Holiday party fight it’s not worth it

So on Friday night the girl I’ve been hanging out with for a little while invited me to a holiday get together. She had some of her coworkers and friends there. I knew no one! so I found a conversation where people were talking about sports so I thought hey this will work for me. I have my in. so I made a comment and a guy said what would you know you can’t see it? now I have never really gotten into too many altercations, but I nearly punch this guy but I restrained and said go fuck yourself probably again not the best choice of words but I didn’t hit him. I think the only time I ever really gotten to a close altercation would’ve been with Lance in the seventh grade when we were teasing another kid. Anyway word got back to her what happen so on Saturday she call me after the Chapelle show. She asked me what happened so I told her my side and she said that I shouldn’t behave like that. I said well imagine if you were in a room full of guys and you made a comment and they said well you’re a woman what do you know how would you feel? that did not prove anything or explain or show her anything on how I felt. I think it may have agitated her actually. she started cussing at me and I said why are you yelling? And finally she said I don’t want to see you anymore. that my friends is why demolished a whole cheesecake on Sunday was pretty damn good.


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