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My washer stopped but at least my poo smells like roses

The other night I tried to write something for Ethan’s birthday in  the blog and struggled. I wanted the  day to be a celebration rather than to be sad and every time I try to write something I just became sad. To one of the people that just got me I thank you for everything you did and you’ll never be forgotten. I miss you.

If you updates my washer stopped working so I got pretty educated with washers very fast. I called Lowe’s and talked  to a  very helpful woman for about a half hour and got a whirlpool. The funniest part of our conversation was I told her I didn’t care about color because I was blind Her response to me was are you joking I responded with about what? She said about being blind? I said no I am totally blind. I just thought the exchange was pretty interesting.

So I had a mystery going on at my house for about three days and I finally solved it during the NCAA tournament. I kept walking by my bathroom and noticed it smell like flowers and I couldn’t figure out why! One night I was using the bathroom and tore off some toilet paper and I thought to myself damn something really smells like flowers! I sniff the toilet paper which is weird I thought and discovered it was scented. There are countries that can’t eat and yet we have scented toilet paper interesting. See growing up I always had to use sandpaper so I decided one luxury  I would have is I would by Angel soft which feels great by the way. Apparently though what I did not realize is that they have scented Angel soft. It’s hard to feel manly when your undercarriage smells like roses.

Back to the washer so I called tonight to make sure it came with hoses and was told it does not. I asked the guy could he  add it to my order and I would pay for it? He was not as nice as the lady he said we cannot take credit cards over the phone due to security. I told him I’m blind and not wasting $20 to come out to buy hoses. I then  asked is there a way to remedy this? He said no so I said well I guess the installation men will have to install with the oldn. I asked him if I could buy them online and he said oh there would be a delivery charge I said did you just not hear me three minutes ago when I said I am blind and I would have to take a cab to get there?

This gets me to my final topic the other day on Facebook I asked a question about Papa Murphy’s. I’ve never understood why people go out of their way just to get a frozen pizza at Papa Murphy’s when they could get one at a store. I think the reason I don’t understand the logic is not easy for me to drive to a designated place for one item. Case in point for me to go get hoses tonight would’ve cost me around $20 for a cab. If you want to save money and be blind it’s difficult but you have to plan things out 24 hours in advance. When this post to the blog I will be on another date with Laney things are going well she is sweet Robin  is a bit jealous of her  dog so we will see. Robin should know she’ll always be number one.


Happy birthday late to the blog

First of off happy birthday to the blog it is now over a year old! I wish I could’ve written on the year anniversary but I was busy well not really just not sleeping well lately. I struggle at times with a condition called non24 since I can’t see sunlight or something that causes my body to get off track. Let me just give you my sleeping schedule for Wednesday. I fell asleep Tuesday night at 9 woke up at 1:30 AM and then couldn’t get back to sleep until 5:30 AM. I then woke up to my alarm at 6:30 and went to work. I’m exhausted by the end of the day honestly.

Something happen to me that’s never happened I wore two kinds of different shoes. I just got a new pair and they honestly feel like an older pair I have I grabbed the right one from the new pair and the left one from the old pair not noticing. Until I went out to dinner with my friend Tyler she was quick to point it out. We ate dinner with a broadcaster from CBS sports the first time I had met him and I was pretty embarrassed! We all had a good laugh I just rolled with it if you can’t laugh at yourself at times who can you laugh at? Anyway he told me some stories of some games he had called which was pretty amazing. We talked for about an hour about my goals my failing career as sports are concerned, but he was pretty encouraging. My friend Tyler arranged it, and it was a great chance for me to just network.

So because of my sleep disorder at this very second I have not slept at all so I have chili cooking in the crockpot and 29 beers waiting for me let the madness begin. Growing up in Indiana basketball was of course my favorite sport as a child. I’ve told the stories about playing all day. It’s funny I have an argument that is going to be pretty upsetting to Indiana fans. The most relevant college basketball team in Indiana in the last decade is not Indiana or is not Purdue but little Butler. If you can argue against that I would love to hear it I’m proud of Butler for accomplishing what they have that being said they will lose the Texas today market down.

A few years ago I went to the games with Ethan I blog about that last year after he died. I was really debating if I should go this year but the idea caused me a lot of hardship so I decided against it. I will be just as happy watching from home. If Kentucky winds which they will and Perdue wins which they should I may go Saturday. It’s just not time yet for today.

The other bit of news is I met a woman online who is blind and has a Labrador as a guide dog. We’ve been talking a lot online so anyway she is coming in to town today. We will see how that goes. I warned her about my addictive sports habits, and she was fine. She is in to a lot of outdoor activities so I’m looking forward to maybe doing some of that with her. She really enjoys hiking and other shit like that. I broke my no cursing rule, but I am sleep depribed. I’m scared of the non24 side affects it causes liver damage not that the beer doesn’t but hey. I decided to try and just order some melatonin from amazon and see if that helps. It will be here Tomorrow. This post really isn’t that informative but I wanted to get something out there since the block tourney-year-old. Have a great day and happy madness.