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Audio description analysis

I just thought I would comment on something I talked about earlier which is audio description. I thought people might find this interesting but if not sorry. I just watched two episodes of lawn order with audio description and thought these thoughts. I was surprised how much sexual content I miss. obviously not the verbal but just the way the descriptor describes scantily dressed women or in one scene in particular women on their knees with zippers unzipped etc. if there was no description I would’ve picked up definitely on the escorts but not really what was going on. He mentioned and one saying there was cocaine on the table and I thought that was interesting I’m surprised they showed actual cocaine or what look like cocaine in a scene. apparently I’m still on the 60s in my mind where you know people slept in separate beds in the same room. Watch tons of law and order undescribed and I’ve never gotten this kind of description before. I also watch tuna half men and thought the description during a sitcom was a bit much. again for me there are times when I think it’s necessary and sometimes I don’t I just would like the option on cable satellite U-verse etc. in one scene of that a girl had a tattoo on her butt cheek that the kid Jake saw I would’ve probably picked up on this later in the episode when he drew a Picture of it but the descriptor pointed that out immediately because it was relevant to The storyline. anyway I thought I would give my opinion since I’m actually hearing newer television shows that I’ve seen with and without description now to get an idea how it changes things for us.

One of the best thanksgivings in a long time and it’s okay if you pity me if you give me free booze.

I was so tired when I wrote that last message, because I was anticipating what the buffet would be like. To give you an idea I went to sleep around 9 o’clock Wednesday evening woke up around one and could not sleep again until about 9 o’clock Thursday morning. I got about two hours sleep before I went and took a shower. just like Robin I anticipate a lot it makes sense that I got her. we fit each other’s personalities pretty easily. I have to honestly say I haven’t had that much fun in a long time. I rarely get to be around families so that was a cool experience. A lot of the people I know have really young kids or none. I really just like the conversation. I haven’t done the buffet thing in a long time in a setting like that, so I was pretty nervous as I said before. Once you get your food it’s kind of like a free-for-all whatever you get on your fork is what you get so that was a little difficult and stressful but it worked out. I think honestly I just overthink everything and overanalyze everything and it makes things exhausting. As I’ve gotten older though it is strange things that used to never bug me or I would never think about tend to stick out. for example I wonder how I look eating Two other people that’s something that would never bothered me before. It’s not just this time so I don’t want Leslie to be offended it’s happened a lot probably in the last two years. When I go out with someone new or meet a new friend or whatever the case may be I get a little apprehensive. no one wants to be out with a slob you know? It’s not that I’m messy when I eat by myself or anything it’s just I’m a lot less tactful. I think one thing that kind of makes it harder for me is I learned everything in public school so I had a teacher that would teach me braille or Atticus see but not in the same manner they would add a blind school. I think in certain situations I wish I had gone to a blind school for a period of time to learn little things I learned on my own. for example my parents never showed me how to use a knife I taught myself so I probably don’t do it correctly but it gets the damn job done. The same was shaving even the older I get I feel razors get shittier. I think mine has 10 blades on it but it cuts worse than One with one. I remember being like 15 and just telling myself I’m going to use a razor and cut my facial hair. It was pretty much common sense I don’t remember anything crazy happening.

Anyway back to dinner so it went really well and I really enjoyed spending time with them. I enjoy them for giving me the opportunity to share the holiday with. It definitely made it enjoyable and not so lonely.

Today I went to the Kentucky Louisville game Neil came in town for their family stuff today and we met up for the game. What a game! Louisville starting quarterback went down so they went to their third string quarterback and he had a heck of a game! Neel and I played basketball and it went pretty well I was going for the ball though once and I kind of fell over a picnic table bench. it bruised up my kneecaps a little but I’m okay. that’s what happens with friends when something at first happens they verbally tell you everything then when you get to know someone it becomes funny when you fall over something. I have to agree. and meals the fence he really wasn’t paying attention when I was doing.

