A few blind moments 

I rarely carry cash on me mainly because it’s difficult to obtain when you’re blind. Okay let me rephrase that when you’re driving and you need cash you can pull over and go to an ATM machine but often times my rides are scheduled with 24 hours in advance and I’m not going to o I couldn’t because our rights are not set up that way. They get you from point a to point B. That being said I was trying to get cash for a friend to pay her back for something she got me for Robin. Karma really is a pain in the the ass because I just got done mentioning that most ATMs had speech but not this one. After feeling the machine for about two minutes I realized there was no headphone jack that and the shopkeeper came over and asked me if he could assist? This machine wanted five dollars to take money out so I said forget it. I probably did look funny touching the machine everywhere looking for that damn headphone jack.

Some days I just want to chill while going home. I really miss the thrill of driving because it’s a way to get away from things. Just chilling in your car listening to music driving has to feel good. I cannot do that because a lot of times I think because I can carry a conversation the drivers like to chat with me. I don’t want to be rude but even when I have earbuds in they just go on talking. For me I just got to the day where I’m hearing a screen reader in one ear people in another year I just want to be alone. Tonight was a great example I just wanted to listen to my music and the driver kept going on and on and even demonstrated a video of the Krahn to me. I know dictation probably didn’t get that right but I don’t know how to spell it either so tough. I had to listen to him talk about the Prophet Joseph and how he was good-looking and something about how Joseph want to settlement against his wife did something with a torn shirt I really don’t know what the hell he was talking about. The just of the story is Joseph was good looking. I just was happy to get home to peace and quiet and no profits.


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