Random trip to Chicago.

Last night I was kind of feeling sad for myself and I just finished watching most of the Cubs game and I decided screw it let’s grab Robin’s food catch a greyhound to Chicago and watch the game today. Nothing brings me peace like baseball. I didn’t shower and I fit pretty much right in on greyhound, but right now I kind of feel bad about that. I feel a little bummy. It happens to the best of us I guess. I’ve planned nothing so transportation has been a bit interesting since getting here I took a long damn bus it up in a part of town I didn’t want to B in, but I asked people and got good directions back to where I needed to be. Truthfully I kind of wish I was back on my couch, but I needed to prove something to myself gain some confidence or just get out. I didn’t really ask anybody in Louisville I don’t really know why I guess I just want to be alone.

Robin and I are sitting in a Starbucks waiting for a little bit longer to head towards Wrigley Field. The Cubs are supposed to wear 1942 uniforms today that should be awesome to see I love nostalgia. On the way here I listen to Superman the radio show from the 40s I listen to the whole series in college but that has me living down memory lane so I will probably go with the 1940s hotdog in the 60s buffalo wing dog. I looked online so I didn’t have to have someone read all the decade dogs to me, but if I had more of an appetite I would definitely eat the mall. Anyway just thought I would update since I promised.


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