I’ve often commented hear about my irritation about accessible things when it comes to television. through the application tunein Radio you can listen to what’s called It is basically shows that have audio description of what’s going on I don’t listen to it much but today I got to hear an episode of South Park with description which was pretty interesting. There are just things I will never understand about the United States we can have all this freedom but yet where controlled a lot by media companies and big business which dictates lack of freedom in certain cases. I am overall thankful to be from here I just don’t understand the lack of progression on services such as audio description. I don’t mind watching television without audio description but I just find certain shows more enjoyable with it. Especially when I’m alone. by now I really should have the option and shouldn’t have to seek out underground projects to get it. For example even program such as Netflix just added programs for the hearing impaired but no audio description for the blind I just don’t get it. Why in the video market are we so limited and often times left out?

I talked to Taylor Thursday night and I told her that I wasn’t interested in a relationship I just wanted to be friends if she could do that. I really do enjoy her company as far as going shopping and getting things that are difficult to get online. I did try to go shoe shopping on my own and the sales lady was like what do you want what color I really have no idea. when she offered it just made sense I made things a lot easier.

One more thing about the game Neil often is my pilot when we go somewhere random so he doesn’t get a drink, but since we stayed in Louisville his wife drop us off at the game so we were able to go tailgating. Since it was Louisville Kentucky I wanted to experience that. It’s crazy 10 years ago I probably would’ve fallen asleep somewhere Random, but now I wanted to remember things it’s weird how you progress. haha I was pretty stupid back in my younger days. One great thing about being blind though is a lot of times people give you free alcohol which is great so thank you! i’m sure if I were a beautiful woman this would be an every day occurrence I’m not either one of those things so i’ll take your pity for free booze and that’s my great advice for the day. I don’t think everyone who gives me free alcohol pities me that’s not what I’m trying to say but they don’t offer it to everyone and it’s very ironic they offer it to the person with a disability but you know I’m not complaining. it’s just something I noticed over the years.

Thanksgiving, Kentucky Louisville game, and a few other thoughts.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families! The holidays since I’ve moved to Kentucky have been a little weird because I have to work the day before and day after usually so I haven’t really been able to go home on the actual holiday since I’ve moved. Last Christmas eve I worked in Lexington on the radio and watched home alone. you know is crazy about that day is I just wanted some damn Papa John’s on Christmas and I thought I could obtain that goal but I could not so I sat at home alone and ate some shitty TV dinner. I’m independent though so I guess that’s something. haha

Today I’m going downtown and eating at a restaurant with my friend Leslie and her children. I’m looking forward to but I’m nervous about the fact it’s a buffet. I think I’ve written about them before whenever I have to go outside my comfort zone anymore especially I really don’t like that. Buffets present this challenge to me that I just don’t like. I’m trying to work through it so I’m sure it will be fun. I’m excited to meet her family.

Saturday I’m going to the Kentucky Louisville game and I was speaking to Taylor and I said I might wear my Louisville had a Kentucky shirt. In my last post I said I root for Louisville more which is true I just really want the state to do well either way but I will be rooting for Louisville. This lad Taylor to say things like this just proves you can’t commit to someone. So I like the game of football and basketball and just because I have clothing from both teams means I have commitment issues? In my life I’ve made a lot of mistakes I’ve allowed jealousy to ruin a great relationship and friendship and I’ve learned from that. I don’t really know why things happen the way they do, but I feel you have to grow from every experience. i’ve never cheated on anyone because I know how that feels and I wouldn’t do that. However that being said I’ve stumbled upon something recently that I’m working on or trying to work through I guess. I’m not sure I really like myself or that I love myself if that makes sense? I don’t know there’s a lot of reasons things I don’t want to get into right now but I’m just trying to get to a point where I feel okay. I feel like things I phot to not become I’ve become. Recently I’ve become agitated with my blindness and I feel a little bitter which I’ve never wanted it just sort of has happened. I think when I first started this blog I wrote I used to think one day with my blindness I would just completely understand everything but I don’t think that’s the case probably because of society pressures culture and other factors you always will be dealing with something related to it.

