Christmas lights boy this should be a hoot

As I said when I started this blog today is great to be blind versus any other generation. Even in my life I’ve seen time diminish significantly when trying to complete tasks. granted you have to probably spend a little more money to do so, but it’s way worth it in the end. for example I noticed today Robin was out of food, so I decided to use Lyft and go to feeder supply. I went the driver actually went in and help me get the kind of food I needed and then went to Arby’s and was home within 15 minutes. The same trip using public transportation or door-to-door service would’ve taken at least two or three hours. I know because before we had services such as Lyft I faced that. In fact a lot of times I would go to Walmart because I could hit subway and do my shopping and one trip versus having to go to different places. so even with my struggles I welcome Lyft and Uber. My driver pick me up at 10 and I was back home by 1034 with the hot Cordon Bleu chicken from Arby’s. hopefully dictation got that right.

On Friday after I wrote my blog this girl Jessica came to my house so Taylor left and we watched a movie and hung out. Today we’re going to go look at some Christmas lights I’m not sure how that will be for me but I will pretend and make light of it as usual. I bought a MacBook air so I’ve been spending a lot of my day learning things with that. I’ve gone back-and-forth whether or not I really wanted a computer and I settled with that it definitely is nice helping me do things I can’t do from my iPad or iPhone.

My final thing today is I would’ve been great in the 50s. i’ve been listening to some bing Crosby and realize I have a pretty deep voice and I would’ve sold millions of Christmas albums. That’s what I tell myself in the shower anyway.


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