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Two weeks with having no home

This weekend I’m moving out of my apartment to a little bit of an easiness. I’m a little concerned because Robin has a pretty good routine, and for the next few weeks I’m not sure what to expect. I had to give 60 days to my apartment for moving out, looking back I wish I never done this. They’ve already leased my apartment, and said they could not help me at all. So by August 11 I have to be out. This has put me in quite a bind. My house will not be ready to move into until the 23rd. I haven’t really been sleeping well and of been pretty stressed see my last post probably took a lot of my frustration out there. It’s weird I bought a new house, but have not really gotten to even think about it because I’m worried about the next two weeks with not having one. It’s kind of scary not sure of what will happen, but I’m hoping for the best.

The New York daily news and the Boston Globe are completely misguided when it comes to blind people I expect more from a liberal media I want my political correctness.

Today I’m minding my own business when someone posts on my Facebook that I should check out what the New York daily news is saying about blind people owning guns. Back when peers Morgan was ranting every day about guns he brought up this topic as well and it pissed me off. First of all why Americans even listen to Pierce Morgan who falsified news stories in London but somehow gets a job on CNN is quite baffling to me. However the media doesn’t cover that story about Morgan and most of you don’t do any research about who you listen to or follow so that doesn’t really surprise me. To get to the heart of the matter the in RA posted a video that said blind people should be allowed guns or something to that effect. A bunch of people went off saying that blind people have no right to own a gun. Really? A lot of liberals defense is that we can call the police while true the police do not respond most times until the perpetrator is already gone. Furthermore if someone knows blind people do not carry guns or own one that will make them an easier target.

What baffles me most is how the liberal media can be so protective and publicly correct about every other fucking type of person except blind people. Every day I read about illegal aliens wait we can’t call them that anymore, how a gay person can’t buy a cake for a marriage, how we went from saying skin color when looking for someone to now just saying someone wearing fill in the blank clothing. However when it comes to blind people no one cares they don’t give a shit about our staggering unemployment rate all we are to them is jokes about how we should or shouldn’t be able to own a gun. Did the Facebook person who started the New York daily post or the Boston Globe article know any blind people? No all it was was stereo typical responses about how blind people have supersonic hearing which is somewhat true but a stereo typical response. Do I think I have better hearing than someone sighted? Probably but it’s probably because I am used to my senses example try and teach a person who can see a little braille they will use their eyes regardless try and teach a totally blind person braille they learn it correctly. Why should we have any facts before writing a story let’s just put out crap without any thought. I’m tired of the blind people always suffering politically incorrectness. Some of the responses I read on Facebook were downright sickening. I was mugged about a year ago and it was a pretty scary situation I would not carry a gun in public but I have no reason not to have one in my own house. However that story to the people who read the Boston Globe in the New York daily news would see that as a joke or that the police should’ve protected me it’s just sickening. What makes me more annoyed is these journalists and people who speak so disrespectfully have never probably hung out with a blind person or even think about putting themselves in our situation.

They start with guns and then where does it go? I guess being an American I’m not or should not have the same rights as anyone else. Yes I understand while I can’t drive at this point in time but there will be a future where blind people can drive but there will still be the same opposition that will sit around saying how dangerous it is even though sighted people will be able to drive self driving cars and probably fall asleep just watch. It just pisses me off that the liberal media is so nice to everyone except us for some reason. I read an pointless article today on NBC about how target came out in favor of homosexuality. That’s great but why do I fucking care what a corporation things having becomes so saturated we can’t think for ourselves and we have to listen to corporations to think for us? Also Google target and blind people they were sued for not assisting blind people around stores awesome so you come out in favor of homosexuality which you should do but yet and a lot of your stores you deny blind people access again something you won’t see in much media. I went into a target a year ago and just wanted a roll of toilet paper I stood by the customer service desk and was ignored for 45 minutes to finally have a lady go oh are you talking to me and then get me some assistance they were not busy it was unbelievable. However they support gays that’s great news for some reason. Do you have your credit card issue under control for your consumers? Last month they also came out saying you were not allowed to bring your gun in their store again another corporation trying to appease a certain group of the population. NBC also did an article on that so I guess target speaks for most of America they should probably make an article tomorrow about how they don’t think blind people should have guns.

If only the media pretended to be as politically correct as they try to be I wouldn’t have a problem with it, but we get stories like we got today. Yes the NRA brought this up, but it was kept alive by the New York daily news asking people for their opinions. By the way a few weeks ago I did not write about this but a new station out of Fort Wayne publicly pulled people asking them whether or not service animals were a good idea. Thank God Jane from Long Island doesn’t get to determine my fate. I love the fact that sighted people can have an opinion on why I shouldn’t have a gun but yet the same people will probably stare at me while I’m in public or be nervous about talking to me when I in or their store how about you grow up and learn something about me. I’m pretty used to this still today some of my friends act like the rest of my body is somehow broken because my eyes don’t work. That’s how it feels sometimes, but you just have to laugh it off. You’ll probably never read a comment like that in the New York daily news or Boston Globe because they’re too fucking snooty to actually do some goddamn research and learn what it’s like to be blind but I Bethel be posting how Walmart is okay with transgendered people tomorrow. By the way I’m fine with them to just using it as an example. I don’t know why the fact I’m blind has any hindrance on a right I should be given for living in America. If you don’t want to own a gun that’s fine don’t own one but don’t dictate who were who can’t have one because of a disability. By the way Mr. Or Mrs. Fucking cocky sighted person how much blind on blind gun violence is there? Probably not much also when was the last blind school shooting? Have a great fucking day. I’m a little pissed off. The only good news that comes from this article is that it was written by an archaic form of media I hope the newspaper industry dies. On the Fourth of July weekend in Chicago alone there were 82 shootings I bet none of them were committed by a blind person, but yet today I have to defend my right to own a gun.