I think she read this blog but whatever it hasn’t stop me from saying something before. lol The other night Taylor asked me if I would like to date again and I’m torn. The last time she broke up with me to go back out with an ex-boyfriend and that did not work out. I promise you since I’ve bought my house I’ve really not hung out with any women at all I get in this routine when I come home fall sleep on the couch going to work and do the same routine again. Occasionally I will have a bourbon or beer. I’ve been reading a lot and reminiscing on old memories and I’m not sure if I really want a relationship at this point. I don’t know really where the silver lining will be I’m sure I will find it in a weird way lately it’s with Kentucky sports radio and my Sonos. oh and Olivia Munn. I saw her on the newsroom recently and wow. you’re probably asking yourself what it is or how I can find someone attractive without seeing them and I don’t really know it’s just the way she carries herself I guess. I was working with the show a year ago well not really a year ago I guess like eight months ago and my whole goal was for them to be more fan friendly and they just never got it. If you can make haters listen to your show you have it going on. some people just don’t get that. anyway sorry I got off point. well I lost it so I guess I’ll save it for another day. I will write about my buffet experience the game maybe a party I’m going to tomorrow night so if I’m not into much pain on Sunday expect a post. I’m hoping to throw some darts this weekend I was talking about it with someone at work recently I love that game I’ve already lost my eyes so whatever. cheap blind joke ring the bell. Have a happy Thanksgiving and stay safe.

Vent check and some housework

Yesterday was beautiful after having 3 inches of snow it felt great to have temperatures in the 60s. Robin’s shedding again so I brushed her outside I think her hair is confused. After that I walked around my house checking the Vents one piece of Styrofoam I knew was in the rosebush so retrieving it I met a few thorns. I honestly have not walked around my whole house since moving in I had no reason to so it was kind of neat feeling along the side of the house finding different things. I also got in the crawlspace and played with a few of the breakers in the box. I just wanted to familiarize myself with things in case something happens.

After that I watch the Notre Dame game where Louisville was victorious in a closer game than I thought. It was nice to sit outside again and be in the sun. I’ve been using a system called Sonos for the last three weeks and have been enjoying it it’s cut down on my TV watching my Pandora listening his way up. And my mind is elsewhere so I will write another post later with what’s on my mind.

7 feet of snow no thank you

The last two nights have involve me coming home falling asleep on my couch. Last night though I put on a radio station from Buffalo to listen to the news from there. I went and laid down and as soon as I did Robin came up and lay next to me which is unusual. When she was really young I never allowed around my furniture and she still doesn’t get on there much except when I’m not paying attention to her. I fell asleep about a half hour with her next to me and woke up around 130. 7 feet of snow in Buffalo that is crazy shit! out of all of the obstacles in life for me snow was the most difficult! One thing about mobility that people probably take for granted or don’t realize is you can tell a lot with your feet. While walking I use my feet to tell me a lot about the area around me change and pavement and other things. I don’t use Robin around my house or outside my house I know pretty much where I am by just my feet. well them and of course my ears.

I was doing a lot of comparing between Indiana and Kentucky in the last post or novel or whatever the hell that was. One thing I love about Louisville versus Indiana is they don’t create a hazard when plowing the snow. i’ve never really had an issue walking down the sidewalks here in the winter time of course we don’t get as much snow but one thing that used to irritate me is in Indiana they were just pile it all on the sidewalk basically rendering a lot of streets useless. One time I didn’t listen to Robin I was in a hurry to go to Walmart and get something for a class and I was going to be late for the bus she just stopped abruptly on the sidewalk. I stuck out my foot and noticed snow but we had to get to the bus stop. I commanded her forward but she did not go, so I just drop the harness took her leash and stepped in a snow pile up to my breastbone. I think it was about 4 feet wide so by the time I got out of it I was pretty soaked and so was she. I did make the bus though. haha

I can’t even imagine being in snow that deep or what you would do. Like I was saying earlier it’s very easy to lose track of where you are when the ground is covered. i’m sure they’re blind people that think I’m crazy but I dislikes know more than anything because it definitely makes it more challenging for me. wind can be annoying but only when you’re listening to traffic it doesn’t really bother me so much while walking. On Monday I got down to 10° and I have a crawlspace and the vents are open so I was worried that my pipes might freeze so I ran the water a little this weekend it’s warming back up so I’m going to go outside and find events close them creating a better environment for my pipes. I have no idea where they are exactly are but I have no doubt that I will find them. I will post my success story or if I’m not successful I will post that as well later.

