Apparently I really love Apple

I’ve not really spoken about this too much, but within the blind people realm there are two organizations that divide us. One is called National Federation of the Blind, and the other is American Council of the Blind. I really don’t like either, but if I had to choose I would side with ACB more than NFB. I bring this up, because recently making headlines on my twitter feed was that blind group wants more from Apple. Now I think I’ve raved about how much the IPhone has changed my life. I can do so much with it from identifying money, playing games, and reading audio books. The NFB wants to have Apple make any application accessible which is simply Ludacris. Angry Birds couldn’t become accessible and provide sighted and blind users with the same gameplay. Would I love for something like this to happen of course I would, but it just isn’t reality? Also I don’t see them targeting Microsoft or google. How about my touch screen washer maybe? Nope let’s just single out a company who brought accessibility to the mainstream.

The frustrating thing to me is that we lack so far behind in other areas in which a group of people could make a difference and get things done. They have a dictator who they call a president, but magically he never gets voted out. They’d have you to believe it was a democracy really? The organization has been pretty unfriendly to dog users along the way as well, because they claim were not as independent as the all mighty cane user. Somehow I’m not on the same level as them, because I rely on a dog to help me maneuver obstacles. Again I thought we lived in America and should be able to choose what I prefer.

Today though I was trying to view a menu from a restaurant that was in a pdf format. With my screen reader it couldn’t read the menu at all. Why doesn’t the NFB actually try and change things that matter would I rather play Angry Birds or read a menu to a steakhouse? I live this independent lifestyle and see a company who has gone above and beyond my expectations as a mainstream company, and yet they don’t feel it’s good enough for them. Meanwhile other things they encounter every day from other companies probably frustrates them like it does me, and yet no one speaks about it. I’m exhausted with these organizations just honestly stop speaking for the blind.

Things are going well with my girlfriend. We went and saw my first ever descriptive movie in a theater. It was pretty sweet. For those that don’t know they make movies with what’s called descriptive video where during non-dialog someone tells you visual elements. At the theater they give you a headset and a wireless receiver. We watched a pretty visual movie that I would have been way lost without the description. I really enjoy her company, and I’m enjoying the fact were both blind, because she gets things that a lot of people don’t really understand.

Robin and I celebrated 6 years together this week. It’s pretty amazing to me I’ve had her 6 years. I love her so much, and was meant for each other. Through every adventure, job, heartache, or anything else Robin’s been there and for that she is pretty special.

I’ve been meaning to write more, but with the prospect of me working a second job, and just life I’ve been pretty busy. I lost my condo which I mentioned earlier, but I found a house. I like the back yard for Robin, and I will have more freedom. I’ve debated back and forth and at the end of the day houses and condos both have ups and downs so if the house works out I’ll let you know if it doesn’t you’ll know too.


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