Thoughts on mortgage and telecommunications.

Robin today is having a day where she doesn’t want to work. When we’ve walked today she seems disinterested, and not really wanting to turn or listen to my commands. Her communication to me has been distant as well so it’s been a bit of a difficult morning. With using a dog communication is key a great dog team you can feel so much between the harness. I never thought when I started I would get it, but now it’s second nature. When Robin is sure about something I can feel it in her pace, or if there is something she is looking at I can feel her head turn. When they have a bad day, you end up having a bad day.

Tonight is my home inspection, so I’m excited about that. I get to see what is wrong with the condo, so hopefully not much. I am now in the mortgaging phase, so I’m providing document after document of my life’s work. The thing I honestly hate is technology has come so far, but every time we get close to having full capability of seeing documents someone gets the great idea of designing some new way to view a document. For example I am trying to print off and email my last month’s pay stubs from my work. Okay they tell me you can view them online now, and I do the diligent thing by going green. Now when I pull the statements the pdf opens within the webpage, and isn’t readable by my screen reader. I feel like we make leaps forward, but then I still can’t access simple things. I would ask someone to assist me, but that bothers me on something simple like this. I’ll probably breakdown and ask a coworker, but I hate annoying them about dumb things. I try and save the trees, and this is what I get. Really I wish pdf files would just go away in general such an awful format.

I am hopping off my soapbox now. Buying a home has been an experience. As I mentioned in an earlier post I didn’t take any sighted people with me on my tours it was just me and my realtor Jeff. Obviously he wants to sell me a house, but he really helped weed out a lot of homes. I’m not saying I would trust anyone, but I wouldn’t change anything on how this deal worked out. I guess I should give props to Jenny at the end of the day, because she pointed out the condos to me, because of their location.

Besides the technology glitch I’m having so far things are coming together. I called Uverse to move my services to my new address in July, and they acted as if I wanted to cancel. They gave me a faster internet for the same money I’m paying now, but they’re charging me a $45 moving fee, since I didn’t want to take a higher television package. I could have done it called and cancelled the next month, but I hate these games telecommunication companies play. If the government really cared about my experience like the FCC and FTC seem to when they hold up monopolies basically why don’t they figure out a better end consumer experience? When AT&T buys Direct we will have Comcast and AT&T owning a majority of content. Comcast buying Time Warner will give them the entire Turner broadcasting along with NBC that they already have. I worry about things like that.

Last night while brushing Robin and after when we were playing I realized how I can’t wait to move in to the condo. She would run from me and jump on my bed, I’d take the football from her, and she’d jump off and run to the living room to catch it again. I can’t wait for her to be able to stretch out a bit, and with stairs to go up and down she won’t know what to do with herself. Now as it stands the routine am I come home until I feed her she puts herself in my viewpoint meaning where she is reachable for me. After that she will bring me her toy and I will toss it a few times, and then she will either go to my bedroom and be by herself, or lye on my couch. I used to not allow this, but since I got my chair I’ve conceded a bit. She’s also getting older, so my thought is why not? When I sneeze though she always comes and puts her head on my lap.


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