Do you know what I find alarming the most about the buffalo story? It’s not the inconvenience of life or possible emergency situations that really make the news it’s the fact that buffalo move there NFL game to Detroit. Call me crazy but when the Buffalo Bills or the NFL make a two-minute news story mainly about them and not the quality of life actual residents are facing is quite alarming. I don’t really have much else to say on the situation out there just found it weird.

Just a final thought as well I recently hit 9000 views and think that’s pretty impressive for not doing much advertising and just posting things. So thank you for reading over the past few months. I will try and be more consistent one thing I was thinking is I often talk about how people just can’t figure out how blind people do certain things so maybe I will try and post more of a daily update on just little things. like the vent situation outside on my crawlspace.

Unlike Mississippi State I know my place king of the threes

Earlier today I was discussing how Mississippi State isn’t a 4. They’re more like a 16 to me. Yes they’ve won some big games, but Kentucky hung in with them, and let’s face it Kentucky is improved, but they’re no Georgia or Alabama. I feel like sometimes teams get a hire ranking, and I think they should just know there roll. For example I know I’m not Bruno Mars or anything. I’m like a really strong 3, but when I start thinking I’m a 4 I get in to trouble. I have a real winning personality, but my circle tummy brings me down.

Anyway this is November, so I thought I would give thanks to a few things. Number one is my Robin. The past 6 years have been great, and real fast. I think of her as like my daughter, because she goes everywhere with me. I don’t know at this point if I’ll get another dog, but having her has truly been amazing and I wouldn’t trade it. She makes me feel more comfortable in larger crowds, and confidence. One story I haven’t told here yet is when I first got her I wasn’t sure we would work well together. It took her a long time to warm up to me in class. I remember I’d lie on the floor and she would scoot as far away from me as she could. When I came home with her I finished up college, and started looking for a job. It took me a year but that’s a different story. One night I laid down on the floor feeling defeated, because I had a job with Apple but because of things not being accessible they didn’t hire me. I had just gotten home from Denver from a bad interview. Things weren’t going well. Robin lies next to me, and put her paws around my neck in a hug. She’s never done it again, but that moment I think out of everything stands out as the day I felt we connected as a team. I’m often annoyed about how strangers think she is the brains of everything. People often say I bet she does a lot for you? I don’t really know what that means. Honestly I’ve had her 6 years, and that phrase still just bothers me. Do you mean be my eyes? Sure she does do a lot of seeing for us. Overall she is like the ship, and I’m the captain. I saw that analogy somewhere and liked it.

I’m thankful for being allowed the freedom to try anything I want. I’ve been researching heavily blind people in foreign countries and they do not have the same abilities as we do here. They may be told you’re going to be a masseuse and that’s the only choice you have. In other countries blind people are still shunned from a lot of society, and not given opportunity to thrive. I think it’s frustrating here in America, because so many blind people are living in poverty who is college educated and capable to do things, but people as a whole don’t really understand yet. It’s easy in this age to say we are all equal but that isn’t true. If I go to an interview regardless my education or skills I’d bet a majority of the time I will be not picked because sighted people put themselves in a place where they can’t picture how we can work. I have friends for many of years who still don’t get it. I have family who I’ve known my entire life that doesn’t get it. It’s why I took losing Ethan so hard, because he was one that just got it. I left Robin when I went to Green Bay and when we went to the Superbowl events downtown Indianapolis I never had my cane and his wife and him never made me feel uncomfortable. I’m grateful for those experiences, because for every negative one I try and remember positive ones.

