I’m not gender confused just blind

Today started off innocently enough I needed a pair of new shoes so I called a friend of mine Taylor to see what she was doing. I hate shopping with guys, because it never goes well. they think just like me let’s get in and get out. I needed someone who understood shopping. what makes it a little weird as I used to date her, but those feelings are long gone. Anyway I go get a new pair of shoes and in the process I hear about this game being played at Georgetown tomorrow were all the benefits go to assist A woman by the name of Lauren hill. no not the rapper I checked. Her story is pretty amazing she has brain cancer. She went to high school in Indiana and the proceeds from tomorrow’s game assist her with surgery cost. I won’t be able to go to the game tomorrow night but I wanted to see if we could donate something so we drove to Georgetown. This is where the story that was going to tell you starts everything else was just the beginning.

On the way I had to go to the bathroom, so I told Taylor to find a gas station. She asked me if I needed her to assist me in and show me where it was? I said no, because I could just ask somebody inside. I get into the gas station, and I’m pretty sure the person didn’t really understand I was visually impaired or totally blind and my case. I don’t know why am trying to be politically correct in my own damn blog. I asked the lady where the men’s bathroom is and she said behind you there is a hall and at the end on the left is the door you need. I proceed and found the door. I found three stalls and no urinals but just thought to myself okay I’ll just kick the lit up and go. I did not push on all three doors just realized I did not see any urinals. So I do my business and flush the toilet and I get ready to open the door to walk to the sink and as I do so I hear this scream and it’s not mail. At this point I’m not sure what to do. The only thing that really managed to come out was ma’am sorry I’m not gender confused I’m just blind. apparently I had been saving that line for a moment just like that it still makes me laugh writing this. I wash my hands awkwardly because I felt I should do so the lady did not say a word to me I again said sorry and walked out the door. When I was getting ready to leave I said the next time you have a blind person in here please do not mix up your directions or get a braille sign. I haven’t really shared many blinde moments and just thought I would share this one it was somewhat embarrassing but honestly I had no clue. The scream really made me nervous.


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