The today show raising a puppy for guiding eyes

Today my friend Kim on Facebook posted an article I saw where the today show is going to raise a puppy for a guide dog school. I think that is really cool, and maybe a good learning opportunity for the public. Then I decided to read some of the comments underneath that topic. I don’t think my feelings hurt too easily I just get angry that some people are allowed to have vision and yet cancer robbed me of mine. I just take you through how my mind works I read the article that they are going to be raising a puppy and I just go that’s nice. Apparently when people on Facebook read that they go who’s going to take care of it after the show is off? Are they just going to leave it in the studio after they leave? Who is going to clean up after it poops? Why can’t people just be happy about something and go oh that’s a nice cause? Maybe I’m losing touch with reality or maybe its isolation which I struggle with I just find people pretty damn annoying for the most part. Maybe it’s the fact I have a dog myself, and I see the good that they do where most people don’t have to worry about it. I just wish people would actually think before they speak we’re right on the Internet. That being said I guess I’m for freedom of speech so they can do what they want but it just shows the Ignorance that’s around guide dogs. Wouldn’t it be funny if Matt had to clean up poop? What are you four? It’s the same logic I posted about when it came to blind people with guns I mean I haven’t seen a blind school shooting yet or blind people killing a bunch of random strangers but I digress. I don’t know why get worked up about a segment of the population who mainly focus on who Kim Kardashian is fucking and what styles are popular but it just works me up sometimes.


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