My washer stopped but at least my poo smells like roses

The other night I tried to write something for Ethan’s birthday in  the blog and struggled. I wanted the  day to be a celebration rather than to be sad and every time I try to write something I just became sad. To one of the people that just got me I thank you for everything you did and you’ll never be forgotten. I miss you.

If you updates my washer stopped working so I got pretty educated with washers very fast. I called Lowe’s and talked  to a  very helpful woman for about a half hour and got a whirlpool. The funniest part of our conversation was I told her I didn’t care about color because I was blind Her response to me was are you joking I responded with about what? She said about being blind? I said no I am totally blind. I just thought the exchange was pretty interesting.

So I had a mystery going on at my house for about three days and I finally solved it during the NCAA tournament. I kept walking by my bathroom and noticed it smell like flowers and I couldn’t figure out why! One night I was using the bathroom and tore off some toilet paper and I thought to myself damn something really smells like flowers! I sniff the toilet paper which is weird I thought and discovered it was scented. There are countries that can’t eat and yet we have scented toilet paper interesting. See growing up I always had to use sandpaper so I decided one luxury  I would have is I would by Angel soft which feels great by the way. Apparently though what I did not realize is that they have scented Angel soft. It’s hard to feel manly when your undercarriage smells like roses.

Back to the washer so I called tonight to make sure it came with hoses and was told it does not. I asked the guy could he  add it to my order and I would pay for it? He was not as nice as the lady he said we cannot take credit cards over the phone due to security. I told him I’m blind and not wasting $20 to come out to buy hoses. I then  asked is there a way to remedy this? He said no so I said well I guess the installation men will have to install with the oldn. I asked him if I could buy them online and he said oh there would be a delivery charge I said did you just not hear me three minutes ago when I said I am blind and I would have to take a cab to get there?

This gets me to my final topic the other day on Facebook I asked a question about Papa Murphy’s. I’ve never understood why people go out of their way just to get a frozen pizza at Papa Murphy’s when they could get one at a store. I think the reason I don’t understand the logic is not easy for me to drive to a designated place for one item. Case in point for me to go get hoses tonight would’ve cost me around $20 for a cab. If you want to save money and be blind it’s difficult but you have to plan things out 24 hours in advance. When this post to the blog I will be on another date with Laney things are going well she is sweet Robin  is a bit jealous of her  dog so we will see. Robin should know she’ll always be number one.


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