Year in review

Every entertainment source has one of these at the end of the year, so I figured I’d do one as well. This is my year in review. I started this blog in March, and it’s been doing good numbers. Even when I don’t update frequently people stumble upon it. I don’t know how much good it’s doing, but maybe for what it’s worth it will help someone, or it provides you a laugh. This year has been tough. I went from being real up in the beginning to probably the lowest I’ve been in a long time with the loss of a friend. This weekend I plan on doing some shopping I got robin’s Christmas gift in mind I just have to go buy it I’m getting her a pig, because the one she has is getting torn up. She loves it, a lot of times at night I will reach down on the ground and she is lying below me with the pig between her paws. She has been more destructive with her toys lately, but maybe it’s because I’m home more. I’m also going to Dave Chappelle Saturday night, so that should be a fun time.

In January I was working with a radio company as a consultant working with shows that were struggling for ratings. I loved it, and did well with show out of Nashville. It wasn’t what I pictured myself doing, but I really enjoyed it. I got fired in March, well more like I quit and was fired. We just had a difference of opinion.

In March I went out to Phoenix for a television job with the Backs. I didn’t get it, but loved the opportunity. If I ever retire Arizona will be where I head. I got lost by taking the wrong bus, but with GPS I found my way. I just kept singing amazing grace you know that part where they say I was lost but now I’m found. Gaps have come so far in my lifetime it really is an amazing tool. Plus it’s easy to be lost when it’s 90 not so much when it’s 30 like today.

In May I went to New York and sat in during the O&A show at Sirius. This was an amazing experience. Those guys are great, and after hating them for years they’ve helped me through some tough times. I saw the empire state building, and went to Philadelphia to watch horse racing and see my first Phillies game. That was a great trip. I also got to see Niels house out in Philly I miss him here, but glad he is doing well. I thought I had found a great girlfriend, but oh boy did that go downhill quickly. I also enjoyed traveling on the east coast; besides the traffic it’s pretty nice.

In August I was homeless for 3 weeks. That was a weird experience. I will say this never try and beat the system. I tried to save money and lost. Thankfully Natalie, Jerry, and Lee hooked me up with places to stay. I’m glad to be in my house now. Robin is happy to have a routine and her toys again I think she was confused for that time period. She still had me though and was a good sport. That dog has seen so much since I’ve gotten her. I miss Lee’s cooking though.

In September I moved in to my house the first I believe. I’ve enjoyed every second of it. It’s true I’m becoming quite the handyman. It gives you pride to take care of something, and make it your own.

In September the news of Ethan’s suicide changed me. For the first week after I just listened to books everything else just seemed irrelevant. I regretted not calling him the Friday before or even that morning. I was struggling with a depression of my own, and kept to myself. It’s not that I feel I would have changed things, but I don’t know. He was away on duty for the summer so we hadn’t talked a lot lately. I think about him every day. Sometimes I cry sometimes I smile. I have a hard time sleeping a full night’s sleep anyway, so that’s when I think back about a memory. He’ll always be with me as that person who I write about constantly in this blog that just gets it. I complain all the time about people that don’t, and rarely do I focus on the ones that do. That gives me strength to keep moving, that he treated me like anyone else I miss that, but in the 9 years I knew him it’s equal to a full lifetime. I remember when I moved to Louisville his first visit here he really got me over being homesick. Every time he’d visit after that it felt more and more like Louisville was becoming my home. He’ll always be here with me.

It’s taken me 2 weeks to write this part, because I wanted to do it right. I began the year with my little brother I was mentoring tried to commit suicide, and they were able to pump his system clean. He’s undergoing therapy, and is in a blind school now which is helping him. The pain of this all is just difficult, and I just don’t know. I went back and forth if I wanted to say anything, but I felt that I always talk about the funny times, but I really just enjoyed just hanging around watching YouTube videos or playing videogames. I just miss those things. I loved him because I just felt normal around him something that seems to be a struggle for me these days.

I’ve been working at getting my house ready for the Christmas get together with my family! I’m excited to see them. there’s going to be a lot of people here at one time but I’m excited. Today while I was getting my haircut I had a new lady cutting my hair so as a joke when she finished she said how does it look I said if she got me the mirror and moved it closer I would be able to tell her. I finally told her that I couldn’t see it all she thought it was funny. I think she felt kind of bad for ask me that question so I ended up tipping her well so I wasn’t an asshole hopefully. I’ve put my resume together for a few sporting jobs that I heard about so we will see. I went to Dave Chapelle last night with my friend Chris it was great seeing him. I think in life you will fail more than you will succeed but if you stop trying all together youlol never know. I just made that shit up I should start writing for fortune cookies. I had to end this somehow positively the last two paragraphs took me around 2 1/2 weeks to write, because every time I started I got emotional. Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and let’s have a good New Year.


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