Zip line and putt putt

Today we went to Mammoth Cave and went zip lining. I didn’t know what to expect and I was quite surprised on how it works. The helmet and leg straps caught me offguard for some reason. The fastest we went today was around 36 mph. The sound the zip line mix is kind of interesting it was pretty windy but that felt good because it was pretty damn hot. I fake Thomas out because I read up on what we were zip lining over and I would make comments like that’s a nice rock pattern or something to that effect. I would definitely do it again but next I want to try bungee jumping! I got a rush a few times and I definitely like the freeness of it my body would sometimes turn it felt like but that I would straighten out it was pretty cool.

I just played Thomas and putt putt and beat him! I laughed and said do you have any athletic ability at all? I had no idea how the whole was set up I just would hit the ball and make jokes as we walk to it. Tomorrow I want to stop by dinosaur world is corneous it sounds. I heard they have life-size statues and I’m curious to see them. We are staying at the campground and we got a little trouble with the golf cart I decided to drive and apparently someone didn’t like that too well. We got a long lecture about how this is a family campground and we need to act accordingly. Tonight we have to work on some radio stuff but I’m hoping to roast some marshmallows and enjoy the evening. Thomas is wife has been keeping Robin most of the day she didn’t want to zip line or anything so that worked out pretty well. I think in a few minutes for me to go on a hayride take me back to my farm roots.

I spoke to my contact with the Tigers today and it looks like I’m going there for July 4! I can’t wait I don’t know what I canning can’t say about my friend but he’s been really good to me. I was reading a biography on Harry K announcer for the Philadelphia Phillies he got his start in radio and love for the game when doing a rain delay someone pulled him in the dugout and let him hang with the team when he was 10 years old. I asked my friend if we could bring two children into the dugout and make their day and just maybe one day I’ll sit around the radio or television and hear them broadcast with the same love that Harry had that’s how the field of dreams would work anyway. Haha I really love the game of baseball!


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