I let the condo go a homeshopping we will go

I got some bad news today the condo association rejected my mortgage they wanted me to go with the mortgage that would cost me about $180 more. I was just uncomfortable going a little higher especially if they raise their condo fees that is something I cannot control. Sunday I will be going back out househunting. I think I’m going to go with the house now I’ve decided against the condo for a few reasons. The first reason is privacy I’m not sharing a wall with anyone in the house if that makes sense also the money I could pay somebody to mow my yard the condo association is taking. I’ve gone back-and-forth on this issue several times but I think this is the correct choice. I think things happen for a reason so it sucks to be in my house packed up already but at the same time I’m just not comfortable with what they were wanting.


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