Abortion and disabilities

I’ve been pretty bothered by a Facebook argument I had last night. I usually reframe from having political discussions on Facebook, because people really are sheep when it comes to politics. Most people find themselves left or right, when reality should tell you that you should have a bit of both in you. If you only see things as a republican or as a democrat it quite honestly scares me. Being fair to my viewpoints I guess I would lean more right, but I can see things from the lefts point of view. I’m going to break my normal and discuss an issue I never thought I would bring up on this blog and I’m even typing today because I want to be clear and accurate with my points. The topic is abortion and should you be able to abort do to disability?


Basically my argument got met with a lot of propaganda that is normal from people on the left assuming I think one way, and not really knowing me. I got out of the argument, because you can’t win with someone who is just screaming at you for being a republican a fact that isn’t quite true. There is more to me than just being republican or being a democrat. If we’re going to have an argument let’s bring facts to the table and let’s keep it at abortion doesn’t attack me on other false pretenses. Anyway that being said I want to give you my thoughts on being able to have an abortion because of a disability.


Lately on my mind I’ve been reading a lot on suicides, so this is coming from a different perspective. I am not a woman obviously, so I never thought I would talk about abortion in this manner. I’ve never gotten a girl pregnant, or ever had to face that issue. I was close once, but that’s another story. I was nervous for a few weeks. Anyway this guy’s argument was republicans keep trying to interfere with choice and are bodies. They’re the world’s problem. Okay yes because democrats aren’t attacking foods, and health? So it’s my choice to abort a baby, but heaven forbid I eat some Oreos. After all it’s my body I should be able to do what I want with it except eat fatty foods. Stop using your party to defend something and actually give me an opinion. Let’s actually have a discussion.


I look at things as good and evil. I’m not a real religious person, but I do think there is a god or higher power. I also think the world should run with some moral structure. Without morals of some kind regardless you have kayos.


I was born with sight, and developed cancer at 11 months old. My parents didn’t catch my cancer early enough so I went to Riley Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis. Doctors didn’t think I would make it they wanted to use me for experimentation, except for one doctor. His name was Dr. Havelston he said lets go ahead and remove the eye, and see what happens. Still the thought was I wouldn’t make it, and if I did cancer may come back. Obviously I lived or you wouldn’t be reading this just thought I’d point that fact out. Let’s say though if my mom had gotten tested and they were able to predict my cancer would they have told her to get an abortion? Yes I’m blind and while some advocates of abortion would tell you that I would probably like to be sighted rather than blind I would also like to be alive. I’m not saying I’ll make an impact on the world, but maybe I’ll help someone understand blindness a bit better, or I’ll just be a good friend. Sure if you’re telling me by abortion you can eliminate blindness all together fine, but the reality is you’re not removing blindness you’re just removing blind babies. It’s not curing the issue. See the cure would be for them to be able to transplant eyes or create technology to become an eye.


I can’t be an advice for all the disabilities, because I only have one. According to the guy last night I have two the other being a republican, but that’s his opinion. I’m just being me and stating my opinion. It scares me that we’ve really come to the point in life where were playing god in what we want with are children. If they’re a boy nope don’t want a boy so bye. My argument is so we want to create a perfect race where in history has that been tried before? That’s really at the end of the day the argument by people is we can weed out the so called weak. I know people look at me and view me as less than them it happens in dating or in society, but that’s your opinion. People actually feel sorry for me and that’s sad to me, because I probably have a better life than them. Not bragging but just an observation. Life for me is what it is. I’d like to have my friend back. I’d not like to think about losing Robin, but we can’t play god and I and other blind people have worked hard to get where we are, and have a quality life. It’s not all about being perfect because even if I could see I’d have something else to deal with. No one walking this earth is a perfect specimen. Arguments I’ve heard about abortions is that they are 98% sure they can figure out if someone would be disabled what about the other 2%? Also how many doctors didn’t give me a chance to beat cancer when I was a baby? We can’t predict the weather hardly and isn’t that scientific? Yet you make me believe that someone with testing can do it accurately all the time? That’s a weaker argument but I’ll still use it. 


I don’t have all the answers, and we could disagree. I think abortion has its place, but when we get so specific in choosing gender or if someone is disabled I get nervous. You start here and then end with Euthanasia. It just seems to me when looking at all things considered I’m not seeing the benefits. I know I’m just looking at this from a small percentage of abortions, but it’s that control and the selection of who people think matters that bothers me. Below I put in an article I found from a blind pianist I found that I thought was interesting. It’s hard to argue with myself, but I think I was fair. I stayed on point, and I just kept it towards disabilities. Sorry if you hated this I will get back to being blind and my adventures tomorrow.


I’m dictating now but for me it’s sad that this person thought I was labeling women sluts for getting an abortion or even thinking badly of them that’s not my point i’m going to post this and I’m sorry if you were offended but I just thought it should be said 


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