I know lately maybe like the last 6 months or so I’ve been a bit more isolated. Staying at my house feels better than going out. Recently I’ve been attempting to go out, but I’m finding it difficult. At my house know one judge me or I don’t have to fumble around or live up to anything if that makes sense. I used to think it was just my new house, but I’m not sure if it’s not some sort of depression or something. When I can’t control the environment, or am outside my box I’m a bit more nervous than I used to be. I hate feeling like that, but I think recently I’ve felt different than I used to on how people view blind people and it bothers me. I’m sure I just think too much.

Last Friday night I was coming home in a cab, and we stopped and picked a lady up in a wheelchair. She was coming from the rodeo. The driver got out and let her out at her home. He got back in and I said its cold out there isn’t it? His response was I just don’t understand. I said what? She was at the rodeo with no man and alone for 5 hours, and she’s in a wheelchair. I tuned him out after that, but I was like why does it matter if she has a man or if she’s in a wheelchair? I’ll just never really understand. She was older, but my thought when I said hello to her was she is out doing something and that’s great. I don’t know why she was in a wheelchair maybe she had cancer or was in an accident but whatever the reason I was happy for her and don’t know why it really matters to him. Maybe it was a culture thing but was pretty dismayed.

I’m happy with apple as well for really working hard to fix issues with the IOS 8 software. When it first came out the tone your phone makes when dialing would get stuck and you’d have to restart the phone to get it to quit sometimes. Automated systems were a big pain. They’ve since fixed this which took a month. but I think blind people get frustrated because if that were happening to sighted people Apple would be all over the news for it. For us no press and we had no even time frame of a fix. Again I commend Apple for everything they’ve done just interesting to see how were viewed against the normal market. Take for example say when sighted people used the phone and a number held and didn’t let you keep going because you heard a tone I’m sure that fix would have been out in about 2 days if not faster.

We got are first snow recently, and Robin really is loving it outside. I really do like seeing her run around the yard, and I’m thankful I could fulfill that promise I made to myself that I would get her a yard one day.

Recently I went on a ride around Kentucky to do some things, and we were just driving and I had this feeling of sadness, because I couldn’t see the landscaping. I’ve never really experienced this much before, but I hated it. My friend Denny who lost his sight when he was 8 tells me that he goes through having those feelings a lot. Since I’ve never really seen anything I never gave thought to it, but I could smell the outside air, and just wondered what it would look like. I had a similar experience when I went to Arizona. Really for me the country feels the same especially with chain restaurants Louisville feels the same as Indianapolis. Once and a while I will get an acoustic difference like Chicago really is windier, or how I experienced snow thunder in Denver. I think people can be different. Overall I find Louisville much friendlier to walk around than I did in Indy or Muncie. On the other hand when I go to a store I find Indiana to be much better at than Louisville for the most part.

I went to the Kentucky game last night. I’ve been real fortunate to be able to go to a lot of different sporting events over the years. People ask me if I am for Louisville or Kentucky. I tend to be Louisville, but since I moved here later I can watch both. Kentucky fans annoy me more, but I don’t mind watching them play. I really like listening to Mat Jones lately someone I didn’t like forever, but he has grown on me. I will say this about him in an era where local talent is hard to find I give him props for sticking out and being different from your normal radio show. I hate having to listen to someone in Washington who has no connection to me in Louisville for laughter.

Three pages I really don’t know what I said here or if it is even worth posting, but those are my thoughts. I like to be as honest as I can some parts are harder to write about than others, because I’m going through them, but I want to be honest.

I’m not gender confused just blind

Today started off innocently enough I needed a pair of new shoes so I called a friend of mine Taylor to see what she was doing. I hate shopping with guys, because it never goes well. they think just like me let’s get in and get out. I needed someone who understood shopping. what makes it a little weird as I used to date her, but those feelings are long gone. Anyway I go get a new pair of shoes and in the process I hear about this game being played at Georgetown tomorrow were all the benefits go to assist A woman by the name of Lauren hill. no not the rapper I checked. Her story is pretty amazing she has brain cancer. She went to high school in Indiana and the proceeds from tomorrow’s game assist her with surgery cost. I won’t be able to go to the game tomorrow night but I wanted to see if we could donate something so we drove to Georgetown. This is where the story that was going to tell you starts everything else was just the beginning.

