Vent check and some housework

Yesterday was beautiful after having 3 inches of snow it felt great to have temperatures in the 60s. Robin’s shedding again so I brushed her outside I think her hair is confused. After that I walked around my house checking the Vents one piece of Styrofoam I knew was in the rosebush so retrieving it I met a few thorns. I honestly have not walked around my whole house since moving in I had no reason to so it was kind of neat feeling along the side of the house finding different things. I also got in the crawlspace and played with a few of the breakers in the box. I just wanted to familiarize myself with things in case something happens.

After that I watch the Notre Dame game where Louisville was victorious in a closer game than I thought. It was nice to sit outside again and be in the sun. I’ve been using a system called Sonos for the last three weeks and have been enjoying it it’s cut down on my TV watching my Pandora listening his way up. And my mind is elsewhere so I will write another post later with what’s on my mind.


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