Super Bowl Lyft uber

Sunday I felt awful all day. My friend Taylor wanted to come over and I texted her letting her know that I wouldn’t be up to much if she came over. She said it didn’t matter. I did place a bet on the halftime score being 28 total, so that got me excited. Pretty much besides key points during the game and day I slept I felt like a bear hibernating for the winter. Taylor ordered pizza, but my head and body just felt off, so I slept on the couch. At one point she nudged me in the fourth quarter so I woke up and caught the end of the game. I feel better today, but I don’t know what was going on. I just couldn’t keep my focus on anything.

The last week Lyft has entered in to my life again as a negative experience. Not so much on my behalf, but discrimination against blind people with dogs is happening across the nation, and I would like to stop it. On Facebook I posted the story, but a person in Louisville was denied pick up, because he had a dog. The driver ended the Lyft and drove away. When he contacted Lyft he was told because they were a private entity the driver could choose not to pick you up due to religious reasoning. For example in my friend’s case his driver was Muslim, and so he was allowed to disregard ADA law because of being a private company. I actually did some research for you guys today, here is an entry on the rideshare service Uber’s forums. This is just complete nonsense, and if you’re going to be running a business please have some education.

At least one person got it in that forum, but really? Here is another one where more talk is about service animals. This one here is my favorite forum though get ready.

There is a complete lack of knowledge clearly from Lyft and Uber on what actual laws are. Now I am putting this blog post together as a look at what we could do better. On Facebook I was pretty fired up, because I’ve been left and it’s scary for one, and I shouldn’t be penalized for someone’s fear of dogs. In my case the driver said he had a new car and didn’t want hair all over. You can read my case here.

Mel gave me the idea rather than being mad about things and being counterproductive that I can reach out to Lyft and Uber and see if we can change things. I’m not faking my blindness, or my dog isn’t there as a pet, so we need to start educating drivers on that first. I can’t help that an old lady tries to pass her dog off as a support dog or something that’s not my issue. Lyft in my case rated the drive badly for me so I don’t have to get him, but that’s not helping the next person. I’m not a lawyer, but there has to be some actions the services can take against the drivers who are ignoring laws. If Lyft or uber wants to make contact they can do so the invitation is open. I can put together training materials, I could meet drivers and explain service animal laws, I could just do a question and answer, or anything else you would want me to do. There has to be some resolution we can get to on this issue.


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