On the way I had to go to the bathroom, so I told Taylor to find a gas station. She asked me if I needed her to assist me in and show me where it was? I said no, because I could just ask somebody inside. I get into the gas station, and I’m pretty sure the person didn’t really understand I was visually impaired or totally blind and my case. I don’t know why am trying to be politically correct in my own damn blog. I asked the lady where the men’s bathroom is and she said behind you there is a hall and at the end on the left is the door you need. I proceed and found the door. I found three stalls and no urinals but just thought to myself okay I’ll just kick the lit up and go. I did not push on all three doors just realized I did not see any urinals. So I do my business and flush the toilet and I get ready to open the door to walk to the sink and as I do so I hear this scream and it’s not mail. At this point I’m not sure what to do. The only thing that really managed to come out was ma’am sorry I’m not gender confused I’m just blind. apparently I had been saving that line for a moment just like that it still makes me laugh writing this. I wash my hands awkwardly because I felt I should do so the lady did not say a word to me I again said sorry and walked out the door. When I was getting ready to leave I said the next time you have a blind person in here please do not mix up your directions or get a braille sign. I haven’t really shared many blinde moments and just thought I would share this one it was somewhat embarrassing but honestly I had no clue. The scream really made me nervous.

Cancer and since when the hell did winter become a battle?

Earlier this week I wrote a blog about what I’d be doing this weekend, or maybe I post that on Facebook hell I don’t remember. Maybe I should start that over. i’ve been wanting to get into production on the radio side of things for a while I just love radio in general. A contact I made in Milwaukee about three years ago named Carl and I have been exchanging emails on how to become or where to start with production. He offered me an opportunity to come to Green Bay, and partake and doing production for the game tonight. I’m just not ready to go back to Green Bay yet someday I will but not this season. On Thursday I woke up at three pretty nervous, so I called Opie at that time of the morning I usually have two options for friends to call either Denny or Opie. I told him I was feeling some anxiety about going to Green Bay and how I just wasn’t ready even though it was a great opportunity. He said to me don’t worry about it if it stresses you out don’t do it. He said at this point anything I do with radio is secondary until it becomes my primary just stay happy.

My second option was I was going to take a road trip which I decided against, because I didn’t know the person all that well. So that left me with what am I going to do with my weekend? On Friday I was flipping through the radio when I landed on the Bobby V show. Bob wasn’t there, but I heard about a story that instantly made me realize what I needed to do. Bellarmine was got the approval to start Patrick McSweeney. If you’re not local and Louisville you may not of seen the story. Patrick has battled cancer since five years old, and coach Davenport, met him at a basketball camp. his dream was to play college basketball and today that dream came true for him. i’ve been to a lot of sporting events, and in my lifetime have seen some amazing things but today is exhibition game for me was maybe one of the sweetest things I’ve ever seen in my life. In life we often focus on the negative but when people like coach Davenport and Coach Pitino work together to make a kids dream come through by having to clear it with the NCAA is pretty remarkable.

In December I went to the Kentucky Louisville game and Lexington with a guy named Kevin who is battling cancer. Myself had cancer and is the reason I’m blind Kevin is in a wheelchair. Kevin is a big Kentucky fan, so I called him on Friday and asked if you would like to come up and go to a real arena? I have to get my digs in early because that team in Lexington looks to be special. He said he would look at trying to find a ride, and was able to. The only memory I have from today’s game other than conversations with Kevin is from Patrick and Chris Jones scoring 10 points right away. The moment both made me smile and brought a tear to my eye at the same time.

Kevin and I talked about some of his recent treatments as well as my own. Regarding my eyes I don’t really remember the operation because I was a baby. I do remember going to Riley Children’s Hospital would seem like a lot when I was a child. I hated the damn car ride it seem like my house to Indianapolis took forever. I hated going, because some person was going to mess with my eyes meaning take them out and I hated the way people would forcefully do that. when I got older I didn’t mind it because I could do it myself, but when I was a kid I hated people messing with them. My doctor used to have to tell me stories about Thurman Thomas while taking them out to distract me or someone would sit on me. After eight years I was out of remission which meant I only had to go to Riley once every year until I was 18. as I got older the trip Scott shorter which was nice. Another memory I have from the hospital was they would stick me in a x-ray machine for like an hour at a time. I hated it because I was separated from my family. I remember I would cry by myself and the x-ray machine, and some nurse would try and tell me funny nursery rhymes.

