One of the best thanksgivings in a long time and it’s okay if you pity me if you give me free booze.

I was so tired when I wrote that last message, because I was anticipating what the buffet would be like. To give you an idea I went to sleep around 9 o’clock Wednesday evening woke up around one and could not sleep again until about 9 o’clock Thursday morning. I got about two hours sleep before I went and took a shower. just like Robin I anticipate a lot it makes sense that I got her. we fit each other’s personalities pretty easily. I have to honestly say I haven’t had that much fun in a long time. I rarely get to be around families so that was a cool experience. A lot of the people I know have really young kids or none. I really just like the conversation. I haven’t done the buffet thing in a long time in a setting like that, so I was pretty nervous as I said before. Once you get your food it’s kind of like a free-for-all whatever you get on your fork is what you get so that was a little difficult and stressful but it worked out. I think honestly I just overthink everything and overanalyze everything and it makes things exhausting. As I’ve gotten older though it is strange things that used to never bug me or I would never think about tend to stick out. for example I wonder how I look eating Two other people that’s something that would never bothered me before. It’s not just this time so I don’t want Leslie to be offended it’s happened a lot probably in the last two years. When I go out with someone new or meet a new friend or whatever the case may be I get a little apprehensive. no one wants to be out with a slob you know? It’s not that I’m messy when I eat by myself or anything it’s just I’m a lot less tactful. I think one thing that kind of makes it harder for me is I learned everything in public school so I had a teacher that would teach me braille or Atticus see but not in the same manner they would add a blind school. I think in certain situations I wish I had gone to a blind school for a period of time to learn little things I learned on my own. for example my parents never showed me how to use a knife I taught myself so I probably don’t do it correctly but it gets the damn job done. The same was shaving even the older I get I feel razors get shittier. I think mine has 10 blades on it but it cuts worse than One with one. I remember being like 15 and just telling myself I’m going to use a razor and cut my facial hair. It was pretty much common sense I don’t remember anything crazy happening.

Anyway back to dinner so it went really well and I really enjoyed spending time with them. I enjoy them for giving me the opportunity to share the holiday with. It definitely made it enjoyable and not so lonely.

Today I went to the Kentucky Louisville game Neil came in town for their family stuff today and we met up for the game. What a game! Louisville starting quarterback went down so they went to their third string quarterback and he had a heck of a game! Neel and I played basketball and it went pretty well I was going for the ball though once and I kind of fell over a picnic table bench. it bruised up my kneecaps a little but I’m okay. that’s what happens with friends when something at first happens they verbally tell you everything then when you get to know someone it becomes funny when you fall over something. I have to agree. and meals the fence he really wasn’t paying attention when I was doing.

I’ve often commented hear about my irritation about accessible things when it comes to television. through the application tunein Radio you can listen to what’s called It is basically shows that have audio description of what’s going on I don’t listen to it much but today I got to hear an episode of South Park with description which was pretty interesting. There are just things I will never understand about the United States we can have all this freedom but yet where controlled a lot by media companies and big business which dictates lack of freedom in certain cases. I am overall thankful to be from here I just don’t understand the lack of progression on services such as audio description. I don’t mind watching television without audio description but I just find certain shows more enjoyable with it. Especially when I’m alone. by now I really should have the option and shouldn’t have to seek out underground projects to get it. For example even program such as Netflix just added programs for the hearing impaired but no audio description for the blind I just don’t get it. Why in the video market are we so limited and often times left out?

I talked to Taylor Thursday night and I told her that I wasn’t interested in a relationship I just wanted to be friends if she could do that. I really do enjoy her company as far as going shopping and getting things that are difficult to get online. I did try to go shoe shopping on my own and the sales lady was like what do you want what color I really have no idea. when she offered it just made sense I made things a lot easier.

One more thing about the game Neil often is my pilot when we go somewhere random so he doesn’t get a drink, but since we stayed in Louisville his wife drop us off at the game so we were able to go tailgating. Since it was Louisville Kentucky I wanted to experience that. It’s crazy 10 years ago I probably would’ve fallen asleep somewhere Random, but now I wanted to remember things it’s weird how you progress. haha I was pretty stupid back in my younger days. One great thing about being blind though is a lot of times people give you free alcohol which is great so thank you! i’m sure if I were a beautiful woman this would be an every day occurrence I’m not either one of those things so i’ll take your pity for free booze and that’s my great advice for the day. I don’t think everyone who gives me free alcohol pities me that’s not what I’m trying to say but they don’t offer it to everyone and it’s very ironic they offer it to the person with a disability but you know I’m not complaining. it’s just something I noticed over the years.


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