I thought I would shovel some snow but it still had the last laugh

So in Louisville we’re getting a pretty good snowstorm. It doesn’t snow here much and even if it does usually it warms up and is gone quickly. I’ve been worried since buying my house about the first snowstorm, because quite honestly snow can be very disorienting to me. I use my feet a lot to feel where I am. Sometimes I take it for granted because I don’t realize how much the difference in pavement or feeling a hill it just all kind of clicks together to assist me with getting around. When snow cover things up it’s difficult to notice. I got lost two or three times shoveling because it was difficult to tell exactly where the grass started. Anyway I went out to start shoveling yesterday and got my walkwaus cleaned off.

This morning I decided to tackle my driveway. So at 6 o’clock I got dressed and went outside and started shoveling. Again it was very difficult to tell where I was exactly I hit gravel and thought I was in the road but apparently it was the sidewalk. My road is not very busy so I can’t use traffic driving by to gauge how far I am from it so I decided to stop because I thought I was at the road. when the bus came to pick me up I stepped in a drift up to my shin and my pants were wet for a while so all that effort was negated. I cleaned it up when I got home but I’m learning. no ones clean the roads back in my subdivision yet you would think the neighbors would ban together and just do it but I guess not. It was cold but shoveling the snow kind of made me feel good. The bus driver commented that the neighbors hadn’t shoveled there’s drives very well either I told her about how I thought I shoveled it completely and then step in a drift. I am ready for it to melt though so I can go back to feeling the ground with my feet and have my traditional landmarks there.


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