The worst memory I have of all of my childhood would be this one. someone in my family thought it would be a great idea or maybe it was the blind school that I should go down and attend the blind school for some sort of preschool. my mom took me down on a Saturday and I think I was again somewhere around four or five. she left me and stay with a relative. It’s really embarrassing to talk about this now but I hated being with strangers and not having my mom. I remember them trying to tell me things would be okay but I knew it just wasn’t normal. Thank God they took me home and I never really had to go back. I hated that place. I did go back to a camp later my childhood, and it was okay I hated it when I was a young kid.

When I was going through my cancer I was only the 75th case at Riley Children’s Hospital that they had seen. My mom tells me that the doctors really wanted to just perform experiments on me that they didn’t feel they could save me. One dr. decided that he thought he could do an operation where he would have to remove one of my eyes. They realize though unfortunately the cancer had grown too much and was in both eyes so they had to remove everything optic nerve and all. They then put in an artificial muscle that is red it controls the movement of my fake eyes today. The same muscles have been in since I was born I hear they can go bad and that’s a painful operation I’m keeping my fingers crossed they stay healthy. Talking to Kevin today it’s funny you can be cancer but it’s a hell of a fight and it usually take something from you. This life has been crazy especially this year. In the past month I’ve question a lot of things, like why do things happen a certain way? I don’t really have any answers so sorry if you were hoping for one. Going back through my bouts with depression and there have been a lot from not being able to drive to just the way people can treat you. if you read this blog it regularly you’ll see I still struggle with taking my dog places or getting a ride things that into thousand 14 blind people shouldn’t struggle with. The unemployment rate is alarming and it’s just brushed aside and every organization or people are tired of hearing about it. Even myself have created stereotypes of what blind people can or can’t do but the truth of the matter is that it is up to the individual. What is great about people is we’re not robots we are not programmed to just deal with one type of situation. And times of tragedy we come together and moments of weakness we find strength and above all we persevere.

A lot of times people fear or feel sorry for people with disabilities. It often seems to me that I spend most of my time wondering why people can’t just see me as normal. It was nice today talking about this with Kevin because he himself to said since being in a wheelchair people talk to him as he were a child and it’s hard for him to find that normalcy. Most of the time when we talk it’s about basketball or how he is feeling or what treatment he’ll have to do next but the thing I admire most is how we have that connection even though it’s different it’s the same cancer changed us. thank you to Louisville and Bellarmine for allowing such a moment for Patrick McSweeney and for allowing his dreams to come true and may be showing some others dreams are still possible.

I saw this headline Fischer to announce snow and ice ‘battle plan’, 10:16 PM. Isn’t the plan the same since I don’t know 2004? People act as if snow and ice never happen. why is this a headline? it really should just be Fisher says salt and trucks are ready for first snow, but I digress.

Home maintenance

Since I’ve bought my house I’ve been learning a lot becoming somewhat of a handyman. my friend Jerry who I stay with for a week and transition to my house told me this would happen. I never really believed it, because honestly I’ve never really done a lot of maintenance. i’m more of a technology person. If you ask me to assemble a surround sound system I’ll figure it out. Recently I changed the flapper on my toilet and the handle itself. I found out my shut off valve does not work for my toilet and there is not one on the inside of my house, so I did it with the water running. It only took me honestly about 30 seconds to fasten it on and everything was fine. I’ done a few other things and I’m really enjoying learning these new skills. When I met Jerry he told me he built houses. It kind of amazes me because I never thought of a blind person being able to do something like that. Yes I guess I put some limitations on us. I think rather than us being blind and having limitations I see it now as some of us have different skill sets that’s true for cited it or blind people. you can always learn something new yes well I probably will never build a house from scratch like Jerry I can save myself some money and figure it out. Truthfully if I mess up he’s just a FaceTime or call away. When I was younger I wish I had played more with tools and building but that was my brothers forte I was outside shooting baskets banging my shins on plow blades my dad would leave in the yard a lot of good that did for me now, but give me bad shinsplints. haha

Prank calls!

