Home maintenance

Since I’ve bought my house I’ve been learning a lot becoming somewhat of a handyman. my friend Jerry who I stay with for a week and transition to my house told me this would happen. I never really believed it, because honestly I’ve never really done a lot of maintenance. i’m more of a technology person. If you ask me to assemble a surround sound system I’ll figure it out. Recently I changed the flapper on my toilet and the handle itself. I found out my shut off valve does not work for my toilet and there is not one on the inside of my house, so I did it with the water running. It only took me honestly about 30 seconds to fasten it on and everything was fine. I’ done a few other things and I’m really enjoying learning these new skills. When I met Jerry he told me he built houses. It kind of amazes me because I never thought of a blind person being able to do something like that. Yes I guess I put some limitations on us. I think rather than us being blind and having limitations I see it now as some of us have different skill sets that’s true for cited it or blind people. you can always learn something new yes well I probably will never build a house from scratch like Jerry I can save myself some money and figure it out. Truthfully if I mess up he’s just a FaceTime or call away. When I was younger I wish I had played more with tools and building but that was my brothers forte I was outside shooting baskets banging my shins on plow blades my dad would leave in the yard a lot of good that did for me now, but give me bad shinsplints. haha


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