Two questions I got asked recently and some thoughts for the new year

Dear Jesus it’s cold outside! i’m just happy I feel 100% after my New Year’s sickness! i’m listening to Pandora as I write this and it’s playing Cadillac ranch I’ll be back in a few minutes. Alright I’m back that was a classic as I like to call those the Fisher-Price days when I used to play tapes in my bedroom! A few quick notes I want to say thank you to the person who left me some Kuhars light and a shirt as a Christmas gift on my door I’m enjoying them now! It was anonymous but whoever did that really is winning my heart right now as a cold beer is going down great!
Two questions I got asked recently which kind of flabbergasted me one I took a cab to a restaurant Friday and the guy is soon as we started talking said it must be hard to be blind? I said it’s not that bad I’ve been dealing with it my whole life. I know people fear losing sight probably more than anything because it’s the most crucial and it is depressing sometimes I won’t lie but for me I would rather be in my spot then 1 million other conditions I read about daily. I just really wanted to have a conversation like hey how are you what are you doing? Instead he pretty much pitied me right off the bat whatever I just thought it was interesting. The second question came from a lady in a wheelchair not that that’s important but I just found her question interesting because I’m sure she gets asked the same to a degree. She actually asked me what is it that someone would get a blind person for Christmas? honestly believe it or not that question was hard for me to answer because the older I get the less I really need if that makes sense I just enjoy small things like being with family sort of. Lol. It really intrigues me what people think about like that blind people’s lives are so depressing we just sit around and do nothing I don’t get it honestly. obviously depending on what the person interests are are going to matter what they would want for Christmas. I just found those two things strange and they stayed with me the last week.

I’ve gone through a bout recently with Facebook whether not I want to stay on there do you know how difficult it is to create an account without Facebook? christ it’s challenging. I just get tired of peoples fakeness really I don’t really know how to describe it but I’m just sort of tired of it. Of course I could just be going through an isolation. Who knows. My mom got me a new acoustic guitar for Christmas so I’ve been playing a lot the last week as well as watching boardwalk empire! Boardwalk Empire is great I’m averaging about three episodes at night and during the weekend I killed around two seasons. I learned how to play Erin Lewis’s New song called stuck in these shoes. I’m working on a third verse for it it’s coming along but I really like it and it sounds great on the guitar so that’s what I’ve been doing!


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