Two weeks with having no home

This weekend I’m moving out of my apartment to a little bit of an easiness. I’m a little concerned because Robin has a pretty good routine, and for the next few weeks I’m not sure what to expect. I had to give 60 days to my apartment for moving out, looking back I wish I never done this. They’ve already leased my apartment, and said they could not help me at all. So by August 11 I have to be out. This has put me in quite a bind. My house will not be ready to move into until the 23rd. I haven’t really been sleeping well and of been pretty stressed see my last post probably took a lot of my frustration out there. It’s weird I bought a new house, but have not really gotten to even think about it because I’m worried about the next two weeks with not having one. It’s kind of scary not sure of what will happen, but I’m hoping for the best.


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