I wanted to quickly talk about something I’m using to read the mail. it is an application called KNFB reader. At the end of this I will copy and something I scanned with my iPhone to show you how it works. I remember being in the fourth grade going to a book fair writing down titles I wanted to read and going home to find that the books I wanted it were not produced in braille or audio. Even as late as high school I wasn’t able to read a lot of books that I wanted. I remember my first scanner that I got when I was in the fifth grade. it was so amazing because I could go to the public library grab a book bring it home and scan page by page listening to the audio that it captured. The character recognition engines they use have come along way since then.

That brings me to this on the iPhone recently an application was released called KNFB Reader! Sorry I think I put that last paragraph but I got distracted. Application costs $99 but when you think about it the same software on the computer would cost the price of a scanner plus the program which runs around $1000. I’m no longer scanning books because of a service called bookshare which has filled the gap a lot. my main purpose now is for mail and other paper items. I was really surprised I went to the pharmacy to pick up my medication the other day brought home the paperwork and scanned it with my phone and was able to tell how many times a day I was to take the pill. I could also see the name of lady who filled the prescription. I commented on Facebook but I never really knew how a receipt looked until recently. you can also use it at restaurants to read menus and other things but I have not really tried that yet. anyway I’m pleasantly surprised with how well it does and don’t regret my purchase! Here’s a piece of mail I just scanned you can see it has some mistakes but overall does pretty well.

Real Estate Property Records: (also called property ownership records) is public information m the United State of America, which means anyone can access it. Real property records arc generally filed with and kq)t on a county level, they originate from two major governmental sources: Country Recorder’s or Counhousc, Acquiring property information or running a title search used to intend going to the local recorder’s office, waiting for hours and often filling out forms and paying a fee for each copy of a property record. Records Recovery Services high-speed online communications and Secure -commerce have made it possible to employ electronic property searches and deliver millions of real property records in a timely fashion. In addition to deeds; Records Recovery Services also prepares property reports for homeowners; including comparables sales date, transaction history, nearby neighbors, schools, and crimes rates. Records Recovery Services also offers street maps and satellite images, county officials and demographic information. Our traditional searches arc limited to Country and State. Real Property: The right that one individual has in land or goods to the exclusion of all others; rights gained from the ownership of wealth. Property includes aU those things and rights which are the object of ownership. Real property consists of land or anything attached to or a part of the land such as a house. Real property is commonly known as Real Estate, property that becomes an integral part of a building such as heating and conditioning units is also considered to real property. All other property such as stocks, bonds, jewelry is called personal property – our agency deals specifically with real estate, particularly with the real estate property records. Real Property Records: Real Property Records contain all of the recorded data associated with a particular Real Estate. Real Property defmition includes many different types of properties such as residential, condominiums, commercial, industrial, vacant land, mobile home, and time-shares. Property Title: Evidence that the ownership of Real Estate is in lawful possession and evidence of ownership; it is the owner’s right to possess and use the property. Property Deed: A written document properly signed and delivered, that conveys title to the real property. There are several types of deeds: General Warranty Deed, Quitclaim Deed, Special Warranty Deed, Grant Deed, Tmslee’s Deed and others. Property Ownership: Real property can be held in several different methods, which affect income tax, estate tax, continuity, liability, siuvivorship, and transferabiUty, disposition at death and at bankruptcy. Address City, State, Zi Most recognizable property ownership types are. Tenancy in severalty: Ownership of property by one person or one legal entity. Join tenancy with right of sunhorship: Two or more persons own a property. Ajomt tenant with the common law right ofsurvivorship means the survivor inherits the property without reference to the decedent’s will. Creditors may sue to have the property divided to settle claims against one of the owners. Tenancy by the entireties:- A husband and wife own the property with the common law rights of survivorship so, if one dies, the other automatically inherits. ‘- . Tenancy in common: Two or more persons own the property with no right ofsurvivorship; each has an undivided interest. If one dies, his interest passes to his heirs, not necessarily the co-owner. Either party, or a creditor or one, may sue to partition the property. Other Real Estate forms of ownership are busuiess kinds such as: Corporation, Limited Partnership, Partnership, Real Estate Investment Trust, and Subchapter S Corporation. Practically a! types of real estate can be held under virtually all forms of ownership. Records arc available at your local county records for a nominal fee; however you will need to go the county recorder’s office in person. You will not be able to receive a profile report as this is proprietary and only deliverable upon purchase of our services. DISCLAIMER: Records Recovery Services is not affiliated with the State or the County Records. Records Recovery Services is an analysis and retrieval firm that uses multiple resources that provide supporting values, deeds and evidence that is used to execute a property report and deliver a requested deed. Records Recovery Services is not affiliated with the county in which your deed is filed in, nor affiliated with any government agencies. This offer serves as a soliciting for services and not to be interpreted as bill due. This service to obtain a copy of your Deed or other record of Title is not associated with any Governmental Agency. You can obtain a copy of your deed or other record of your Title from the County Recorder in the county where your property is located: the price varies depending on each county rate. This product or service has not been approved, or endorsed by any government agency, and this offer is not being made by agency of government. This is aot a bill. This is a solicitation; you are under no obligation to pay the amount stated, unless you accept this offer. Mailing Address Please advice of any corrections to be made on name or address compare to the reverse side of this form,


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