Talking atlas

This morning around 3 AM I got an app for my iPad called talking Atlas. Is pretty amazing, because you can drag your finger around and feel the layout of the states mainly how they border each other and their shape. You have the option of different maps so they have North America South America Asia etc. as I’ve gotten older I pretty much understand know how America looks, but I’ve never really understood how other countries are shaped so this is pretty amazing. I mean even here actually being able to feel the Panhandle is neat. I think I mentioned this before I had a booklet of the United States in braille where I could feel different states and how their shaped, but I really didn’t have much access to things like this growing up. This morning I viewed Asia and Africa just viewing the countries and layouts.

Robin really upset me this morning I’m not going to tell you what she did to embarrass her but just know she is not on the very happy list right now. She will start to be quarantined to the crate at night if that’s the way she’s going to act. i’m a little angry with her usual I get happy to see her in the morning but when I saw what she did I didn’t hug her at all so she can lay in time out for a while. Dogs I hope they can feel my disappointment. I didn’t verbally get angry with her because I didn’t catch her in the act so it doesn’t do any good but she should know better.


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