Hopefully this post is better than my bowling game

I have a lot to write about I don’t know where to begin. This message I am typing rather than dictating, so things should look better. Sorry I never really edit, because if I spend too much time going over what I wrote I probably wouldn’t post anything, and while I’m dictating I don’t want to lose focus. I guess I’ll back date this by starting on Friday night. I listened to a 2012 Yankees Athletics game, and that seems like forever ago. For the first time in my life I realized this year Jeter won’t be playing, and it’s just a weird thought that my generation is passing or getting in their prime for sports.

Saturday I went to the Louisville Duke game. I’ve had that written in to my schedule since Louisville joined the ACC. Overall the game sucked Louisville’s offense is so stagnant. I have an usher that every time I come to Yum he takes me in and helps me get to my seat and then comes back and sees if I need anything during the game. After the game Coach K was over on the floor in front of me, and the usher let me know so I had Robin sit up and I yelled Coach K. He came over and shook my hand. I’ve never had a moment where I was silent, but it was difficult for me to find words to say. What can you say to a legend? The answer is nothing you just respect them. If you’ve ever seen the Real Sports peace on J Williams I think the peace alone speaks volumes of what coach K is about. If you’ve never seen the story go watch it. Basically J Will was in a motorcycle accident and was never able to play basketball again. Coach K visited him in the hospital, and Williams moved in next door to him. You just saw the love he had for his players.

Saturday night I went to a birthday party for my friend Amanda. We met at Applebee’s, and we had horrible service. I ordered chicken strips at 6 and by 640 they hadn’t come and they switched waiters for the table. Apparently they did finally come around 830. I left and went bowling with some friends from work. I won’t mention names, because I didn’t ask, but it was a blast. I’ve not been bowling since college when Carlos and I used to go, and I was rusty. I bowled a lot of gutter balls, but I managed one strike. Again look at my last post sometimes miracles happen in sports. It was a fun evening! I had two bowling analysts, who tried to give me pointers. The real fun was the competition between the two of them because if I got some pins with one the other would pressure me. It mainly just made me laugh, and even blind I think beer helps you bowl better. Robin was kind of nervous, because she lost track of me when I would go bowl, but she got over it eventually.

Sunday came, and I thought I would get emotional for the games, but I did pretty well. I watched a lot of sad dog videos in the morning, so a lot of the emotion was out of me. At halftime during the Packers game my friend texted I saying the Packers look good. I responded by saying I won’t feel comfortable until they’re up 30. Let me just recap the last 4 minutes of the game. The Packers were up 19-7, and still lost. Unbelievable, but anyway I was pacing around my living room just in shock the entire time. On the last drive where the Packers kicked the field goal I stopped and Robin came over and sat beside me. I put my hand on her head, and they made the kick. I’m starting to feel good again, but overtime came and that quickly deflated. My overall thoughts are this Packers had no first downs the entire fourth quarter you can’t do that these days In the NFL and expect to win. The other stat that blew me away off 4 turnovers the Packers only scored 6 points again not a good thing. You didn’t come here to read sports stats though but that’s my take from the game. I won’t even touch the Colts game other than after it I walked over to Ethan’s colts hat, and I laughed, and said no sports miracles today, and I guess are teams will have to meet up in the regular season again. I think they may play next year I will have to check, and it should be in Indy so I may try to go.

My final thing today is my struggle with getting in to my wireless router. I have Uverse from AT&T, and they have this device code that is printed on the side of the router. I used this app called be my eyes which just came out recently. Basically the premise is if you need help you can connect and they can tell you what you need to know using the camera. He gave me my password which I knew, but still thought it was cool. I then took a picture and sent it to my brother who gave me the code. I love to go in and mess with the settings. There are a few people with Uverse around me, so I changed the channel my router was on to give it some separation. That seemed to really help, and everything’s working well again. It was a struggle to get that device code though it took me about 2 and a half hours. Cable doesn’t make you do all of that thankfully. I did call AT&T though and had to listen to don’t text while driving messages first off you’re the Uverse people is this relevant? Plus these public service announcements are more annoying than useful. Trust me when I drive there is no texting going on its all focus and skill.


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