Dinosaur world

First of off I don’t know why cave city is on Central time that’s my first complaint. That meant I had to wait an extra hour until dinosaur world opened up today. Haha a huge inconvenience. I’m just kidding! Last night we ended up roasting marshmallows doing a hayride and even helping out with face painting some of the children that were at the camp. This little six-year-old Jordan love Robin and he allowed me to paint his face I just made some circles and told a few stories that made him laugh. His family is from Tennessee and we sat around the fire talking a lot with them. Before we left today one of the members from the campground came up to us and said I don’t think anyone has ever had a good a time as you guys.

Dinosaur world was great! I’m going to tell you the reason why and it’s really just one reason. They had statues of life like dinosaurs that I could touch. When I was a kid I used to have toy dinosaurs where I can sort of see their shape but this was unbelievable. When I was touching them I couldn’t help but remember what it was like just being a kid it was great. I can really only relate this to one other story in my life. I remember going to a national Federation for the blind conference in Atlanta when I was probably 17. They have this really cool thing where they had a taxidermy area with different animals you could feel their shapes and what they would look like. I grew up on a farm so in that sense I was blessed of knowing how goats, cows, lambs, and etc. looked. However even for me I remember being able to feeling owl and a hawk and being amazed at how they look. They also have things like and alligators mouth which is pretty incredible because I voice heard about alligators but never knew exactly how they look. When people would describe them I wasn’t sure if they were more like a snake or more like a mammal if that makes any kind of sense. It was neat being able to touch one. A lot of the people there I remember had no idea what birds look like or a goat and I thought that was neat that I had a concept of what those things were. Being able to touch the dinosaurs today and interact like that was so awesome!


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