcing the law they’ll rethink that. I wish for a day you could honestly live in a blind persons shoes, and just get it but thats not realistic so we are we are I guess.

Well I need to go take a shower and get ready for work. Hopefully my coffeemaker didn’t decide to install captcha last night and I can still use it. I could have talked about how the government refuses to make braille bills, but can put things in every other foreign language but again I will just leave at this for now.


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