I’m working on a year in review that should be up in a few days. Writing it it’s weird because the year started out so well and has ended kind of poorly. hey Kentucky I applied for the offense of Cordinator job I haven’t heard back my red hair would fit in well with stoops.

Yesterday I went out and my friend Jerry came over and we examined the crawlspace. I stay with Lee and Jerry this summer when I didn’t have a house they are two of my favorite people in Louisville. I think now I’ve been in every part of my house I don’t know what I imagined a crawlspace would look like i’ve always have basements but it was actually kind of interesting. I found my main water shut off because there’s not one in my house. I’m really liking having the house.

After they left I pretty much watched the championship games and cuddle with Robin. The games went like I expected no real shocker. The best game to me was Florida State Georgia Tech. I give this playoff system with four teams about two years and they will go to eight. I mean right now you have TCU S3 and Baylor as six the only loss TCU has is to Baylor. Baylor did lose to West Virginia which was pretty embarrassing but Ohio State lost to Virginia Tech so I don’t know.

Friday night myself and Matt thought we could walk to sonic on Hurstbourne. It was pouring down rain and neither of us had been there. we were not successful I did find a few cool garages but not sonic and I got soaked. I fell asleep during halftime of the Kentucky game and Matt woke me up asking me if I wanted Amanda to bring us McDonald’s? that was a no-brainer so she did and then we ended up having a little wine. they had this one at their house that tasted like bourbon it was amazing. i’m not much of a wine drinker or it tends to be too sweet for me but I did like that.

That’s really all I have nothing to profound just a little about the weekend. Right now I’m just laying in my bed watching Mike and Molly. I may watch some NFL probably not I still haven’t gotten back into it for whatever reason it’s just a little difficult for me right now. By the end of the week I’m hoping the year in review is ready by that time as well hopefully I have all of my Christmas shopping done. I think I’m just going to take my niece to the Disney store and let her pick out something she wants. It’s so hard to keep up with what she has from frozen or my little pony. They are coming to my house for Christmas at this point.


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