I thought long and hard about the title I didn’t want to call it sports miracles because I thought that might drive some people away. I hesitated on calling miracles because it could have the same effect depending on how you feel. We going to the weekends when the Colts and Packers are playing for the right to be in the Super Bowl on a year where things have been pretty fucked up it’s very ironic for me. That was the first football game I ever got to see with Ethan a few years ago. if it happens I’ve been thinking how will I cheer for someone in that game and I probably won’t for me it will be more than a game it’ll be a memory and somewhat difficult. it’s easy to get lost in things such as cheating, abuse, rape, university is making millions off of kids, and the numerous other problems sports create. The things that always create that escape for me have been sports football not so much in the recent months when I watch the game now it’s not quite the same last weekend I washed a quarter and a half of the Packers game and then had to go watch boardwalk empire because it’s just difficult. Even though it’s been difficult there’s that aspect for me that’s weird a team in the colts that have played above expectation and a majority of people thought they wouldn’t be in the spot there in now and on the other side the Packers defense is questionable a call goes in their favor so who knows. If it is the Packers and colts I’ll have a Guinness and five beers of my choice and it will be one of those random things and something I didn’t expect.

I remember when I was a child I used to play basketball all the time. I would pretend I was Perdue and I would announce the game and be the 10 players on the court all at the same time. I had a hero named Reggie Lewis he was undersized people didn’t expect much and yet he came out and dominated. I remember when he died later in life I learned it was a Coke overdose but he was a good guy we all have demons and he did a lot for Boston they still do memorials for him there. on that date for me the NBA changed it was different and it took part of me that I’ve never really gain back.

Baseball is my overall therapy maybe because it’s relaxing, or maybe it’s because of the game I despise so long because I thought it was a sighted game. After my grandma died I saw how my grandpa would put on a game and fall asleep he seems so peaceful and happy during those times that when I finally gained appreciation for the game I understand it. This week alone I’ve been angry at two different blind issues and it’s easy to get lost in things that really don’t concern us but when you witness a miracle and sports you’ll never forget it. i’ll never forget watching Carrie would strike out 20 with my grandpa or watching Jordan play every weekend on NBC with him. Sometimes he would turn the TV sound down and I would play basketball being the Chicago Bulls playing the team they were playing. I don’t know what will happen this weekend but of the 2 underdogs dogs end up playing each other in the Super Bowl to be a little miracle for me. If they don’t it won’t be a heartbreaker but I just find it interesting. I just thought I would write a positive story so many people focus on downside of things but it gets to me. For me one thing I’ll never forget is with my dad and I went to Arizona and watch spring training together we never really done anything like that sometimes I wish we could do it more but it’s one of those trips that was just fun because it was father son and a game. Same for my trip to Green Bay over so many things about the trip as one thing I’ll never forget it was caould for October but it was brother brother and the game.


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