Prank calls!

What memory I’ve been thinking about lately is how in college I started prank calling places with my friends. My friend Ethan or Paul I’m not sure which now found this place called the Sybaris. It basically is a place where people go and have sex you pay by the hour. They had this really dumb jingle Ethan sent me in an email at one point. During the day sometimes the pass the time we would call the Sybaris and I would harass the workers. One call I remember and detail where I asked her about the rooms they had and if I could rent softcore or hard-core pornography? I told her I was bringing my girlfriend and finally got to the point where I asked her if she would join in? That was the point she hung up. We literally talked about 15 minutes before that point.

I got tickets to the March madness tournament here in Louisville two or three years ago. I originally invited my friend Denny but he couldn’t make it and so I called Ethan last minute and he came down. We went to the first set of games just fine! Then we decided to go to a restaurant to eat everything was packed but we found a pub on forth street I have been to a few times. It’s now close which makes me sad a bit but oh well continue with the story. I’m dictating of had a few beers so sorry about the mistakes. It’s been a crazy night I’ll explain at the end. Not real crazy I mean but I went out and made a decision on a job and radio. Anyway we went to this place and ate dinner we had a hard time getting a table but we finally got one this guy came over and talk to us for a second and I remember he farted and then walked away. We had started drinking at this point so it was a bit funny for some reason. After dinner Kentucky was playing but we never made it back to the games we decided to go outside and listen to the concert instead. I honestly didn’t feel like drinking at the time but ethan said this girl got me something so I should drink later on I found out he was just buying them for me and saying so but I guess it worked at the time. I left Robin at home so I had my cane. I remember we went into a club where again he told me a girl bought me some drinks but it was just him I don’t even know what they were they were orange flavored. We sat on the couch and talk for a while and we both said and felt rain on us which was weird because there’s a second level I’m not exactly sure what the water was so we moved. Looking back I’m glad I drink now because it was a really good time not because of alcohol but it was just funny. He was going to drive home but I decided we had too much so we took a cab instead and the next day we went back and got his car but when we got home I decided to call the dating service through the phone that they advertise late night on television. That was sort of another tradition we would do. Of course we would never be serious I would get someone on the phone and then pretty much just be as disgusting as I could be. We only had 60 minutes so you might as well use it well. I don’t know what really made me think of this memory but I just thought I would share it always made me happy!

I have an opportunity to do some sporting events this weekend as far as production on the radio. I’ve really been thinking about it not going through with it a few weeks ago I went to the LSU game with my friend Neil and it was pretty amazing. I really miss radio it’s my passion. I’ve taken the last six months off not really by choice but so I didn’t get sued and I’m really thinking about getting back into it. If I do though it will be on my terms I don’t really want to travel around so much anymore I like being home. The last few months I really do thank Opie, Denny, and Phil no particular order they’ve been there every step of the way for me I can’t thank them enough and I love them throw Carlos in there as well. I have an opportunity to go to Green Bay and do some production for the Packers game thanks to an email I sent about a month ago. I was going to do something else just take a road trip but I’m not sure. I’ll let you know when I finally decide I really have to know tomorrow I was there will be hard to go back to Green Bay I haven’t been watching NFL much lately. I’ve caught a few quarters here and there but overall just haven’t had the interest. I really had a interest and production lately versus broadcasting I just love radio and general something always draws me back to it. Opie keeps nudging me to come back ironically I met a a Louisville personality today and we had a pretty good conversation about the Cardinals the crazy Kentucky Wildcats how great their gonna be in basketball this year it was kind of an interesting conversation. For the record I think the 40 and zero predictions are a little crazy that’s very difficult and they’re very young. Regardless of the talent you’re going to have a few growing pains.


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