7 feet of snow no thank you

The last two nights have involve me coming home falling asleep on my couch. Last night though I put on a radio station from Buffalo to listen to the news from there. I went and laid down and as soon as I did Robin came up and lay next to me which is unusual. When she was really young I never allowed around my furniture and she still doesn’t get on there much except when I’m not paying attention to her. I fell asleep about a half hour with her next to me and woke up around 130. 7 feet of snow in Buffalo that is crazy shit! out of all of the obstacles in life for me snow was the most difficult! One thing about mobility that people probably take for granted or don’t realize is you can tell a lot with your feet. While walking I use my feet to tell me a lot about the area around me change and pavement and other things. I don’t use Robin around my house or outside my house I know pretty much where I am by just my feet. well them and of course my ears.

I was doing a lot of comparing between Indiana and Kentucky in the last post or novel or whatever the hell that was. One thing I love about Louisville versus Indiana is they don’t create a hazard when plowing the snow. i’ve never really had an issue walking down the sidewalks here in the winter time of course we don’t get as much snow but one thing that used to irritate me is in Indiana they were just pile it all on the sidewalk basically rendering a lot of streets useless. One time I didn’t listen to Robin I was in a hurry to go to Walmart and get something for a class and I was going to be late for the bus she just stopped abruptly on the sidewalk. I stuck out my foot and noticed snow but we had to get to the bus stop. I commanded her forward but she did not go, so I just drop the harness took her leash and stepped in a snow pile up to my breastbone. I think it was about 4 feet wide so by the time I got out of it I was pretty soaked and so was she. I did make the bus though. haha

I can’t even imagine being in snow that deep or what you would do. Like I was saying earlier it’s very easy to lose track of where you are when the ground is covered. i’m sure they’re blind people that think I’m crazy but I dislikes know more than anything because it definitely makes it more challenging for me. wind can be annoying but only when you’re listening to traffic it doesn’t really bother me so much while walking. On Monday I got down to 10° and I have a crawlspace and the vents are open so I was worried that my pipes might freeze so I ran the water a little this weekend it’s warming back up so I’m going to go outside and find events close them creating a better environment for my pipes. I have no idea where they are exactly are but I have no doubt that I will find them. I will post my success story or if I’m not successful I will post that as well later.

Do you know what I find alarming the most about the buffalo story? It’s not the inconvenience of life or possible emergency situations that really make the news it’s the fact that buffalo move there NFL game to Detroit. Call me crazy but when the Buffalo Bills or the NFL make a two-minute news story mainly about them and not the quality of life actual residents are facing is quite alarming. I don’t really have much else to say on the situation out there just found it weird.

Just a final thought as well I recently hit 9000 views and think that’s pretty impressive for not doing much advertising and just posting things. So thank you for reading over the past few months. I will try and be more consistent one thing I was thinking is I often talk about how people just can’t figure out how blind people do certain things so maybe I will try and post more of a daily update on just little things. like the vent situation outside on my crawlspace.


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