What memory I’ve been thinking about lately is how in college I started prank calling places with my friends. My friend Ethan or Paul I’m not sure which now found this place called the Sybaris. It basically is a place where people go and have sex you pay by the hour. They had this really dumb jingle Ethan sent me in an email at one point. During the day sometimes the pass the time we would call the Sybaris and I would harass the workers. One call I remember and detail where I asked her about the rooms they had and if I could rent softcore or hard-core pornography? I told her I was bringing my girlfriend and finally got to the point where I asked her if she would join in? That was the point she hung up. We literally talked about 15 minutes before that point.

I got tickets to the March madness tournament here in Louisville two or three years ago. I originally invited my friend Denny but he couldn’t make it and so I called Ethan last minute and he came down. We went to the first set of games just fine! Then we decided to go to a restaurant to eat everything was packed but we found a pub on forth street I have been to a few times. It’s now close which makes me sad a bit but oh well continue with the story. I’m dictating of had a few beers so sorry about the mistakes. It’s been a crazy night I’ll explain at the end. Not real crazy I mean but I went out and made a decision on a job and radio. Anyway we went to this place and ate dinner we had a hard time getting a table but we finally got one this guy came over and talk to us for a second and I remember he farted and then walked away. We had started drinking at this point so it was a bit funny for some reason. After dinner Kentucky was playing but we never made it back to the games we decided to go outside and listen to the concert instead. I honestly didn’t feel like drinking at the time but ethan said this girl got me something so I should drink later on I found out he was just buying them for me and saying so but I guess it worked at the time. I left Robin at home so I had my cane. I remember we went into a club where again he told me a girl bought me some drinks but it was just him I don’t even know what they were they were orange flavored. We sat on the couch and talk for a while and we both said and felt rain on us which was weird because there’s a second level I’m not exactly sure what the water was so we moved. Looking back I’m glad I drink now because it was a really good time not because of alcohol but it was just funny. He was going to drive home but I decided we had too much so we took a cab instead and the next day we went back and got his car but when we got home I decided to call the dating service through the phone that they advertise late night on television. That was sort of another tradition we would do. Of course we would never be serious I would get someone on the phone and then pretty much just be as disgusting as I could be. We only had 60 minutes so you might as well use it well. I don’t know what really made me think of this memory but I just thought I would share it always made me happy!

I have an opportunity to do some sporting events this weekend as far as production on the radio. I’ve really been thinking about it not going through with it a few weeks ago I went to the LSU game with my friend Neil and it was pretty amazing. I really miss radio it’s my passion. I’ve taken the last six months off not really by choice but so I didn’t get sued and I’m really thinking about getting back into it. If I do though it will be on my terms I don’t really want to travel around so much anymore I like being home. The last few months I really do thank Opie, Denny, and Phil no particular order they’ve been there every step of the way for me I can’t thank them enough and I love them throw Carlos in there as well. I have an opportunity to go to Green Bay and do some production for the Packers game thanks to an email I sent about a month ago. I was going to do something else just take a road trip but I’m not sure. I’ll let you know when I finally decide I really have to know tomorrow I was there will be hard to go back to Green Bay I haven’t been watching NFL much lately. I’ve caught a few quarters here and there but overall just haven’t had the interest. I really had a interest and production lately versus broadcasting I just love radio and general something always draws me back to it. Opie keeps nudging me to come back ironically I met a a Louisville personality today and we had a pretty good conversation about the Cardinals the crazy Kentucky Wildcats how great their gonna be in basketball this year it was kind of an interesting conversation. For the record I think the 40 and zero predictions are a little crazy that’s very difficult and they’re very young. Regardless of the talent you’re going to have a few growing pains.